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How long will The Quarry take?

How long will The Quarry take?

 Want to know how long it takes to complete The Quarry? This guide explains the expected length of the game. The passage time can vary from 6 to 10 hours depending on how carefully you inspect everything and how many characters survive.

  • 10 hours or more to play through thoroughly, looking for collectibles and clues, and trying to keep everyone alive
  • 6-8 hours if you pass quickly, not caring about the lives of the heroes

Most users can expect their first playthrough to take around 10 hours (+/- 1 hour). Considering it's a cinematic game and you can't skip cutscenes, you can't speed up the action much. On the second playthrough, you can save time by ignoring interactive objects in the environment. Killing a character also reduces time because you won't play those characters in future chapters, you won't get their dialogue anymore, etc.

The game has 10 chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue. On average, chapters last 40-60 minutes. Only some of them are over an hour-long, and some are 30 minutes or less, but if you average them out, it's just under an hour per chapter.

You move faster in the game by holding L1/LB/Shift (PC). This increases walking speed by about 50%. However, since most of the game is cutscenes, their use is limited. Even when replaying the game through chapter selection, cutscenes cannot be skipped.

It is also worth noting that there is a special cinematic mode. This mode makes all the decisions for you and completely eliminates walking. Depending on whether you choose Cinema mode for everyone to die or for everyone to survive, this mode takes about 6 hours to complete, however, it usually collects most of the collectibles, which increases the time. At about the same time, you could complete The Quarry by playing on your own, walking between cutscenes, but ignoring all collectibles.