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Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get Immortals Credits

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get Immortals Credits

 This is what you need to do to get Immortals Credits, the premium currency in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Get them to unlock exclusive skins.

Immortals Fenyx Rising offers us the possibility of getting skins by paying with premium currency. These are packs with skins for helmets, armor, weapons, wings, and mounts. They can also be purchased individually if you want to pay less to get only the pieces you want. But, as we have already said, they require Immortals credits, the premium currency of the game.

This is what you must do to get Immortals credits.

How to get Immortals credits

The only way to get Immortals credits is by paying real money for them (or redeeming a promotional code obtained in offers and/or contests. Given how long the game has been out for sale, it's hard to find any of these out there, in the wild). As in other Ubisoft games, we can get a currency equivalent to the premium, in this case, called Electro. There is a weekly maximum amount of Electro and we will be able to exchange it for a rotating catalog of premium items.