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How to unlock all paths in The Quarry

How to unlock all paths in The Quarry

 There are 15 paths in The Quarry. These are the main options that have long-term consequences. Simply put, only those decisions that register in the Paths section of the pause menu have any real impact on the story. Everything else (over 90% of all dialog options) only changes the next line of the dialog and nothing else. When you activate one of these paths, the screen will display "Path Selected". As you make more decisions related to the path, you will be prompted to update the path. New ones will be marked with an exclamation point in the Paths menu so you can keep track of important options.

It is useful to know where each "Path" begins. While the vast majority will run automatically whether you choose option A or option B, some of them can actually be skipped if you ignore the optional items. A few trophies and achievements are also pathbound, or at least trackable. They are not considered collectibles. Opening all paths is not required for any trophy/achievement. They are listed below in chronological order as they were triggered.

Path #2: Above the Law

Prologue - When Laura and Max get back in the car, a cop will appear at your car window. During the dialogue, you will automatically activate this. It's best to always choose the RIGHT SIDE to be fair/compliant with him. Be obedient to head to the Harbinger Hotel (Laura will trick the cop into revealing the Quarry's location and they will automatically head there).

Path #1: Laura and Max

Prologue. While you're exploring the bunker where you'll find a bloody collar, Max will get hit in the head and start to bleed. The path works regardless of your choice. The best options are to choose the LEFT option HELP MAX.

Path #3: Stupid Errand

Chapter 1. Playing as Jacob, after collecting the bags, you will go out to the car and you can disconnect the fuel line (left choice) or steal the engine part (right choice). Either will call this path.

Path #4: Down the Rabbit Hole

Chapter 1 When Abigail and Emma are talking about getting their bags from the locked cabin, you can choose to leave your bags (left) or hack (right). Select hack. Also take the teddy bear from the left side of the cabin in front of the first bunk bed and SAVE it. This will update the path and may come in handy later.

Path #5: Playing with Fire

Chapter 2 Playing as Emma, ​​you will go through the storage room and reach the locked door, opening it, Jacob will take some beer and you can explore the room. Pick up the shotgun on the right side, which also has the safe code on it. Return to the beginning of the warehouse and Emma will automatically open the safe. There are several fireworks inside. The choice to take them or leave them behind will trigger this path.

Route #6: Watch Your Step

Chapter 2 Playing as Dylan for the first time, you will have to look around Chris's office. Check the hatch on the floor next to Chris' desk. Then select the CORRECT option SLOW DOWN.

Path #7: Pieces of Silver

Chapter 3 After attacking Nick, Abigail must choose between RUN TO CAMP or HELP NICK. Select HELP NICK.

Path #8: What I Found Is Mine

Chapter 3 After Abi returns to the campfire and Ryan selects the SUSTAINABLE option, you will escape into the woods and can decide whether to take a shortcut or stay on the path. Choose the SHORT PATH twice in a row and successfully complete the QTE without making a mistake. Then you'll be fast enough to see Nick being dragged off by the hunter.

Path #9: Distraction

Chapter 3 As Jacob, after the hunter helps you out of the trap, don't throw dirt at him (just wait and do nothing). He will shed blood for you, which will come in handy later.

Path #10: Helping Hand

Chapter 5 When Dylan and Ryan are in the radio house, select the following: INTERESTED > CONCERNED > APOLOGIO > Aiming gun at ceiling: don't fire, let time expire > AGGRESSIVE > ANXERABLE > CALM > (Dylan's hand is bitten) > DESPERATE (quick fix) > CHAINSAW (Ryan cuts off Dylan's hand). It's worth noting that this scene only plays out this way if you broke into the locked hut in Chapter 1 (see Path #4). If you choose not to enter the cabin, then Dylan is not attacked by the monster in the radio booth and his arm is not injured.

Path #11: White whale

Chapter 7 - Playing as Laura, when you can "walk" through the police station, go upstairs and enter the third office. Examine the locker on the right side to find a syringe. Return to your prison cell, interact with the loose rock to the left of your bed to hide the syringe there. Then go to sleep. Travis (policeman) will return later, he will give you a poem to read, do not take his gun, instead be compliant. Then the next morning, Laura will pretend to be in pain and Travis will enter her cell to check on her, successfully complete the QTE to inject him with a syringe, after which you will be able to leave the cell without shooting Travis. Or you can also choose not to take the syringe and shoot Travis with his gun, in which case he will kill Laura in Chapter 9, so don't do this if you want everyone to survive.

Path #12: Team Building

Chapter 8 As Caitlin and talking to Dylan at the car outside, choose the RIGHT dialogue HELPING to get him to go to the junkyard with you.

Path #13: Lost Labors of Love

Chapter 8 In the red light tunnel where you find Jacob in a cage, choose to leave Jacob locked in the cage (don't release him).

Path #14: A Pound of Flesh

Chapter 9 When Laura shoots the old woman, Ryan is stabbed. In the next scene, as Ryan, choose NOT to pull the knife from his upper body. Although you will also activate this path when you draw the knife, it's best to save the knife as it might come in handy later.

Path #15: ???

Chapter 10 - ???