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Diablo Immortal: Change Difficulty


Diablo Immortal: Change Difficulty

The free-2-play title Diablo Immortal can get very difficult in some places. In order not to hinder the grinding unnecessarily, you can simply change the level of difficulty. In this guide you will learn:

  • How changing the difficulty will affect the game.
  • How to change the difficulty level

Diablo Immortal: This changes with the level of difficulty

Before you change the level of difficulty in Diablo Immortal, you should be aware of the impact this has on the game - or on the opponents and the expected loot.

In general, the level of difficulty in Diablo Immortal only becomes relevant in the endgame of the game. Up to level 60, the game will definitely remain on the “Normal” difficulty level. By activating the “Hell Mode” you can then switch between four different levels.

Each higher-level increases the battle rating of the monsters. In your inventory, you can see your own combat rating. It is best not to choose a level of difficulty that exceeds your own value.

The monster battle ratings for each level are as follows:

  • Hell 1: 390
  • Hell 2: 1190
  • Hell 3: 2150
  • Hell 4: 3270

Carving your way through the different levels of hell is definitely very lucrative for your character because the drop rate for better rewards, legendary equipment, and set items increases. Also, found equipment has higher stats, which then benefits your own combat rating and in turn allows you to play on higher levels of difficulty.

The Westmark offers enough dangers even without Hell mode.
The Westmark offers enough dangers even without Hell mode.

How to change the difficulty in Diablo Immortal

Unfortunately, the difficulty level in Diablo Immortal cannot be easily changed in the main menu or the settings. Instead, you must travel to Westmark and open your map there. You will then see a skull icon in the top right that will show you all the available difficulty levels after you click on it.

The levels of hell in Diablo Immortal are divided into so-called Paragon levels. The higher the Paragon level, the tougher the opponents and the better the loot:

  • Hell 1: Paragon 1 to 60
  • Hell 2: Paragon 30 to 130
  • Hell 3: Paragon 90 to 120
  • Hell 4: Paragon 160 to 300