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How to save everyone in The Quarry - a description of all the key events to get the best ending

 A detailed guide on all the important actions that will help save all the lives of the heroes in The Quarry

As in previous Supermassive Games games, players can save absolutely all the characters in The Quarry. Nine camp counselors will survive at best at night, but for this, you will have to kill some villains. Also, for such an ending, users do not need to save any of the Hacketts, so you should not worry about saving their lives. In this guide, we will detail the key actions to get the best story ending.

How to save every character in The Quarry

How to save every character in The Quarry

There are a few general rules for saving all heroes. Be sure to complete all QTE sequences successfully. In particular, be careful with timing and shooting. Choose the most positive and friendly options in conversations with other characters. More often than not, incorrect keystrokes in QTEs result in injury or death. Also, some choices can lead to negative consequences, so when actions appear for a while, it is recommended to pause the game and check the manual.

Consider the following events to save all heroes:

  1. Properly end all QTE events.
  2. Choose only friendly and positive options in dialogues. They don't affect current events to a large extent, but it's morally best to communicate positively with all the characters.
  3. When timed choices appear and before using a weapon, activate the pause and check the further result in the manual.
Please note that dialogues with the fortune teller do not affect the plot in any way, so you can refuse to see the visions and immediately continue the game.

Who needs to survive for the best ending

To open the perfect ending, only the camp counselors need to survive, so you should not protect the Hacketts. It is enough to concentrate on saving the following heroes:

  1. Laura.
  2. Max.
  3. Abigail.
  4. Jacob.
  5. Caitlin.
  6. Emma.
  7. Nick.
  8. Dylan.
  9. Ryan.
This guide is spoiler-free whenever possible, but be careful!

Prologue. Do you need to help Max

The main task in the prologue is to pave the way for a positive relationship between Laura, Max, and the policeman. We choose calm and honest options, and at the end of the episode, we will definitely help a friend.

Chapter 1. What to break in a car

In this episode, the player will be introduced to the characters, so there are a large number of dialogue scenes without any important events. The breakdown of the car will not significantly affect the plot, however, in the process of driving Jacob, it is better to break the fuel line. In this case, the hero will not have to take care of the distributor slider and expose himself to additional tests. It should be borne in mind that in this case, the hero will not be able to find proof No. 3 at the bottom of the lake. It is believed that Abigail is obligated to break into the house with Emmy to take the child's toy. In such a situation, in the future, one of the heroes will lose a hand. We did not need a plush rabbit, so we do not recommend opening the door in order to keep the character safe and sound.

Chapter 2

There are no critical choices in this episode, however, some decisions will have long-term consequences. Don't hit the door, call Jacob for help, and leave the fireworks in place. After switching to Dylan and Ryan, you should not go down the hatch. The remaining choices do not affect the final in any way, so choose any path for Nick and save Abi if you wish. At the shooting range, learn the basics of using weapons and watch the rest of the scenes.

Chapter 3

Abigail follows through the woods. Call Nick and kiss him. After the attack, Abigail must help a friend. We choose to run, do not climb a tree, successfully perform a QTE and hold our breath to safely return to the camp.

In the next scene, Jacob will go swimming in the lake. If the fuel line was broken, then no further action is required. Otherwise, you will have to dive for the part, grab it, get out of the barbed wire and get out.

For Ryan, we use a short path and complete the QTE. Be sure to yell at the hunter and shoot him if you wish. We didn't, but it didn't affect the final. After switching to Jacob, do not yell at the man and do not throw dirt.

Chapter 4

Let's switch to Ryan. We press on the wound, shout into the bushes, and do not shoot in an unknown direction - Jacob will return from the forest. After Emma at the fork, we climb the wooden stairs to the hut. Inside the building, first, inspect the bag. In the process of chasing, we use a shocker, spray it, block the door and use the hatch to keep the girl alive. Do not forget about the successful completion of QTE.

For Dylan, there is only one important choice - we give the shotgun to Caitlin. After returning to Emma, ​​slowly turn the lever and do not accelerate to save the girl's life.

Chapter 5

After talking with Nick, we successfully complete the QTE for Caitlin. As soon as the heroes leave the ward, you need to hide and hold your breath. This will allow you to safely get all the heroes out of the room.

In the radio room, we do not shoot at the ceiling. If the door was not opened in the first chapter, then after pressing the keys correctly, all the heroes will remain intact. Otherwise, you will have to cut off the hand of one of the characters' hand. In any case, don't use the shotgun.

Chapter 6

We perform QTE to save the lives of Jacob and Emma. For Caitlin, we intervene in the situation and help Nick. We talk to him in the pool house. After turning a man into a monster, you must shoot him, otherwise, Abigail will die. Don't worry - Nick can be saved later. After returning to Emma, ​​we do not run away from the hunter and calmly get to the cottage. The girl hides in the car.

Chapter 7

We choose friendly options, answer questions honestly and try to make friends with the officer. We encourage Max. Be sure to take the spoon from the window and pick out the bricks in the wall on the left. In the process of exploring the police station in the back room of the second floor, we take the syringe from the locker. Upon returning to the chamber, we hide the object behind a brick in the wall and go to rest.

Don't take the gun from Travis' holster, perform a QTE to put the cop to sleep. Upon returning to the pool house, we show the bite to Ryan, Dylan, and Caitlin.

Chapter 8

Ryan and Laura make their way through the shaft to the Hacketts' house. When meeting with Jacob, we do not immediately try to open the grate. We also prevent Laura from firing a shotgun at the creature. We agree to help Jacob. To release a friend from a cage, you must use the switches in the correct order:

  1. Switch 1.
  2. Switch 2.
  3. We use "Continue".
  4. Switch 2.
  5. Switch 3.

Jacob will be released from captivity and safely leave the Hacketts' house.

Chapter 9

For the most part, this chapter will involve fighting members of the Hackett family. After the attack of the old woman, we press the button in time and kill her. In this chapter, it is strictly forbidden to fail a QTE, as the consequences will be fatal for the heroes.

After the attack on Ryan, we do not pull out the knife. We examine the wardrobe and the bed in the room. We study the door next to the bed. After the arrival of the hunter, we hide in the closet and hold our breath. After that, the hero will be able to quickly move to another room.

We switch to Lara. We hide in the bath, hold our breath and perform QTE. After the attack of the old man, we press the buttons in time and kill him. Let's go back to Ryan. We perform the same actions and at the first opportunity, we hit the enemy with a knife. We agree with Laura's proposal and do not remove our hands, otherwise, the hero will die.

At the dump for Dylan, we warn Caitlin, to use the signal, and perform QTE. After switching to Abigail, we inspect the fuses in the basement and find a silver bullet. We return to the mansion. As soon as the opportunity arises, we immediately shoot the monster. This will free some heroes from the curse.

Chapter 10

In the final episode, control will immediately pass to Max. We get to the pier, but do not swim across it. Outside the island, a man is waiting for death at the hands of a monster. We pass to Caitlin in the cottage and prepare for the attack. After the appearance of the monster, we start running and use the beam. Successfully complete the QTE, check Abigail's scream for a silver bullet, and shoot the monster.

After meeting with the monster in the forest, we immediately kill him. There is an additional option - the death of Travis. To do this, you should not first pick up a weapon and fail the QTE. Kill monsters with a shotgun.