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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to use skill change. interchangeable

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to use skill change. interchangeable

 We show you how the new change of interchangeable abilities of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak works. Learn how to use the red and blue kakejiku sets and how to do the swap dodge.

Among the new playable features added by the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion, one of the most outstanding has to do directly with our hunter's combat and the new ability to quickly change interchangeable skills when switching between kakejikus (with any type of weapon that we carry equipped).

In this entry of our full guide, we want to clarify how Sunbreak's swappable skill swapping works and how the new swapping dodge move is performed.

How does the change of tradable skills work?

Switchable skill switching, also named as skill swapping, allows players during combat to quickly swap their weapon skills with the following controls (buttons are the default on Switch):

  • First, hold Zl.
  • Then press X + A at the same time to switch between your two kakejiku sets.
  • This can be done both with the weapon holstered and unholstered (and even from the action bar).

Remember that you can train this technique as many times as you want with Master Utsushi in Elgado until you master it and that you will find detailed information about it in the basic controls menu.

Manage your interchangeable skill sets

As we've mentioned, your character has interchangeable skill sets that are stored in two types of scrolls; the red kakejiku and the blue kakejiku. The red one is the default one and is available as soon as a mission starts, and the blue one is the one you can toggle with the controls shown above.

Players can now manage their saved tradable skills from any item chest (including the one inside shops in missions).

  • From the manage room menu. Swap: You can change the specific moves of your weapons.
  • This option allows you to: change interchangeable skills and manage your kakejiku sets.
  • The game allows you to save: up to a total of 5 interchangeable skills in any of the two types of kakejiku available.
  • Although you can only use two different sets at the same time in a mission: you can save multiple sets (up to 48) to choose from them before you go hunting.

How to carry out the evasion with exchange?

Along with the swapping ability feature, the Sunbreak expansion also adds a new special move for your hunter, called swapping evasion. This technique allows you to dodge right immediately after executing a skill swap.

To do it, you just have to take into account the following:

  • Use the swappable skill switch to switch between your kakejikus.
  • Then press the B button to perform the exchange evasion.
  • This movement can be performed in any direction and consumes part of your stamina.

The swap dodge is similar to a normal dodge, but it has a higher invulnerability range and can save you from a hit or help you reposition yourself right after switching between your kakejiku sets in combat.

How to unlock all tradable skills?

Shortly after the Sunbreak expansion begins, Master Utsushi will appear in Elgado to offer to teach you the swapping skills tutorial, at which point he'll give you new swapping skills to try with each weapon.

  • Still, these won't be all of Sunbreak's tradable abilities.
  • There are still more, and to unlock them you need to progress through master rank missions all the way up to RM4.
  • Reaching this level of master rank 4 you will be able to receive the rest of Utsushi's interchangeable skills as a reward.

And voila, you see, in the expansion you do not need to complete specific missions or hunts to unlock all the interchangeable abilities of the expansion.