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How to create scrolls in V Rising

 We talk about all the ways to get paper scrolls in the game

To make scrolls in V Rising, players must use a special paper press, a rare device that can be built in their castle. An alternative option is to find the scrolls in the game world and bring them to your base. The scrolls themselves are used for various research into new abilities. Below we describe in detail all the ways to obtain and use scrolls.

How to find research scrolls

As mentioned above, players can get scrolls in two ways - by knocking them out from certain opponents (humanoids) or by processing resources on a paper press installed in the castle. The latter option will cost more, but it is ultimately the most efficient process that high-level gamers should be guided by. Let's assume that you have all the components and equipment and have learned how to create scrolls in your base. On the other hand, getting all the necessary ingredients for crafting is not easy. Instead, it is much easier to kill enemies until they drop the scrolls you need, ready-made scrolls.

Scrolls are a valuable resource that can only be obtained by killing humanoid enemies (although they do not drop out every time, randomly). They appear to drop much more frequently from enemies in Dunley Farms than in Farbane Woods, although this is just speculation.

In any case, the best thing you can do to get the scrolls is to check the map and look at all the key positions. Move your cursors to find out what resources and items can be found in a particular location. Look for those places where you can get the scrolls you are looking for. Travel to these regions and clear them. Make sure to kill all enemies, search every chest, and smash every crate, barrel, and container. Each container can contain a scroll. Once you've dealt with one, move on to the next camp and repeat this bloody process until you've cleared all camps, filled your inventory, or returned to your castle. This method does not guarantee a certain number of scrolls in the allotted time, but again, it does not require large expenses, and in addition to the scrolls, you will receive other valuable resources.

How to create scrolls on a paper press

You can create scrolls right in the castle using a special device called a paper press (or paper press). And while the paper is the most obvious thing it can do, the press is also capable of making scrolls, but you need the right ingredients - 12 gem dust and 4 paper.

How to create scrolls on a paper press

Precious dust can be obtained in many different ways. With a small degree of probability, it can fall out of any stone you destroy. So run to the local quarry and smash rocks until you get what you need. Alternatively, you can create a Devourer and throw gems (of any type) at it. This is an expensive but effective way to create precious dust.