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How to unlock 4 secret characters in Raft

 We tell you how to open additional characters in the game

How to unlock 4 secret characters in Raft

Raft: additional characters

There are four unlockable characters in Raft that appear on the story islands, and you'll need to find them all to be able to play as them. Most can be unlocked after completing the story, but some can be missed. We tell you where to find four characters and how to unlock them.

When you talk to the character, he will say something about returning to the raft with you and will open up for future play to all players from your online. If one of your buddies is offline when you talk to him, he will have to talk to the character himself.

Tala in the radio tower

The first character, Tala, is at the top of the Radio Tower, which is the first area you will travel to in the story. It's hard not to notice her as she sits in a chair at the top of the tower.

Johnny on Balboa Island

The second character, Johnny, is lounging around at Relay Station 6 on Balboa Island, sitting on a mattress.

Elaina on Tangaroa

Elaine is located in Tangaroa, but is only available at the very end of the story part of the island, after the top of Tangaroa takes off. She is inside the detached part of the dome, tied to a chair.

Shogo in Temperance

Shogo can be found at the very end of Temperance's story. After you fix the reactor and go to the final part of the game to find the next coordinates, look for Shogo in the last room on the left, inside the pipe. Interact with the computer next to its handset to have it join you.