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How to find all 12 souls in Baby in Yellow

 Souls will allow you to unlock additional content. We'll tell you where to find them.

How to find all 12 souls in Baby in Yellow

All souls in Baby in Yellow

Six souls can be found in the first two nights, and six more in "Pickman's Madness" and "Exit".

Night 1

  • On TV.
  • On the white shelf in the bathroom, opposite the sink.
  • In the upper right cabinet in the kitchen.
  • On the washing machine in the room on the second floor (middle door).
  • Behind the toys to the right of the chair, in the baby's nursery.

Night 2

  • On the table in the parent's room. That's where the diaper will go.

Pickman's Madness

  • When exiting the elevator, on the mat by the door on the left.
  • In the room where we are looking for notes. Where to catch the baby. Go to the bed and on the right, before reaching it, examine the white cabinet with many shelves.
  • On the stairs in the place where we install the blue and purple fuses.


  • Behind the baby crib when you first find yourself near it (however, you will pass by it three times).
  • Next to the crib where the baby needs to be thrown away.
  • When you hide from Pickman by dragging a sheet of cardboard, there will be toys in this passage. To the left of them is the soul.
  • You can open the sphere to the right of the table in the living room. Inside are bottles with different liquids. You can give them to your child to get different effects.