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How to create a roof in V Rising

 Why doesn't the roof appear? We tell you more in our guide.

When you start building your first castle in V Rising, you probably noticed that the building menu is missing one important element of any building. Despite the presence of floors, walls and various crafting stations, you actually have no way to install the desired roof. For many V Rising players, this is sure to stupefy, as they control a vampire who desperately needs protection from the sun's rays. Although you can build a misty brazier that protects from the sun, it requires bones to function, and keeping the multiple braziers scattered throughout the base is extremely difficult.

Luckily, there are actually rooftops in the game. But the installation process is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance.

How to create a roof in V Rising

How to install a roof

At the very beginning of the game, you will have access to the only walls - palisades, which consist of wooden planks and provide a minimum of protection. They don't look like much, but at least they will protect your base from the infiltration of wild animals. However, after completing some story missions, you will eventually get a blueprint for reinforced walls and floors to create a castle. And now, instead of wooden walls, you can rebuild a castle of fantastic dimensions.

Replace existing palisades with stone walls and floors. As soon as you completely surround the room with reinforced walls and place the floor over the entire surface of the room, a roof will automatically appear over the room. As long as all the walls and floor remain in place, the roof from this room will not disappear anywhere. However, once you remove one wall to expand the castle, the roof will disappear. Therefore, if you want to expand, we recommend doing this at night so as not to fall under the rays of the scorching sun.

What resources are needed for the roof

The only thing that complicates the creation of a covered room, surrounded by walls and floors, is the lack of building materials. To build one wall/floor, you will need a certain number of boards and stone bricks. Reinforced walls require 10 stone bricks and 6 planks to build, while the floor takes about half of the listed resources. On the other hand, the roof is installed automatically, and no resources are wasted. But you, unfortunately, will not be able to choose the type of roof.

What resources are needed for the roof

To speed up the process of obtaining stone bricks and planks, you can build several sawmills and grinders. The sawmill needs lumber to make boards, and the machine needs the stone to make stone bricks. It takes about half a minute to create one board or stone brick, so be patient and wait for the production to complete. The process can be accelerated by the creation of two or three sawmills and grinding machines.

To build a grinder, you will need four grindstones. You can find them in bandit camps in Farbane Forest. If you want to know where there are grindstones, open the map and hover over the yellow circles. As a result, a small window will appear in which the name of the place and the materials that can be found there are indicated. With 8-12 grindstones on hand, you can build 2-3 grinders at your base. Sawmills are much easier to build, so you can create several without any problems.

Once you have enough stone bricks and planks, start building reinforced walls and floors to create roofs. For now, you can limit yourself to a small room, otherwise, you will need more stone bricks and boards. You still have time to build a huge castle!