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How to infect all heroes in The Quarry and get a rare achievement


How to infect all heroes in The Quarry and get a rare achievement

In The Quarry, you will encounter unusual monsters that can infect counselors with just one bite. In this guide, we will tell you how to infect all the heroes of the story.

How and why to infect heroes in The Quarry

Please note that there are three characters that you should not infect during the course of the story, as they will be infected during the story. This is Laura, Max, and Nick.

If you manage to infect all the other heroes, you will receive the rare Blood Pact achievement. Below we have explained how to do this.

How to Infect Abigail (Chapter 3)

You can only infect Abigail in this chapter, as there will be no other possibility. After the campfire, follow Nick and chat with the guy at the fallen tree. When a monster attacks Nick, help him, and when the shooting starts, run.

Once the game gives you the option to Climb a tree or Hide, choose the second option and fail the Hold your breath event. Stop holding the key indicated on the screen so that the monster finds and hits the girl. From now on, Abigail will be infected.

How to Infect Emma (Chapter 4)

When the girl is on the island in the middle of the lake, follow the tree house. Collect all the evidence and change clothes (interact with the bag first). When you open the hatch leading to the attic, a werewolf will attack the heroine. Use the shocker, then take a picture of him.

After that, you will have to positively perform QTE. When Emma encounters the monster again, using the spray can scare the monster away.

Once in the house, barricade the door and climb the stairs to the attic. When the werewolf tries to grab the girl, fails the QTE so he hits her. This will be enough to infect Emma.

How to Infect Dylan (Chapter 5)

In this chapter, Dylan and Ryan go to the radio room to send an SOS signal. If in the first chapter you knocked out the door to the 10th cottage, then the friends will be able to hide in it and will not attract the attention of the monster. At the same time, the werewolf will grab Dylan's arm as he reaches for the broken wire. Since you are playing as Ryan, you will be able to choose: "Amputate Dylan's arm" or "Refuse". Choose the second option to infect the guy.

How to Infect Jacob (Chapters 3 and 6)

In the third chapter, returning from the pier by the lake, Jacob will stumble upon a hunter named Billy. Politely ask the man to put you down, and when he tries to bleed the guy, use the "Throw Mud" option. If you do not do this, then in the sixth episode, the monster will not be able to infect Jacob.

Returning in search of their girlfriend, Jacob and Emma will meet with another werewolf. When Emma falls into the water, run forward and fails the QTE scene so that the monster hurts the guy. When you get to the scene where the man is trapped, select "Open" instead of "Pull". So the infection will spread faster through the body, and Jacob will be infected.

How to Infect Ryan (Chapter 9)

In order not to kill Ryan ahead of time, do not pull the knife from his chest in the previous chapter. Successfully complete all QTE scenes and escape from Billy. When he catches up with the guy, select "Knife". So you weaken the hunter, which will lead to his further death. He will not be able to resist the converted Chris, and he will kill the man.

The girl will offer to infect Ryan. Agree, and when the opportunity arises to remove your hand, ignore it.

How to Infect Caitlin (Chapter 9)

In the same chapter, Dylan and Caitlin will go to the junkyard to find parts for the van. After reaching the loader, lower the car and watch a short scene.

At this point, Dylan will notice that the monster is approaching the girl. Don't lift the car or Caitlin will die. Instead, warn her of the danger by sounding a horn.

As soon as she gets inside the car, lift it up and select "Hit the car". Caitlin will fall out of the car, and you will only have to fail the QTE scene. In this case, she will not die but will be infected.