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Master rank in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to unlock and level up

 We show you what you must do to unlock the master rank in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion and how to level up to get the most out of the DLC.

Master rank in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to unlock and level up

The master rank is a new difficulty level that includes Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak as one of the new features of this expansion. This rank, which is higher than the high rank, is the reason that the fights against the DLC monsters are much more demanding than ever in this installment of the series.

Since this is a new feature, you may have some basic questions about Master Rank, such as how to unlock it in your game or what to do to level it up.

How is master rank unlocked?

First of all, in order to unlock the master rank and have access to it, you must have purchased the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion and have met the requirements to start the story of this DLC.

Once the above is known, the master rank is achieved in the following way:

  • Complete the Sunbreak expansion introductory quest titled "Unwelcome Guest" in which you must hunt down the Daimyo Hermataur in the Forgotten Temple.
  • After completing the quest, travel to the Elgado Outpost.
  • Here you will meet Admiral Galleus and automatically after talking to him you will already unlock master rank 1 for your character.

As you can see, the master rank is simply achieved as part of the start of the Sunbreak expansion, so you don't have to do anything special to get it. The Daimyo Hermataur hunting mission can be done without too much trouble immediately after defeating Thunder Narwa (if you have bought the DLC), remember that if it gives you problems and you want the fight to be easier for you, try to carry an element weapon lightning and water protection armor.

What to do to raise the master rank?

After reaching Elgado and unlocking the first level of the master rank you will already have access to the notice board of these new lands. As with the low and high hunter ranks in Monster Hunter Rise, the master rank in Sunbreak can be increased in the same way as in the base game: by completing quests from the quest station.

  • Just go talk to Chichae, the quest manager, and accept master rank (RM) Gathering Room quests.
  • You must always complete several Master Rank Key Quests first to unlock Urgent Quests.
  • Do all these missions and little by little you will be raising your master rank level.
All the missions of the master rank of Sunbreak can be carried out both alone and online, cooperating with other players, although obviously, we recommend you play online, otherwise the difficulty of the game will be very high.