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Passage of V Rising: they won’t tell you about this in the game (secrets, tricks, features)

 Sorbali for more than a dozen tips for learning in-game mechanics, which the game does not really talk about

Seemingly unloaded with game mechanics, V Rising is a rather complex survival game that explains almost nothing about either the main mechanics or the available features, which is why many gamers are not even aware of the presence of even half of them. For this reason, I prepared a guide in which I only talked about those things in V Rising that are either not discussed at all or are only mentioned in passing.

These can be tips on how to save the life of your horse, complete certain tasks and achieve progress, use certain weapons correctly to increase the efficiency of resource extraction, and so on.

Passage of V Rising: they won’t tell you about this in the game (secrets, tricks, features)

Quests are the engine of progress

Quests are essential for your progress. As you complete them, you'll unlock vital mechanics and features, including castle building, new abilities, and key building fundamentals that you'll need to progress further. For example, an altar of blood will allow you to hunt V-blood bosses, and walls and other structures will be able to protect your base from the invasion of vampires from rival clans and the rays of the scorching sun.

Speed ​​up resource gathering with the right tools

Extracting any resource takes a certain amount of time, but you can speed up the collection process by using the right tools:

  • Swords have a better effect on vegetation and thickets.
  • Axes allow you to cut wood faster.
  • Maces accelerate the extraction of minerals and the destruction of rocks.

In addition, you can speed up the process of collecting resources by standing next to several types of resources. For example, if you are close enough to a stone wall and a tree, then one swing of the tool will damage both.

What to do if a horse dies?

While exploring Vardoran, you most likely already stumbled upon a horse, managed to tame it, but later learned that the animal died. Don't beat yourself up about this, as V Rising doesn't explain that certain basic care is required for horses to survive. So, in order for the horse, you tamed to survive, you need to provide it with water using flasks of water.

To get flasks, you need to open the corresponding recipe by defeating Kaylie, the Forest Archer. After you create a flask, fill it by applying it to a water source - a river, lake, fountain, or well. After filling a few flasks, place them in the horse's inventory (get closer and press TAB).

In addition, each horse has a unique set of stats - top speed, acceleration, and spin rate (or agility). From time to time, inspect the horses you meet, and if their parameters are better than those of your current horse, make a replacement.

Start collecting resources for construction as early as possible

As you progress and get new items/objects to craft, you will notice that the resources don't really get delayed. Everything is connected with the growth of production costs, so you need to start early, collecting as many resources as possible. Your inventory will start to fill up quickly, so create multiple storage containers to free up space and keep your items safe and sound.

Destroy the environment and collect materials

On abandoned farms, you will come across scarecrows. Destroy them to get additional resources from time to time - plant fibers and boards. Otherwise, you can only get boards at the sawmill (by producing from wood). And thanks to stuffed animals, you will start collecting them as early as possible and ensure the necessary supply of the most important material for the building.

Search dead enemies for resources

Traveling along the many roads of Vardoran, you will stumble upon opponents who have fallen at the hands of NPCs or other players. And not infrequently there will be prey on their bodies. This gift of fate should not be ignored, since the loot from the opponents you did not kill allows you to get the easiest resources.

Avoid northern regions

When you first start, I do not recommend going too far into the northern regions, because the further you travel, the more difficult the enemies and carriers of V-blood (bosses) become. With that said, if you want to gather resources, traveling to the northern regions in the early stages is for the sole purpose of unlocking path gates and cave passages, which will help expand the areas available for exploration.

Only when you unlock the human form, go to the settlements and to the merchants

As soon as you start exploring the world of Vardoran, you will probably meet the first wandering merchants in a few minutes. They are everywhere, from the roads of the Farbane forests to the farmlands of Danlí. Unfortunately, these merchants will be hostile, but the fact is that you are now using the form of a vampire.

Instead, you need to activate the human form, which is only available after defeating a level 38 V-blood bearer, Dressmaker Beatrice. With your human form activated, you will be able to move around settlements unnoticed and interact with merchants.

Before traveling, drop resources in a safe place

Before you leave the castle, don't forget to put your belongings in storage chests. Not only will you lose all the collected resources in case of death, but also attempts to return the lost can be complicated by the fact that you have to overcome the same distance and kill the same enemies you met earlier. Also, if you have resources on hand, you can't use the Vampiric Way Gates, which provides fast travel.

The night is your ally

While not always possible, try to collect resources and explore Vardoran mostly at night. This will allow you to avoid the terrible sunlight that makes it difficult to move around during the day. For this reason, I recommend the daytime arranging the castle, strengthening the walls, and so on because here you will be protected from the rays of the scorching sun.

But even if you find yourself outside during the day, you should not panic: just return to your castle, hiding in the shadows cast on the ground by various objects (trees and so on). Because the day/night cycle is dynamic, shadow displacement must also be avoided, so be sure to use dashes to move quickly from shadow to shadow.

Reduce sun exposure with potions and armor

Although there is no complete protection from the sun, potions and some crafting constructs can be used to create gear that increases resistance to elements such as the sun, garlic, silver, fire, and holiness. This will keep your character safe when searching for resources near camps and farmlands, as you never know what (or who) you might stumble upon.

To create potions, you need to defeat Clive the Firestarter, who will drop the blueprint needed to make the alchemy table. And the workbench, unlocked by defeating Quincy, the Bandit King, can be used to craft armor and cloaks that increase your elemental resistance even further.

Use vampire powers to transform into different creatures

Vampiric Powers like your Bear or Wolf form will greatly increase your resistance to certain elements and increase your movement speed. This will make it much safer to travel the trails of Vardoran, even during daylight hours.

But that's not all. For example, the bear form will allow you to transform into a powerful beast capable of destroying large accumulations of resources. In addition, the bear has a powerful buff that reduces damage taken. As such, it's ideal for taking on the toughest opponents you'll face in the northern regions of Vardoran.

Although the Bat Form is unlocked by defeating one of the most powerful enemies, Nightmare Marshal Styx the Destroyer (level 76), it is ideal for traveling through Vardoran as it will allow you to fly high in the sky, traversing soaring hills and bodies of water with ease.

Don't let yourself be seen

When exploring settlements like farmlands, beware of patrolmen who will check the premises from time to time. If they notice you, then everyone will know where you are, start chasing you and try to kill you.

Hide in hay bales

Hit the sun or need a place where you can hide from enemies? Approach the pile of hay located in the field and hide inside.

Don't get too far away from V-blood carriers and enemies

Don't run too far away from V-blood carriers and opponents: as soon as they disappear from the screen, their health will be fully restored. On the other hand, although some enemies and V-blood carriers will try to chase you for a certain distance, eventually they will return to their main patrol area, and this will also lead to their full recovery.

Repair armor and weapons

Before you leave the castle or enter battle, be sure to check the strength of weapons and armor. If the supply is low, it is best to repair these items so that they perform at their maximum.

How to repair armor and weapons

Repairing armor and weapons in V Rising is a simple task. All you need to do is go to the Character tab and hover over the weapon or piece of armor you want to repair. When hovering over an item in your inventory, use the information field that appears to find a stat called Durability. If the durability is below 100%, you can repair the item by pressing the middle mouse button (scroll wheel), but on the condition that you have all the resources necessary for repair.

Master all weapons and abilities

In combat, use all types of weapons, since the use of only one type will put you in an unpleasant situation in the future. Perform combos: switch from axes and mace to crossbow and magic skills, which will allow you to attack enemies from a distance. This is especially true with enemies that deal huge damage in close combat - bandits, bears, treants, and golems.

It is safe to attack enemies from a distance, but note that in certain scenarios such attacks will not cause damage. The general rule to follow is that if the enemy is out of range of the magic ability, then the crossbow won't be able to damage them either.

Cave passages are the best way to bypass vampiric gate restrictions

In addition to the vampire path gates, Vardoran has cave passages, another way to quickly travel between regions. What distinguishes the two methods is that you can travel through the caves with resources and other loot in your inventory, but the way gates do not allow this.

To open cave passages, look for glowing red cracks in the rock walls. Then, to get through the cave system, go to them and hold the F key.