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How to Hire the Best Servants in V Rising

 We tell you where to find servants, how to get the best slaves and other mechanics

V Rising is a fantasy vampire survival game that is true to everything we know about ghouls. You need to feed on blood to survive, you take damage from touching silver, garlic makes you weaker. Finally, you can enchant and enslave unfortunate people, forcing them to do your bidding.

However, the last mechanic is explained in passing, and it will not be clear to everyone when their vampire will be able to create servants for himself. In our guide, we talk about how to unlock the ability to create servants, get the first subordinates, properly manage them, build a throne in the castle and send servants on an expedition and search for resources.

Servants are incredibly useful as they can explore areas on their own, each time returning with resources that you can then use as you see fit. And they are not afraid of daylight! With their help, you will save time that you would otherwise spend manually extracting copper or sulfur. In the meantime, servants extract resources, you can do other, more important things. For example, building the castle of your dreams.

How to Hire the Best Servants in V Rising

How to unlock servants and create a stone coffin

Unfortunately, you won't be able to hypnotize mortals until you've built your castle well. Therefore, focus on upgrading and building the main structures of the castle. If you are having difficulty, I recommend completing the quests from the magazine. Current tasks are shown in the upper left corner of the screen. Not only will you progress through the story, but you will also be able to receive certain rewards. Moreover, many mechanics and components are only unlocked after completing certain quest objectives, which is why they are so important.

In addition, many V-blood carriers can drop new blueprints for crafting, the construction of various building structures and vampire powers that will make you stronger, so be sure to destroy one boss after another so that your castle gradually grows and improves.

Completing the story quest "Homestead/Estate Master" will unlock the servant's stone coffin. As the name implies, such a coffin is designed to contain people. First create a stone coffin and bind yourself to it. Access to it will open only after you can turn at least part of your castle into stone. As soon as you bind yourself to the coffin, complete the task from the journal and get another reward.

How to unlock servants and create a stone coffin

How to get servants and manage them

The next task from the magazine is called "Servants". As part of it, you must build one of the coffins. To do this, you need to collect 16 boards, 8 copper ingots, and 1 large essence of blood. The last ingredient can be obtained through Flawless Hearts: collect four of these hearts (dropped randomly) in a blood press to squeeze the great essence of blood out of them.

Pristine Hearts are usually dropped by V-Blood Carriers or other named enemies at least level 20.

As soon as you build a coffin, as a reward, you will get the opportunity to dominate people. This will be a special form that can be used by pressing Ctrl (this will open the wheel with the powers of the vampire and you can select the one you need). When using this form, you will not be able to use the vampire's spells and skills. Instead, get a ranged spell that can be cast on opponents. If you cast such a spell on a person with low health, you will enchant him, and from that moment he will follow you wherever you go. This is how you make people follow you to the castle, and already on the spot, you can tie them to the coffin.

Each coffin can only have one Servant tied to it, so if you want more Servants to support you, you'll need to build more Coffins. The number of coffins you can build for servants depends on the current level of your Castle Heart. Thus, you need to constantly improve it.

Group, blood quality, and faction play a role in how effective the person you have enchanted will be as a servant. Although at the very beginning you can not particularly get hung up and enslave any bandit you meet. After all, you can always replace it.

After 90 minutes of in-game time, you can examine the coffin with the servant, familiarize yourself with his abilities, give a name, and then let him patrol the castle. In addition, you can interact with the Servant's inventory to give him the appropriate equipment. This is important for expeditions. Eventually, you will complete the quest from the Army of Darkness magazine and be able to claim your reward.

How to build a throne in a castle

We figured out how to get the first servant. But how do you give him orders? In fact, for this, the castle must have a throne. After completing the task "Army of Darkness", you received a blueprint for creating a throne, which requires a large investment.

To build a Throne in the Castle, you will need Stone Bricks, 4 Greater Blood Essences, and 16 Iron Ingots. There is a good chance that at the moment you have not seen iron at all, and collecting it is a rather difficult task. You won't be able to find Iron in the Farbane Woods, so you'll have to head north to Dunley Farm and look for random deposits. In a separate guide, we consider the process of iron mining.

Iron mining requires copper weapons, otherwise, you won't be able to destroy the deposits. Also, the enemies you encounter will be level 30-40 or even higher, so make sure you level your character up to about the same level. And don't forget to upgrade your equipment.

It will take a lot of iron ore to make one iron ingot, so you need to collect the maximum amount of the resource that you can bring to your base. Most of the iron is in the ghostly iron mine, where you will also meet a dangerous boss, the archer Meredith. However, you can get rid of normal enemies and break away from Meredith. When she stops chasing you, start looking for and mining iron.

Getting iron ore is half the battle. You also need blueprints that use iron. To do this, you need to defeat several specific V-blood carriers. First, far to the west, Clive the Pyro is operating in a bandit mine. After defeating Clive, you will unlock the ability to create explosives on the alchemy table. Once you've crafted the explosives, head north from Farbane Woods to the barricaded facility. Plant explosives to get inside.

At this base you will meet the king of the Quincy robbers. This level 37 boss fight will not be easy, but worth the time. The reward for victory will be the ability to smelt iron ore into iron ingots and create iron weapons that are significantly superior in performance to copper ones. Once you've done that, return to the castle to smelt the ore into ingots and create a throne.

How to Send Servants on an Expedition

Once you've crafted the coveted throne, you'll be able to send servants on an expedition to the various camps and locations found in Vardoran. You can choose a destination, determine the time frame for the expedition, and assign specific servants. This should be done depending on the current characteristics of the servant. Think about where you are going to send servants, and enchant people from this area (they will match the level and abilities of the opponents encountered).

The strength of your servants (like the vampire) depends on the current level of equipment, so you will have to create armor and weapons for them to protect them from bears and other dangerous creatures. Naturally, the higher the level of equipment, the greater the chance of success for the servants sent on the expedition. However, unlike you, servants only need one strong weapon, so don't bother creating several varieties at once. In addition, the place where you decide to send a servant has a certain level of power. Be sure to consider it, and only send servants on missions where they have a good chance of success.

Expeditions can have different duration. By increasing the duration (up to 24 hours of real time), you also increase the success rate and the amount of resources produced. As soon as the servants return, they will bring what you sent them for. Interact with each servant to take resources from your inventory and use them to meet your needs.

More powerful regions require well-trained servants, so don't be greedy and spend some resources on strengthening your slaves. In the future, this will definitely pay off, and you will be able to collect rare resources much faster. And again - don't forget to upgrade the Castle Heart to build more coffins for servants, and look for people with a strong blood type.