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How to level up fast in Diablo Immortal

 The main ways to quickly level up in the game

One of the most important aspects of Diablo Immortal is character leveling. You can increase the level in many ways, but let's focus on the main processes that allow you to speed up the task as much as possible. Moreover, many activities are blocked by the current level of the character: for example, to get into the Portal of Daring, you will have to level up to level 20.

Complete daily tasks

There is no alternative to the simple experience points you get from completing daily quests. You won't find an easier way. 8 different tasks are available to you daily, each of which brings a lot of experience points (not counting other rewards). The best way to quickly level up every day is to make sure to complete these tasks.

The disadvantage is that their number is limited. If players had access to unlimited quests, as was offered in other parts of Diablo, they would do nothing but complete these tasks until they leveled up. Don't let the limit on the number of tasks give the impression that they are not worth the effort. You will spend a minimum of time, and get the most significant increase in the ratio of experience points per second.

Complete daily tasks

Complete Battle Pass Missions

Another fastest way to max out is to complete missions in the Battle Pass. Each of the tasks is not just an ordinary quest that will bring experience points. You will receive additional experience both in the course of the task and at the end, upon reaching the goal.

Treat the Battle Pass missions as a second set of missions parallel to the main storyline. Many players mistakenly ignore these quests as they are marked in green to clearly indicate their secondary role to the main story. But their "minority" does not take away the possibility of a quick level increase.

Upgrade your Battle Pass rating

Don't focus solely on those Battle Pass missions that provide experience points. There are also those quests that have points to increase the battle pass. Completing enough of them will increase the rating of the pass itself. With each rank increase, the player receives a huge increase in experience. The task can be accelerated by donation, but even without it, you will gradually grow.

Upgrade your Battle Pass rating

Fill in the entries in the Bestiary

Regardless of the difficulty chosen, when killing animals, you can get spheres of their essence, which will go to the bestiary. Fill the Bestiary with Orbs every time the stack reaches ten. The fact is that this is the maximum possible amount, and you will not receive new spheres until you spend ten accumulated ones.

By completing the bestiary, you will receive a large amount of experience. Try to turn in at least three entries a day to keep a good leveling pace. The number of dropped spheres decreases over the course of the day, but it seems to return to normal after a day.

Ancient Portals

If you're playing with friends, it's a great idea to go through the Ancient Portals quickly. Experienced players know that these portals can even be completed solo, and there are a lot of enemies that will reward you with extra experience points on their own. Downtime is minimal, which means you will constantly gain experience.

In addition, closing the portal will award additional, small, but useful portions of experience gives, not to mention what items you can find. This event is more of an endgame-oriented event, but closing portals is another great way to quickly level up your character.

Kill multiple enemies at once

You may have noticed that you are getting bonus experience points, but at the same time you did not understand why this was happening. By killing several monsters at once with quick combos, you will earn an experience multiplier: by which the points accumulated for destroying targets will be increased.

After killing fifteen enemies, you will see a counter with a timer on the screen. Attack the next enemy before the time limit expires to keep the bonus multiplier. This is especially true for portals where you will encounter huge enemy groups.