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Outriders: Worldslayer - All new DLC content explained

 Outriders: Worldslayer is an extensive DLC for the action-packed loot shooter. We explain all the new content to you.

Outriders: Worldslayer - All new DLC content explained

In this guide to Outriders: Worldslayer you will learn:

  • What the Outriders: Worldslayer campaign and endgame offer
  • How the new Ascension system works
  • What PAX points are
  • How you deal with the Apocalypse levels

Outriders: Worldslayer delivers a wealth of new content for Outriders fans. The loot shooter will be expanded with a new campaign and endgame. There are also new improvement systems, stronger opponents, and higher quality weapons and equipment. In this guide, we show you all the new content of the DLC.

How long is the new Outriders: Worldslayer campaign?

The DLC Outriders: Worldslayer brings with it a new campaign that directly follows the events of the main game. The first Altered Ereshkigal takes over the rebels and causes unrest on the planet Enoch. Players of the original campaign will meet old friends in Worldslayer.

For newcomers, however, there is no introduction to what has happened so far. A bit of Outriders basic knowledge is therefore assumed. You should have completed the Outriders: Worldslayer campaign in five to seven hours.

Can I take over my existing character in Outriders: Worldslayer?

Outriders: Worldslayer content is intended for characters level 30 and above. If you have already reached this level in Outriders, you can continue playing your existing character in Worldslayer. However, you do not need to have played the main game to access the DLC.

If you haven't played the main campaign far enough, you can jump into Outriders: Worldslayer with a new character boosted to level 30. You are free to choose the Outriders class, and you will also be equipped with decent basic equipment.

What are the apocalypse levels?

The Apocalypse Levels are a continuation of the world level system from the main game. The higher the level, the more difficult the game and the higher the quality of the loot. In total, you can reach forty levels of Apocalypse in Worldslayer and get new, uncraftable Apocalypse gear along the way.

Their special feature is a third mod slot, which contains a randomly generated apocalypse mod depending on the rarity of the item. In order to level up Apocalypse items, you need the Anomaly Extract resource. You get them either as loot from powerful opponents or by dismantling apocalypse items.

What is the Ascension system in Outriders: Worldslayer?

With the Ascension system, you get an additional option to improve your character in Outriders: Worldslayer. In the categories anomaly, endurance, brutality, and bravery you can each distribute a maximum of fifty points to five passive properties. As a result, you increase the penetration of your weapon or take less damage yourself. You can redistribute used Ascension Points at any time if you are unhappy with your choices.

How do I use the PAX skill tree in Outriders: Worldslayer?

In Worldslayer, each Outriders class will receive two new PAX skill trees. This gives you even more options for specialization. These are also passive properties. You'll get the PAX points needed to upgrade as you progress through the campaign and eventually complete the endgame in Traya Gratar.

What does the Outriders: Worldslayer endgame offer?

The new endgame in Outriders: Worldslayer flows seamlessly from the campaign. In the "Trials of Traya Gratar" you will learn more about the lore of the planet Enochs. However, you should improve yourselves a lot in the hours beforehand, because Traya Gratar will demand a lot from you. You'll face more enemies, and to make matters worse, they'll get stronger the further you advance.

You start the trials on a separate map section and only have a certain number of attempts for one round. If you fail, the exams start over. The collected loot is distributed after each combat section and may be kept even in the event of a screen death. As a result, you will constantly improve, even if you fail the exams several times.

In Traya Gratar you fight through several areas with numerous enemies and mini-bosses. The main obstacle, however, is the elite opponents. They all have different abilities that make life difficult for you in Worldslayer. Here you need good tactics to survive.

What arena types are there in Tarya Gratar?

Tarya Gratar is divided into different arena types. Only the horizontal path of the map is relevant to the story. You start at the entrance, from where you can access all the known features of the camp. If you restart the game from this hub, you will be deducted a possible attempt for the pass. In between, you will reach crossroads that serve as safe places and checkpoints.

In the skirmish arenas, you will face hordes of enemies. If you do them, a reward awaits you. There are also optional locations where the value of the loot and the level of difficulty increase.

In the boss arenas - called "trials" - you will face one of five elite opponents. At the end of Tarya Gratar the final boss awaits you. If you can do it, you have successfully completed a run.

Is the endgame in Outriders: Worldslayer suitable for co-op or single-player?

Trials of Traya Gratar are designed for co-op and are great for tight teams. If you play with up to three players at the same time, the life energy and strength of the opponent's scale according to the number of players. If you want to face the endgame solo, it will be much more difficult.