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How to find and kill the Hagan officer in Diablo Immortal

 We tell you where to find the Hagan officer and how to kill him on a special assignment.

How to find and kill the Hagan officer in Diablo Immortal

Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal

Where to find the special event

To wait for Officer Hagan to arrive, head to the Mad King Waypoint in Ashwold Cemetery, on the north side of Ashwold Manor. The spawn point is at the bottom of the steps after exiting the waypoint.

This event is limited in time, and, unfortunately, Hagan appears quite rarely. There are many worms, hounds, and other enemies in the area to kill while waiting for Captain Hagan. This is a great way to farm monster essence.

How to defeat the Hagan officer

Officer Hagan is a shield-bearer, from the same unit as the other guards in the area. He attacks with his sword and steps back to attack with his shield. Pay special attention to when he raises his sword hand in the air: it means that he is preparing a spell.

His rolls will change, like any epic boss. They are random. Sometimes he throws stone walls and fireballs from the sky, and sometimes he summons electric balls and defends himself. Be flexible and feel free to ask for help from anyone nearby; most likely, they will be happy to kill this boss for loot and writing in the Codex.