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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – The Best Team

 In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, having the right team composition is very important. In our guide, we tell you the best characters for your team.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – The Best Team

In the Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Team Guide you will learn:

  • What are the current strongest characters in the game
  • How to assign a field position
  • Which character values ​​are important

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is the third game in the Strikers series. In the fun soccer game from Nintendo, the most popular characters from the Mario universe compete against each other. Each character has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. In our guide, you will find out which characters are particularly strong.

How do I determine a character's field position?

A team in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football consists of four field players and a goalie. The field players are determined by you, and the goalkeeper always stays the same. Player selection is extremely important and should be well thought out.

Team building and character selection take place immediately before a game. Here you have to occupy the four slots in your team one after the other. Each slot determines a character's playing field position. With the first slot, you determine the captain and at the same time the forward of your team. Slot number two and three determine the two midfielders. The last slot determines your defender.

All character stats explained

A character's playstyle and efficiency are determined by five character stats: Power, Speed, Shooting, Passing, and Technique. Character values ​​can be further increased by special pieces of equipment. Select “Equipment” in the main menu to buy new items.

The character values ​​at a glance:

  • Power: Determines how much power is used in a tackle. The higher the Strength value, the more resistant the character becomes to being tackled.
  • Pace: Determines how fast a character runs.
  • Shot: Determines the hardness and speed of a shot.
  • Pass: Determines the speed and range of through balls.
  • Technique: Determines the trajectory and accuracy of a shot and how well a character can dribble. In addition, a high technique value makes hypershots easier to execute.

The Best Team in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Sturm – Rosalina

By default, Rosalina has a very high shot value and therefore an above-average goal probability. With the appropriate equipment, this value can be increased to the maximum.

Her good Technique stat makes it easier for her to break through good defenses. With her high Power stat, Rosalina can quickly regain lost balls and tackle almost every character in the game.

Recommended equipment:

  • Cannon Helm: Shot +2 / Technique -2
  • Cannon Gloves: Shot +2 / Speed ​​-2
  • Cannon Vest: Shot +2 / Power -2
  • Cannon Shoes: Shot +2 / Pass -2

Midfield – Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is characterized by very high values ​​in power, shot, and passing. This allows Donkey Kong to win most tackles and serves as a link between defense and offensive.

We highly recommend investing in combo gear to make Donkey Kong's passes even better. With Donkey Kong you can also score goals when Rosalina doesn't get a chance.

Recommended equipment :

  • Combo Helm: Fit +2 / Speed ​​-2
  • Combo Gloves: Pass +2 / Shoot -2
  • Combo Vest: Pass +2 / Technique -2
  • Combo Shoes: Fit +2 / Power -2

Midfield – Toad

As in most other games in the Mario universe, Toad in Mario Strikers represents groundbreaking speed. With the turbo equipment, you can even increase the speed value up to the maximum.

Toad moves extremely quickly around the field and can both help out in defense and set up passes for Rosalina. A very good Passing stat makes for even quicker passes, and with his good Technique stat, he can easily outmaneuver rushing defenders.

Recommended equipment :

  • Turbo Helm: Speed ​​+2 / Technique -2
  • Turbo Gloves: Speed ​​+2 / Power -2
  • Turbo Vest: Tempo +2 / Pass -2
  • Speed ​​Shoes: Speed ​​+2 / Shot -2

Defense – Waluigi

A good defender must be quick and have the appropriate assertiveness. Waluigi relies on high speed and power values, which qualifies him well for this role.

We recommend that you purchase the Turbo Gear to further increase Waluigi's movement speed. Waluigi is a good defender but can also help out in midfield.

Recommended equipment:

  • Turbo Helm: Speed ​​+2 / Technique -2
  • Turbo Gloves: Speed ​​+2 / Power -2
  • Turbo Vest: Tempo +2 / Pass -2
  • Speed ​​Shoes: Speed ​​+2 / Shot -2