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Holy radiation in V Rising: what it is and how to protect yourself from it


Holy radiation in V Rising: what it is and how to protect yourself from it

In V Rising, you have to survive in the body of a vampire, fight monsters, hunt people, and hide from the destructive sunlight. In addition, you will encounter Holy Radiation, which can weaken and even kill your hero. In this guide, we will show you how to protect yourself from it.

What is "Holy Radiation"

When exposed to Holy Radiation, the protagonist of V Rising quickly runs out of health. When a character falls under the effect of this effect, a corresponding inscription appears at the bottom of the screen. Holy radiation spawns in some areas between Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. For example, in the Monastery of Danlí.

How to protect yourself from "Holy Radiation"

First way. Defeat the boss known as the Ferocious Bear. After that, you can turn into a bear. When your hero is in beast form, Holy Radiation will deal 5 damage instead of 10. In addition, you will begin to move faster and regenerate health. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to overcome the lands where the effect of Holy Radiation is active.

The second way . Use Holy Resistance Potion. True, it is not so easy to make it. You will need to open the Alchemy Table. To do this, you need to defeat Clive the Firestarter, a level 30 boss. To get the recipe for the potion, you must defeat Christina the Sun Priestess.

To make a Holy Resistance Potion, you will need:

  • Scourgestone (2 pieces): you will find them in the Dunley Farmlands location, in the Church of the Damned;
  • Funeral Lilies (45 pieces): can be found in various cemeteries. First of all, search the Forgotten Cementry, which is located in the Farbane Woods;
  • Water bottle (1 piece).

In addition, Scourge Stones can be made by yourself. To get the recipe, you will need to kill Leandra the Shadow Priestess and the already mentioned Christina the Sun Priestess.

Scourge Stone Recipe:

  • Glass (3 pieces);
  • Grave dust (3 pieces);
  • Grinding stone (1 piece).
Glass is made from quartz, and grave dust is made from bones using a crusher. Grindstones are found in bandit camps.

After using Holy Resistance Potion, all incoming Holy damage will be reduced by 25%. In addition, you will receive 50 Holy resistance. The effect will last 30 minutes.

If necessary, you can turn into a bear and drink a potion. In this case, the resistance to the Holy Radiation will increase to the maximum value. It is worth noting that in the form of a bear, you will not be able to fight with some bosses that are located in locations with the influence of Holy Radiation.