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How To Prepare For Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Best Tips And What To Do

 We show you the best tips and tricks that you should apply in your Monster Hunter Rise game if you intend to make the jump to the Sunbreak expansion. These are the ideal tips to be prepared.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available worldwide! If you've played the base title and are now thinking of making the leap to this gigantic expansion for Capcom's game, then you've come to the right place. It doesn't matter if you are a novice player or an experienced one , in this entry for our complete guide we want to recommend you the best tips and tricks to apply before starting this DLC and traveling to the distant lands of Elgado.

Here's everything you need to know if you want to get off to a good start with Sunbreak and jump right into the new story without wasting too much time on other details.

First make sure you save Kamura

First make sure you save Kamura

The great expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes us to the land of Elgado, where there are new monsters invading the kingdom, but in order to travel to this place and access the DLC missions, it is necessary to first have completed the main quest of the base game.

This means that the expansion is designed for advanced players, so much so that you will only be able to start it once you have completed the 7★ Gathering Room Quest: Goddess of Thunder (by defeating Thunder Narwa and seeing the true ending ). So you're easily looking at 45 hours or more of gameplay until you get to that point. If you haven't played the Rise story that much, make sure you do it first.

Farm a lot of money

When you start playing Sunbreak, you're going to need your character to have a lot of money saved up in order to craft the new weapons, armor, jewelry, and more in the expansion. Seriously, when we say a lot, it means a lot (because manufacturing costs are getting more expensive).

  • The most experienced players recommend having around 3 to 5 million zenis.
If you put them all into practice, you can secure a large sum of money in your pockets in no time, which will come in handy at Sunbreak.

Goodbye to your equipment, hello to the master rank

Goodbye to your equipment, hello to the master rank

The inclusion of Sunbreak to Monster Hunter Rise means that the game's difficulty level is increased considerably in its new quests. The expansion includes Master Rank, which is even higher than High Rank, and unfortunately, this also means that your base game endgame gear will no longer be useful at the beginning of the expansion.

What happens then?

  • Well, you should know that practically any set of armor, weapons, or talismans that you have are not going to be very practical anymore, that is, they will be obsolete.
  • Therefore, it is not recommended to spend materials to make high-rank sets, it is preferable to conserve them.
  • Starting the Sunbreak expansion is all about crafting a new master rank set for your character.
With master rank equipment, you will be able to more easily hunt down the monsters of the expansion, on the other hand with high-rank equipment you will not get very far; so it is better to update as soon as possible. Until then, there's one high-rank armor set worth checking out further down in this post.

Choose a weapon that can be upgraded soon

Choose a weapon that can be upgraded soon

Related to the previous point, by the time you start the Sunbreak expansion you now know that you are going to have to upgrade your weapons, as they will soon become obsolete and will not do much damage to master rank monsters.

In this sense, so that you can save your resources and your time, what we recommend is that before making the leap to Sunbreak you are already using a weapon that can still evolve, or in other words, a weapon that has not yet reached all its potential.

  • From the tree of weapons available in the forge when you start Sunbreak you will be able to upgrade weapons beyond their last available level in the base game.
  • This will happen when you start hunting the first master-rank monsters.

Some of the first monsters you hunt in Sunbreak at master rank are the Kulu-Ya-Ku, Aknosom, Barroth, Great Baggi, or Great Wroggi, so pre-craft any weapon from the branch of these monsters and have them ready for their first upgrades Master rank is a good idea so you can upgrade them as soon as possible and use them in your early adventures in the expansion (all things considered, they'll probably be more useful to you than the best high-rank ones you might have).

Get the Crimson Valstrax set

Get the Crimson Valstrax set

We have said before that any high-rank armor set becomes useless shortly after starting Sunbreak's high-rank missions, true, but of course, if there is one that is probably the best or most recommended for the first few hours, that is the one from Crimson Valstrax.

The Crimson Valstrax armor pieces give you some pretty good defense stats which are great to start with in Sunbreak (at least until you can upgrade your armor set to a decent master rank). So if you want, spend some time collecting the materials for this monster and forging its armor at Kamura's blacksmith.

  • Remember that the Crimson Valstrax is a monster that appears after reaching hunter rank 100 in the base game.

Get new free items

Following the announcement of the Sunbreak expansion, Capcom included new free DLC items for all players. These can be obtained by speaking to the Senri postman in Kamura village and by doing so you can claim the following:

  • Weapon Set "Defender": Composed of powerful versions of all 14 weapon types.
  • Armor set "Black Belt": improves your defense and includes very useful abilities that increase your attack and recovery power.
If you don't want to spend a lot of time farming big armor like Crimson Valstrax, then these free sets might be a good place to start in Sunbreak.

Accumulate the most important objects

Finally and as a last piece of advice, we want to recommend that you accumulate the most important objects that you will need on hunts in large quantities. What are these items? Here are some of the essentials:

  • mega potions
  • max potions
  • ancient potions
  • demon drug
  • Demonic Megadrug
  • armor skin
  • light bomb
  • sonic bomb
  • tranquilizer bomb
  • pitfall trap
  • electrical trap
All these items are very useful and you will need them frequently, so if you want to save time it is preferable that you arrive at the expansion with a large number of them stored in your chest (depending on your build, you may need more as ammunition types , etc... Just think about the ones you use the most).

It is especially worth mentioning that traps are going to be of great help to you in your early Sunbreak since master rank monsters in the early levels can take a lot of time to defeat until you have upgraded your equipment, so it is easier to directly capture them for progress more easily.