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How to earn K-Stamps in The Cycle: Frontier

 How to get a lot of K-marks in a matter of hours in a free multiplayer looter shooter and what to spend them on

There are three types of in-game currency in The Cycle: Frontier. Let's talk about each of them:

  • K-marks (short for Krypto Marks, cryptomarks) are a common in-game currency. You earn K-Stamps in a variety of ways, mostly by completing missions and selling items. You then use them to purchase items from the various shops in the station.
  • Gold (Aurum) is a premium currency used to insure gear and purchase customization items. Can be bought with microtransactions or gradually accumulated through the aurum generator in your apartment.
  • Equipment Tokens are special tokens that can be obtained through the Battle Pass after the start of the first season. You start the game with 5 tokens, which can be used instead of gold to pay for equipment insurance. There is no way to earn tokens during the pre-season.
How to earn K-Stamps in The Cycle: Frontier

Gold and tokens are certainly useful for insuring things, but K-marks are the most important currency in the game. Without K-marks, you will not be able to get high-level weapons, armor, and equipment. Now let's figure out how to earn K-marks as quickly as possible.

For the first few days, focus on completing quests. Quests give a decent amount of K-marks, especially if you do them regularly. During the first two or three days after the full release, I accumulated about 200,000 K-marks, and this was largely due to the constant completion of quests and tasks of the chosen faction. Some small quests give 15,000 K-marks or more, and many can be completed in a matter of minutes.

If not needed, sell materials until you have one stack of each type left. Sell ​​spare parts in Faction stores. Not only will you be able to level up the faction this way, but you will also earn quite a few extra K-marks. I almost always sell my materials until I only have one stack of each left. The only exceptions are when I'm actively trying to stockpile certain materials for quests or crafting. For example: In the beginning, you can accumulate a small supply of spines or rattlesnake skins to quickly create new green or blue armor. But everything else can be sold until there is a stack of resources of each type left.

Go to the jungle and collect crystals to sell. The Jungle is the most dangerous part of Bright Sands, but it has the largest crystal spawns, which are the most valuable ore on this map. If you want to increase your K-mark accumulation rate, it's a great idea to go into the jungle with basic gear (to minimize the risk of loss), collect as many crystals scattered around the jungle as possible, and then evacuate. After that, you can sell the crystals for an impressive amount.

Watch out for meteor showers. There is one type of stone that is more valuable than crystals - these are fragments and meteor cores. These items can be sold for 1013 and 7594 K-marks respectively. So if you see a meteor shower appearing near you, it might be worth keeping an eye out for explosions and smoke. If the area looks safe, go down there, get the most valuable, and evacuate.

Update data disks during storms. Data disks can be updated during matches by connecting them to one of the uplinks and downloading the data to the disks. The more data you download, the more valuable these discs become. Using the uplink is a noisy and time-consuming process that is sure to attract enemy players, so the best time to upgrade them is during a storm when all the players on the map are probably trying to hide from it. If a storm is coming and you have data disks on hand, consider heading online and making some extra money.

Follow the tracks of the creatures to find valuable blue runner eggs. Blue Runner Eggs are another rare item that costs a lot of money in faction stores. Each of them can be sold for 2531 K-marks, and finding the eggs is quite simple: traces lead to them. This is not such an efficient way to earn money, but if you stumble upon footprints while traveling, be sure to walk along them to find an egg that can later be sold at Prospect Station.

Unlock and upgrade the K-stamp generator. Among other things, to make money, you can secure a steady influx of K-marks for yourself. What’s more, you don’t even have to do anything. This is a K-stamp generator in your apartment. It's very easy to unlock and upgrade, and brings you a small amount of K-marks all the time. Over time, there will be more of them.

Use insurance. Equipment insurance is a great feature in The Cycle. Every time you insure an item, make a one-time payment. This means that once you lose a piece of equipment, you will receive a portion of its value in k-marks. But then the insurance will be cancelled. So if you can afford it (and if you followed the other tips on this list, you should be able to), then always buy standard insurance for almost every item you bring into the game.