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How to close Ancient Portals in Diablo Immortal

 Everything you need to know about Ancient Portals, how to open them, improve them, get the best reward, legendary gems, and much more

Arguably, Diablo is one of the most iconic action RPG franchises. It is not for nothing that a separate direction was named in her honor - diabloids. The latest iteration of Blizzard's classic series, Diablo Immortal is set to take the mobile market by storm, sparking discussion on everything from finding the best builds for each class to outrage over microtransactions.

There are plenty of enemies in Diablo Immortal. Whether the player is moving through the main storyline, hunting random monsters, fulfilling contracts, or participating in PvP confrontation, he will never lack enemies. Ancient Portals are separate instances in the form of mini-dungeons, at the end of which there will definitely be a guardian. This is a great way to earn some experience and get new gear. Now let's look at this process in more detail.

How to close Ancient Portals in Diablo Immortal

In solo mode, the difficulty of the Ancient Portals is adjusted for the player

Unlike Portals of Daring, for which the player can set the difficulty, this indicator for the Ancient Portals increases automatically. In short, the stronger the player, the more difficult the Ancient Portals will be for him.

How problematic this is for you depends on many factors, including your character class, build, strategy, and whether you're playing alone or with friends. There is no limit to how many Ancient Portals you can complete, and there is no real penalty for dying other than the frustration of having to start over. Because of this, adjusting the difficulty is not such a big problem, but you should keep it in mind.

The timer is not as important as in the Portal of Daring

Killing monsters in Ancient Portals gradually fills the blue progress bar at the bottom of the screen. As soon as the scale is full, the guardian of the portal will appear. Unlike Portal of Daring, in which the player automatically fails if the Portal is not closed before the timer runs out, Ancient Portals can still be closed even after the timer has stopped.

The timer is not as important as in the Portal of Daring

Killing the Portal Guardian before the timer expires will allow you to earn bonus rewards, so there is an incentive to fill the gauge as quickly as possible and complete the passage. However, even if the player dies several times in the Ancient Portal, the reward will not change if they eventually manage to reach the end and defeat the Guardian in time.

Need glyphs

The use of common and legendary glyphs allows the player to strengthen the Ancient Portal. A boosted portal will reward the player with runes and legendary gems, while an unboosted Ancient Portal will reward the player with much less valuable loot. In general, spending time on Ancient Portals is only worth it if the player has glyphs to enhance them.

If they are not there, then it is best to spend your time on other activities, including Daring Portals and other quests. Even with a normal glyph, there is a small chance of getting a legendary gem. As long as the player has some common or legendary glyphs, Ancient Portals are worth the time.

The difficulty of the Ancient Portals is adjusted for the strongest player

When playing alone, the difficulty of the Ancient Portals depends on the strength of the player. However, when playing in a group, the difficulty of the portal depends on the strength of the strongest player in the group.

Because of this, the player should pay attention to whether it is worth going to the Portal with one group or another. Yes, if your level is significantly lower than the strongest player in the group, the reward may be better, but the risk of death and/or failure is much higher. You can go into the dungeon with higher-level players, but you should evaluate the risks before each time.

Group passing has its own bonuses

Diablo Immortal, like many action role-playing games, can be played alone. Walking through dungeons on your own, destroying skeletons, and collecting treasures is definitely an exciting experience. It is quite possible to go through the Ancient Portals alone, but there are several important advantages that you will get in a group. The more teammates you have, the more glyphs you can use to increase the potential reward for completing the Ancient Portal, which in turn means players get more Ember Embers. In addition, a certain combination of classes will also make it easier to pass.

Since Waning Corner is an important ingredient for buying runes and upgrading legendary gems, this reward should not be ignored. In addition, if players manage to survive as part of a stronger squad, they will receive even more rewards.

Group passing has its own bonuses

Glyphs not only increase the reward but also change the Portal itself

Each player participating in the closing of the Ancient Portal can add up to three glyphs to strengthen it. These can be common or legendary glyphs, and can be added in any number or combination.

The glyph adds one modifier, which can be either positive or negative. This guarantees runes and gives you a chance to drop a legendary gem. The legendary glyph adds one positive and one negative modifier and guarantees a legendary gem drop. Empowering with normal glyphs will also reward all party members with a dying ember. The number of dying embers given out increases with the addition of more glyphs. Everyone will receive the embers, even those party members who did not add glyphs.

How Legendaries Drop

While Embers are awarded to all party members regardless of added glyphs, Legendary Gems can only be found by the player who added the glyphs. If the player does not add their own common or legendary glyphs, they will not be able to find any legendary gems, no matter what glyphs and how much their comrades added.

This is an important point: you will not be able to pump at the expense of the others. Adding three legendary glyphs will ensure that three legendary gems drop. Thus, either the player has these glyphs, and he will be able to get the legendary gem, or they are not, and you should not count on this.

How Legendaries Drop

Ancient portals are unique

The map, enemies, and Portal Guardian encountered in each Ancient Portal are randomly selected. Positive modifiers such as Chain Lightning, Holy Vengeance, and Other Shrines will add useful changes, while negative modifiers such as Elite Monsters, Lava, and Wild Hunt will make the passage more difficult.

This combination of factors means that no Ancient Portal will ever be the same as the one you've played before, especially with possible changes to your build and team selection. There is no right or wrong way to go through the Ancient Portal: if you defeat the Guardian in time, you will receive the full set of rewards. Never be shy to experiment and have fun taking the challenge in many different ways.