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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football - the best tips & tricks

 The latest game in the Mario Strikers series offers extensive customization options and impresses with very complex gameplay elements. In our guide, you will learn the best tips and tricks to secure every trophy.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football - the best tips & tricks

In the Mario Strikers: Battle League Football tips guide you will learn:

  • What perfect techniques are all about
  • The fastest way to make money
  • How the new multiplayer mode and league games work

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is the third game in the Strikers series. Numerous characters from the Mario universe are represented in the arcade-heavy football game. You can build your own teams, improve your characters' stats and compete with players from all over the world.

Be sure to finish the tutorial in Mario Strikers

When you start the game for the first time, the funny footbot will guide you through the first few lessons of the tutorial. When you have completed a lesson, you will be asked if you want to continue with the next lesson. If you answer no, you get to the main menu and can start in the other game modes.

However, the cute soccer game from Nintendo is much more complex than it first appears. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete each lesson in the tutorial before jumping into the actual game. You can also access the tutorial at any time from the main menu by selecting “Training”.

The various lessons gradually familiarize you with the core mechanics of the game. The later lessons focus on the so-called Perfect Techniques and Expert Techniques, which you urgently need to gain a foothold in online mode.

Tips on the perfect techniques

Perfect Techniques and Expert Techniques are advanced play moves that make it easy for you to score goals. "Easy as pie" might be the wrong word, as doing it correctly isn't all that easy and requires perfect timing.

Actions, where you hold down a button and release it at the right moment, are considered perfect techniques. Basically, it's all about setting up goals by playing perfect passes and chaining them with perfect shots. But there are also perfect techniques that help you in defense.

This is how the perfect techniques work :

  • Perfect Shot: Hold the A Button until the circle under the character turns blue.
  • Perfect Tackle: Hold the Y Button until both arrows are filled. With a perfect tackle, even large opponents can be easily knocked over.
  • Perfect direct pass: Briefly press the B/Y button, then hold the button down and release it when the ball lands on a teammate. Perfect passes cannot be interrupted.
  • Perfect Direct Shot:  Quick pass with the B/Y Button. While the ball is in motion, hold down the A Button and release it at the right moment. A perfect direct shot has a significantly increased goal probability.
  • Perfect Feint:  Dodging with the R Button at the last moment grants you a temporary speed boost.

Earning coins made easy

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, you can improve your characters' stats by purchasing new gear from the Shop. To buy new equipment, you need coins, most of which you get by completing matches and tournaments. But there are other ways to get money quickly.

Earn coins super fast:

  • Complete all challenges in training mode: 800 coins
  • Purchase and equip a piece of gear for the first time: 400 coins
  • Win a tournament for the first time: 400 coins

Coin AFK farming

Creates a two-player local single game. Register your joycons for player 1 and player 2. Reduce the length of the match to 3 minutes and start the game. This method only works if player 1 wins the match. As player 1, you have to score at least one goal and then you can put the controllers aside and let the time run out. As a reward, you will receive coins for each match.

Unlock Galactic Mode - Here's how

Galactic mode is the ultimate challenge for all Mario Strikers players. The toughest tournaments in the entire game await you in this tough single-player mode. Before you can play Galactic mode, a few conditions must be met.

First, you must have won all cup tournaments and own the following cups: Cannon Cup, Combo Cup, Turbo Cup, Muscle Cup, and Trick Cup. This unlocks the final cup tournament, the Championship Cup. If you win this final cup tournament, you will unlock Galactic mode.

Each cup tournament has a different focus. In the Turbo Cup, for example, you'll be dealing with teams that excel through enormous speed. In the muscle cup, you can fight against particularly strong opponents who will quickly send you onto the boards.

How does multiplayer work in Mario Strikers?

In order to be able to play the online multiplayer mode in Mario Strikers, you need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. If you want to start a quick match against a random opponent, select online mode in a single match. Here you can also play against a friend or challenge other players together in co-op mode.

What is the Strikers Club?

The heart of the multiplayer is the Strikers Club. In this mode, you can create your own football club or join an existing club. You can then duel your own club members or compete with other clubs around the world. Clubs can play matches each season to advance to a higher league.

As you play games, you earn Club Chips, which you can use to purchase new upgrades and various customization items. Your first task in the Strikers Club is to designate a character as your striker. The selection can be changed at any time.