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Correct Answers to Steam Summer Sale 2022 Mysteries - How to Get a Special Steam Profile


Correct Answers to Steam Summer Sale 2022 Mysteries - How to Get a Special Steam Profile

Recently, the long-awaited "Summer Sale" began on Steam. During the promotion period, users can purchase thousands of games at huge discounts. In addition, a game has appeared in the store with the search for the correct answers, for the solution of which you can get a good reward. Today we will describe all the answers to the quest on sale on Steam.

What is the Clortax Quest

A banner with a repeating "Entertainment Here" banner has been added to the home page of the Steam store. If you click on it with LMB, the user will be taken to the quest page. The brief description will indicate that Klortaxt is a scammer from the future who is ready to sell popular games from the future to the player.

All ten games cannot be found in the search, so you will have to find them yourself on the pages of the Steam store. As a hint, you need to pay attention to the price of such projects, because it will be indicated in the non-existent currency "TH.4X". Below, we'll go into more detail about each puzzle and reveal the secret way to earn rewards.

As a gift for the successful completion of tasks, users will receive a special profile "Steam 3000" with a unique appearance. It includes a mini-profile, a profile background, an avatar frame, and a flash badge. Also, for each task, the player will unlock new avatars.

How to Play the Clortax Quest and Get a Special Steam Profile

To get to the tasks, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. We click on the banner with the inscription "Entertainment here" on the main page of the Steam store.
  2. After reading the text of Clortax, click on the "Press me" button at the very bottom of the page.
  3. We get a hint and use the button "Search!".
  4. We find a suitable game in the store and click on it.
  5. Press the "Return to the search page" button to study the next hint.
  6. After receiving the reward, we repeat the points of the instruction “3-5” until we complete ten tasks.
  7. To complete the task, we again use the "Press me" button as soon as we find all the suitable games in the quest.
Note: Games may disappear from the sections below, so in the absence of a suitable project, according to our instructions, switch between store tabs and browse each section using the arrows. There is no logic in finding the right game, but a hint will help you understand what is shown on the poster and what subject the project belongs to.

Exercise 1

  • Hint: “Six strings will bring you wealth and fame, But such virtuosos are expected in the tax office.”
  • Solution: click on the "Rhythm Games" tab and scroll down the page a little. Before the "With controller support" section, we will find a suitable game "Guitar Billionaire" . The poster features money on a purple background with "Guitar Billionaire" written on it.

Task 2

  • Hint: "The royal person in the district court feels like a fish in the water."
  • Solution: use the "Colony Simulators" tab and in the "Economy" section we find the game "Queen Butterscotch Civil Lawsuits". The poster features a pink princess with "Custard Castle Small Claims Court" written on it.

Task 3

  • Hint: “A worm threatens the Hook of Excitement. Do you believe in luck? You're right."
  • Solution: found the game "Perch Doesn't Peck 2022" in the "Management" tab in the "Wrestling and Fighting Games" section. The game's card features a man on a boat catching a fish in the sea with the caption "Bass Ain't Bitin' 2022".

Task 4

  • Hint: “Among competitors, there is an evil rumor: Like, your wonderful park turned out to be rotten.”
  • Solution: We found the Dead Seagull Zoo Owner game in the Dating Sims tab under Controller Support. The game card features dead birds on a safari with the words "Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate" written on it.

Task 5

  • Hint: "That friend who prefers to find fault with words will shut up Real monsters by the belt."
  • Solution: We found a suitable project "By the way...: Frankenstein's monster and more" in the "Actions" tab in the "Remote Play Together: for playing with friends online" section. The game card features Frankenstein in a doctor's coat with "Actually... Frankenstein's Monster Edition" written on it.

Task 6

  • Hint: "You don't need to make a decision, In a passive game, you just have to wait."
  • Solution: Found the game “It seems like someone has been fined” in the “Word games and quizzes” tab in the “Point & Click” section. The poster of the project shows a girl driving a car with the inscription "It's Probably Fine".

Task 7

  • Hint: “Your task here and there is to instruct the king, so that he can take the throne as soon as possible, and even two is better!”.
  • Solution: We found the game "Help the king find a toilet" in the "Group role-playing games" tab in the "Fantasy" section. The poster depicts the king with toilet paper in his hands, following the jester with the inscription "Help The King Get To The Toile".

Task 8

  • Hint: "A verbose story with an ominous face All pretentious games will have a father."
  • Solution: found the project "Ordination of Estme" in the "Actions" tab in the "Survival Horror" section. The poster shows a cabin near the woods with the inscription "The Consecration Of Esthme".

Task 9

  • Hint: "A naive player only dreamed of one thing: Two queens, three diamonds - a full house is ready."
  • Solution: Play "Pro Poker Newbie" in the "Strategy" tab in the "Real Time" section. The poster features cards with poker chips that say "Pro Poker Amateur".

Task 10

  • Hint: "Hold me - and you will suffer, Let me go - I will stink!".
  • Solution: Found the "Look Don't Fart" project in the "Step by Step" tab in the "Open World" section. The poster depicts an old man with shining eyes with the inscription “Hold In Your Farts. Could You Be My Next Champion.

Automatic search for answers. How to use the script

There is another method of finding suitable games to solve the puzzle. To do this, you need to use the browser version of Steam. To do this, you will need to log in to the site. Below are instructions for finding answers to the Klortax quest:

  1. Go to Steam following the link and log in to the site using the "Login" button.
  2. Open the page of the event with the quest by the link.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the window and use the "Press me" button.
  4. We don’t go anywhere and immediately open the developer panel “Element Code” (Inspect) using the “F12” key to see the page code.
  5. Go to the "Console" tab.
  6. Paste the following code into the input window and press "Enter".

(async() => {
let delay = (ms) => new Promise((res) => setTimeout(res, ms));
await"/saleaction/ajaxopendoor", {
"sessionid": g_sessionID,
"authwgtoken": jQuery("#application_config").data("userinfo").authwgtoken,
"door_index": 0,
"clan_accountid": 41316928,
for (let link of [
"/category/arcade_rhythm/?snr =1_614_615_clorthaxquest_1601»,
«/category/multiplayer_coop/?snr=1_614_615_clorthaxquest_1601 "",
"/category/strategy/?snr=" 1_614_th615
let html = await jQuery.get(link);
await”/saleaction/ajaxopendoor”, {
“sessionid”: g_sessionID,
“authwgtoken“: jQuery(”#application_config”, html).data(“userinfo”).authwgtoken,
“door_index“: jQuery(”# application_config", html).data("capsuleinsert").payload,
"clan_accountid": 41316928,
"datarecord": jQuery("#application_config", html).data("capsuleinsert").datarecord,
console.log("You got a new badge!");
} catch (e) {
console.error("Failed to obtain badge!", e);
} finally {
await delay(1500);

Repeat the code entry until you receive all the rewards. It is not necessary to reload the page, but an error may occur due to the frequent sending of requests. We recommend refreshing the page after receiving each reward, or waiting 5-10 seconds before submitting a new request in the console.