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POSTAL: Brain Damaged walkthrough - game guide

 Passage of all story missions, search for posters and secrets, battles with bosses

POSTAL Brain-Damaged is a classic first-person shooter spin-off of the POSTAL series.

Straight Outta Suburbia

To skip the intro video, hold down any key or button. After that, you can open the closet in the room to find the armor. Pizza that lies on the oven and inside restores health points. There is some more armor and handgun ammo in the garage. Go to the back of the living room. On the left, there is a red door that can only be opened with a red key. Opposite it is a cracked door. Break it and pick up your first weapon - a shovel with a chainsaw. Open the nearest door and in the next part of the garage, you will find a blue key. In addition, the first "Shovel" poster hangs on the wall of the garage where the shovel was found.

Straight Outta Suburbia

Climb to the second floor and kill the enemy with a gun. Also take the red key from the table. On another table and near it are a pistol and pistol cartridges. Use the mouse wheel to change weapons. Once outside, kill the enemies. Among them will be grandfathers with shotguns, red and black dogs, flying fat men. To leave the yard, go left and hold C to wet the electrical panel. As a result of the closure, the wall will explode. In the second or third house on the right, in the bedroom, there is another poster with the current location. Be careful, because there is a booth near this house, which will turn into a demonic dog.

On the left, there will be a house near which cats are sitting. Go inside and look for the poster "Cat" on the wall in one of the rooms. Keep going down the road. Kill enemies. Deal with three fat men and examine the house on the left. The yellow door will open only with the yellow key. You can go behind the fallen fence to the house on the right and search it. At the end of the street stands a huge dilapidated house. Go first to the right of him and kill the enemies. Turn right and you will see a backyard with a destroyed fence. Go behind the fence and look for a Golden Retriever poster on one of the outer walls.

Straight Outta Suburbia

Go to the old mansion. Follow to the right from the entrance, but already in the courtyard. Kill a few dogs and pick up armor. This armor is a consumable item. To activate it and get 100 armor points, click on the mouse wheel. Enter the building and look for a shotgun on the ground floor. Then kill the enemies and go upstairs. There is a golden key on the second floor. After picking it up, go back a little and jump outside the mansion with a run. You need to make a slide to the Left Control, and when it starts, press the "Space". So you jump on. Be sure to turn around and see a platform with a poster of another retriever. Jump on it in the same way.

Go through the yellow door and pick up the hot sauce. When you use this item, your urine begins to burn enemies. Also, holding R will open the weapon wheel. Enter the first house on the right, near the three swings, and in one of the rooms look for a poster of a veteran. In the same room, open the closet and find the lever. Lower it and drop down into the stash with another liquid. Using it, you can piss enemies, freezing them. From this house, exit to the backyard and enter the next one. In the kitchen, look for another poster with a weapon (pistol).

If you go to the right along the road, you will find a tunnel where a man with a bomb will escape. First go to the left to find the uphill. This road will take you to a house with a purple door inside. It will open only with the blue key. Drop down and go right. Enter the black house on the right where the people are having a party. On one of the walls of the corridor hangs a poster of "Shotgun".

Straight Outta Suburbia

Go back and go into the tunnel. This path leads to the other side, where the house with the blue key is located. Go inside and take the blue key. Jump back using the trampoline, go up the hill and open the blue door inside the house. Use RMB on the flying thing on the right to throw a shotgun chain (you need to take this shotgun in your hands). Keep moving through the house and pull with the shotgun chain. Climbing up to the house at the very top, try to take the purple item. The dude will fall into a trap.

The Bareback Redemption

Remove the poster from the wall and move through the sewers, killing the enemies. Roll down the pipe. Kill opponents. Those on the bridge in the middle are best killed with an explosion - aim at the red barrels but don't stand near them. Climb a little further and find a new weapon near the prisoners. You can also go back and try to jump onto the ledge with the poster. At the very end, dangerous enemies will appear who play drums and summon small minions. Until you kill the main enemies, small ones will appear indefinitely. Climb up with the trampoline. Look for the button on the left. Pee in the tank to open a passage further.

Move on. There will be a locked door ahead. Climb up the ladders and jumps. You will reach a room with a red button. Click on it. Be sure to pick up the poster hanging on the wall with the current location. Go to the huge dining room. Do not hurry. Lure the enemies on you and go outside. Huge live cameras will not be able to follow. Climb up the ramp and open the double door.

The Bareback Redemption

When you get to the high room with cameras, do not rush to go upstairs. More precisely, you can rise, but only in order to kill all opponents. Downstairs there are some more double doors. Go behind one of them, follow through several rooms and pick up the yellow key. Behind the other door, you need to go up to the office upstairs, kill all the enemies and pick up the blue key. There will also be a special consumable that restores up to 100 health units. Also be sure to drop down into the pits in the center to find a new weapon poster.

When you have both keys, blue and yellow, return to the chamber with cameras. On the ground floor, there is a door in the central tower. Open it and ride up the elevator. There you will find a new weapon that slows down time, and a Goliath poster (the same monster in the form of a living cell). As soon as you lower the lever, monsters will start to appear. This will continue indefinitely. Therefore, immediately go down the stairs and ride down the elevator. Run to the last double door where the urinals have appeared. Fill both to open the door. Follow forward and in the control room on the left, kill the enemy, and then press the red button. If you wish, search the open cells of detention, but in general you need to run to the end of the corridor and go down the elevator. By doing this, you will return back. Also, you already have a red key. They open the grate in front. Clear the large hall of enemies until the floor collapses. Climb up and find a poster with weapons on one of the walls. Go down the hole again, find a passage and pee in the tank to open the exit from the location.

The Bareback Redemption


At the very beginning of the level, go outside, and search the container on the left and right. In the right, there is a secret (burning mixture). Go forward and kill opponents. It is best to shoot them from a distance. Once you've killed everyone, go through the container at the end. You will find Akimbo. This is a temporary effect. You pick up two weapons, deal increased damage, and have unlimited ammo. Climb down and use this skill. Be sure to kill the enemy that summons small minions (with a drum). After the victory, collect supplies. Beware of projectiles flying at you. On the right, look for a passage leading to exploding enemies. There will be one dynamite. Find the fence with the inscription and plant the dynamite. Opposite him lies the second. Install both and you'll be good to go.

Go forward and pick up the crossbow. Kill enemies from a distance using this weapon. Go through the obstacles and soon you will find a large location. On the right, there is another fence. Look for the first dynamite nearby. Also, pay attention to the cannon with the red button. Press the button to destroy another cannon that keeps firing at you. Go right to the next location. Look for another dynamite. Also, when you go back, look for enemies and a poster with the image of one of the opponents behind the tents in the far right corner. Plant two dynamites to destroy the fence and go further.


Keep moving. On the left there are two mages. Kill them and pick up the first dynamite. To the right, you will find a grenade launcher. Use new weapons to kill the next opponents. When you deal with them (shooters are best killed with a crossbow), enter the opening ahead and follow into the cave to find a poster. Once outside, move along the trenches. You will see second dynamite and a fence. Don't rush to blow it up. Go left and look in the trenches for another poster. After collecting everything, blow up the fence and go further. Use the cannon by lowering the lever, and then make your way to the complex. Climb the fence and go inside.

The way further is blocked by an electrical barrier. Ride up the lift, and inspect another. Need a lever. Go to the right of it and find a poster with a crossbow in the corner. Shoot the red target to disable the barrier. Climb up the stairs and find the lever. Climb down and activate the lift to go even higher. Here you will complete the third level.

Bigger on the Inside

Walk forward. The elevator on the left does not work. Aim up at the urinal to lower the platform, filling it with urine. Behind the platform, kill the enemy, switch to the shotgun, and pull yourself up to the ring from above to bypass the electric barrier. Finish off the enemy in front and step into the air current on the left. You will climb up, and you can lower the lever, turning off the turbines. After falling down, collect supplies and move through the ventilation. When you fall into the large hall, finish off all the enemies. There are two living cells at the bottom, but you can also find a lot of ammo there. In addition, there is another air vent in the center of the ceiling. A ring flies underneath. Switch to your shotgun and pull yourself up to the ring while standing under it to find a secret niche. After the victory, shoot at the red target above the door, kill the enemies and take the red key.

Bigger on the Inside

Pull the lever to start the turbine and climb up to the ledge with the door. Open it with the red key, take the two levers and call the elevator. Ride up. Install two levers at the electrical barrier and lower both. Run up the bridge and ride higher. Kill the enemies in the long corridor. A cowboy stands in the distance, and it is best to finish him off with a crossbow. Get down. The door above does not work. There is also a control on the wall, but the lever is missing. Turn around and remove the cowboy poster from the wall. Go up the slope, kill the dogs and the cowboy. There will be a door ahead that requires a blue key. Turn around and see a yellow staircase. Climb up it, collect supplies, kill the enemy and press the red button. For now, you cannot pick up the blue key visible behind the glass.

Clear the hall with enemies. There is also a drummer at the top, so he needs to be killed first. At the very top stands an elephant with a huge cannon. If you can jump onto the pipe, fly from it to the platforms under the ceiling. There is a poster on the wall. Then go down through the same pipe. Take the blue key and go outside. Go down and open the blue door. Kill the enemies from the ventilation and remove the poster from the wall. Move through the ventilation and find the lever. After getting outside, kill all the enemies and set the lever on the wall. Lower it and fly up the air currents. Kill three mages. Be sure to pick up the armor at the very top, and also shoot the red target to open the door on the second floor. Go through this door, kill the enemies and ride up the elevator. The floor will collapse in the corridor, and you will find yourself in the basement.

Bigger on the Inside

Kill the exploding enemies, move forward and clear the hall. Climb up the ramps and go to the back, where there is a vertical turbine. Climb up the yellow stairs and kill the mage. Press the button and use the working turbine to fly to the cabin with the key. Press the button to get closer to another cabin and take the lever. Climb down where the lever was missing and put it back in place. Pull the lever. Drop down, kill enemies and collect supplies. Fall even lower and kill opponents. Blow up the red barrel to find a way forward. Finish off the dogs (after a few turbines) and use the urinal to open the next passage. Be careful, because there will be a demonic dog with a booth. After killing everyone, press the button and go through the opened grate.

Jump down the hole and pick up the blue key. Kill the enemies and wet the electrical panel to cause an explosion and create a hole in the wall. Climb up and open the door with two keys. Having done this, go to the altar. When all the side doors open, kill the enemies, find the lever in one niche, and the panel for its installation in the other. Lowering the lever, take the minigun. Climbing up, go forward, and kill a lot of opponents. Use a minigun for this, there are enough ammo. At the very end, there will be a poster with a minigun. Jump down from the ledge on the left.

Black Friday Showdown

Shoot at opponents from a distance. Collect ammo and enter the tunnel. Kill the opponents and follow below. Go past the red door. First turn right and deal with the cowboy around the corner. Then go down and kill a lot of veterans, dogs, and flying fats. First, go down to the lowest level, clear the location and find a poster on the wall. Then go up one level and look for a pipe with a crack. Enter it and follow to the right. You will find yourself outside, in the canyon. Search this place and collect resources. There's a cowboy around the corner ahead. Then fly over to the other side by pulling on the ring with the shotgun.

Jump over other chasms, clinging to the rings. In one of the places you need to fall down, because the ring is under you. Clean out the junkyard, take the red key and find the lever. When you pick it up, new opponents will appear. Use the lever and enter the portal. Use the red door ahead. Gather various supplies. You can kill ordinary people to restore health.

Black Friday Showdown

Be sure to go around the supermarket to find armor and supplies. It's a secret. In front of the supermarket, doors are not only ordinary people but also veterans with shotguns. When you're ready, go inside the store. Interact with the TV. The battle will begin against the boss, the manager of the supermarket Karen. Shoot at her only in those moments when she is not protected by a block (does not put her hands in front of her). Use any weapon. On the penultimate floor, you can find two boxes of ammunition. A great way to refill your minigun's ammo. Glowing objects that Karen throws out of her purse lead to the appearance of certain mobs. So be careful. When Karen stomps her feet, jumps over the shockwaves. There is a lot of health and armor here, so keep moving and looking for resources. After the victory, go to where Karen appeared,

All are Mad Here, Dude

To get started, pick up steroids and use them to boost your melee damage. Climb up, collect steroids and attack enemies with the Q key. On the penultimate floor, there is one lever on each side. Activate both to open the door from below. Go through it and clear the corridor. There are two locked bars ahead. Enter the room on the right, behind the white door, and kill the enemies. Pick up a pistol.

Stand near the locked bars and look up. Shoot at the red target. One of the grates will open and you can pick up a shovel. Follow the corridors and clear different rooms. The blue grate can only be opened with a key of the same color, so turn left from it. Go down the corridor and at the very end, you will find a blue key. Together with him, return to the grate and open it. Immediately turn into the room on the left to kill the enemies and remove the infected poster from the wall. Exit to the corridor and go further. Pick up another weapon and kill opponents. There is a second poster on the board on the right.

Move on. You will see a man running away. Turn right. There will be distorted rooms here. Move forward without falling down towards the portal. So you get to the red key. After picking it up, activate the lever on the wall and jump higher using the new portal. Climb up using the second portal and again go towards the key. This time, after falling down, you will find that the grate is gone, and you can use the purple portal. Immediately run out of the room and kill the poisonous enemy. Open the red door with the key of the same color.

Clear the room with the giant nurse. There is a poster of the hospital victim hanging on the wall. Click on the red button and take the lever. Exit the room and go left. Jump on the fallen beds. Apply the lever and go further along the long corridor (having previously fallen down). At the very end, you will pick up a shotgun. There are two doors on the left and right. Go through the right door. Move to the end of the decreasing corridor, duck down, open the door and lower the lever. Go back and go through the door on the left. There is a urinal at the top. Fill it with urine to open a niche with a lever. Drop it. Return, iditol upward on the steps and pass into the formed opening.

Follow on and jump up the trampolines. There will be a lot of enemies, especially at the top three flying clowns at once. Go through the door at the top. The elevator doesn't work, you need a lever. Go to the corridor on the left, open the grate. Clear all the rooms and find the steps leading up. But be careful, you will run into two living cells at once! Go through the large hall from above. There is a yellow key behind the glass on the right. Turn left and go down the corridor with brown walls until you pick up this key. Go back by a different route by opening the door to the red button. You still don't have a lever, but you can open the yellow door to the doctor's office. Take the lever, use it and ride down the elevator. Kill the enemies and jump up using the two trampolines. Follow through the ventilation. You will return to the lift, but now there is a hidden passage.

All are Mad Here, Dude

Go down the corridor and kill the enemies. Remove the poster from the wall (next to the live cage). Eventually, you will fall down. Here you need to defeat several enemies. Take care of them first, especially flying monsters and elephants with big guns. After that, jump on the trampolines and look for urinals on separate platforms. You need to activate four urinals, after which a passage will open through the mouth of a large clown, where the rails lead. Wait and jump from one of the nearby platforms to the trolleys on the rails, being pulled by the chain from the shotgun. So you will find yourself in a trolley, and you can leave the level.

Definitions of insanity

First, you need to clear the entire area from enemies, and also activate 3-4 urinals. A poster hangs near the door of the building. The door itself will not open. When you search the entire area, kill the enemies, and activate each urinal, two passages will open below, which were previously fenced with bars. Go to the passage with the armor. There will be many enemies there, including two nurses and two flying clowns. After defeating everyone, climb up the yellow vines.

Clear this area. There is a machine gun in the greenhouse ahead. Pick up the weapon and go to the building in the far part. On the left, there are rotating shafts. For now, you can't stop them. There is a panel for the lever inside the building, but you don't have it either. If my memory serves me, I need to go down into the canal under the building. You can jump or climb down the yellow stairs between the building and the rotating shafts. Having done this, kill the enemies and find the red key under the archway. This key opens the red door located behind the rotating shafts.

Definitions of insanity

Climb back and go past the greenhouse to the beginning. You should notice a large branch on which the same man is standing. Follow the branch forward and drop down the hole in the floor on the left. Move along the long corridor and climb higher. Eventually, you will find a lever. As soon as you pick it up, enemies will appear. After killing everyone, press the button, install the lever and stop the shafts. Open the red door with the key found under the building with the lever.

In the corridor, go right after killing the enemies and remove the nurse poster from the wall. Also pick up different resources. In the room where the traces of blood lead, there is a hole in the wall. Follow through the cave and pick up the grenade launcher. Exit to the courtyard through any passage and kill all opponents. There is a blue key in the far gazebo. Pick it up and open the building nearby. Go outside and turn the yellow valve. Get ready for a long fight. Keep in mind that there will be three drummers at once, so destroy them as soon as possible. After the victory, go down to the fountain in the center and interact with it. You will get a fire effect. Wet the yellow bushes near the ferris wheel, then go inside and pick up the crossbow. Click on the red button.

Climbing upstairs, clean the balconies. In one of the alcoves, look for the yellow key, and then go back and open the yellow grate at the attraction on which you climbed here. Go through the building ahead, kill the green creatures and turn around to find the poster. Go down below, kill opponents in the yard. On the left, look for a yellow valve. To the left of it there is a passage to a secret with supplies. Just go between the bushes. Go down the stairs and open the gate. Kill enemies. You will return to a familiar place. First go left through the tunnel and clear the area by shooting at the enemies from a distance. Once you've killed everyone, return to the fire fountain and interact with it. Run back and burn all the bushes on the gate with fiery urine. Leave the location.

Definitions of insanity

Search for the Cure

Move through the forest. I don't see much point in turning to the right. There will be worms and cowboys that can easily kill you. Although you can find an ammo box. Go further through the forest. Destroy a tall monster that buffs normal enemies. On the left, you can find a pipe that restores health. Also in the far part, look for pills that slowdown time. Pass through the canyon with water, and climb up some vines. To the right is a red door that requires a red key. The rise next to you is blocked by bushes that need to be burned, so go in the opposite direction, but already on top. Jump over to the other side with the trampoline.

Go down to the building and look for the fountain. The yellow pipe leads inside the house. Go inside the house. On the first floor, find and turn the yellow valve. Climb to the second floor and find the red key in the back room. Go outside and kill all the enemies. Use the fountain and run to the left to burn the bushes. Climb up, open the red door and burn other bushes outside. Follow the above and jump across the gap using the shotgun chain. Jump down and kill all the enemies. When the bridge collapses, get out of the water and finish off the lizards. Pull the chain to the ring, clear another location and cross the bridge. Walk to the right and you will see the entrance to the tunnel. But first, jump off the ledge opposite to find a camp with dancing enemies. There will be a poster of a clown on the wall.

After jumping down, pick up the minigun. Go through the left passage. Kill enemies, including one drummer. Cut down the tree with a shovel and go to the other side. Jump over with the shotgun chain and the ring. Find a springboard, jump up on it and, picking up the moment, pull yourself to the ring with the shotgun chain. Cut down another tree. Clear the cave of several enemies. After that, cut down three trees and pick up the eye. With this eye, return to the place where you found the minigun. Place the eye either on the fallen tower on the left, or on the tower to which the vines lead. Then go to the right of the vine tower.

Search for the Cure

So you get to the flying saucer. Jump towards it, being attracted to the rings. Eventually, you will find an eye. Return it to its place, to the last tower, and go down. After killing the aliens, interact with the toilet. But first, you can go around the booth and pick up an ammo box.

Area 69

At the very beginning of the level, select a shotgun and pull yourself up to the ring on the cart. Shoot the two targets on the left and right to disable the barrier. You won't be able to immediately turn off the next barrier, so jump down to the platform with the lizards. Kill them and enter the control room with two cops. Clear the huge room. There are many enemies, so don't rush. Then find the urinal in the bottom middle and fill it up. Ride the elevator down, kill the enemy and go down even lower on the nearby elevator.

Clear another huge room. Go to the top clockwise and turn onto the central bridge, which leads to the remote control with a red button. Click on it to start the conveyor belt. Pull towards the people or the ring with the shotgun to get into the upper tunnel. Turn right before the barrier. You will find a new weapon that allows you to shoot cats at enemies. Climbing upstairs, remove the alien poster from the wall. Follow further through the ventilation. Kill several enemies. Clear the room with the two pyramid heads and take the elevator down.

Open all cameras. One of them has a poster on the wall. Go to the classroom. Kill everyone. On the right there are two doors. One requires a red key. Look for the target on the left. Shoot to open a passage in the wall on the side. Go there, make your way through the cabin and jump through the hole in the floor into the room with the poisonous fat men. Kill everyone, find the red key. Open the toilet cubicles. One of them will have a hole. Move through this hole to find a way out and open the red door.

As you move down through the huge room, find one yellow valve. The second is almost at the very bottom. Go down into the pit, install both valves and turn to open the door. Kill the Pyramid Head and press the red button. Before you jump down to where people are flying, go around the room and take down the poster.

You will return to your home. Climb up, break the door and go through several rooms and ventilations. On the right there will be a door that requires blue and yellow keys. Ride down the lift, walk around and find a hole in the wall. Break the wall and find yourself inside the dome. After killing the enemies, go up to the roof and take the yellow key. Keep climbing until you find a control room with ventilation, which contains a blue key. Jump down into the vent and open the door using both keys.

Go forward, collect supplies and press the button to go down to the basement. On the way, remove the poster and kill the new monster with three or four eyes. Go down below and see a red door. She's locked up. Turn around and see a red vent. Follow through it to find a secret passage and start the elevator. In the room to the right of the red door, shoot the mesh ceiling to destroy it. You will see a red key at the top. Pull-on enemies from above with a shotgun chain or take the same elevator up. Eyes are best destroyed with a rocket launcher. When you open the red door, it remains to go through the bridge and exit through another.


This chapter is about the fight against the Big Bad Rona boss. First, cross to the other side and lower the purple lever. Then collect supplies, including ammo from vending machines. After that, switch to the shotgun and use the ring to jump onto the suspended platform in the middle. Click on the red button, a monster will appear. You need to use the shotgun chain to climb up the tunnel. When crossing, pay attention to the red targets. Shoot them and stop on the ledge above. When the target is activated, an electric trap will work, and the monster will be immobilized for a while. Use this moment to deal a ton of damage to the enemy. Repeat until you win. Also, try to shoot the big yellow eyes. This way you will deal more damage. After winning, jump down,


Fluffy Friends Festival O'Fun

Pick up a shovel and go through the exhibition pavilions. Kill enemies, and pick up a vacuum cleaner that shoots cats along the way. When you get to the spacious square, first enter the underground parking. After killing the enemies, remove the poster from the wall. Destroy the animated table and get out. Go up the escalators and you will see a place under the lever. You don't have a lever. Go down the escalators back and turn right, where the fat men with burgers are flying. After killing everyone, go around the container on wheels and pick up the machine gun. You can also go past the crates on the right to find the second poster. But be careful, because you will be attacked by three aliens at once.

Where they found the machine if there is a hole. Jump into it and you will fall into the sewer through the pipe. Kill the first enemies. In the niche on the left, look for a pipe for healing. Then jump even lower, into the ditch, where there will be a living cage and other enemies. After the victory, pick up the yellow valve and climb back up. Find another niche and springboard on the side. Climb up, kill the enemies and turn the valve, setting it on the yellow device. Jump on the springboard up, go around the walls and kill the alien. Take the pink lever and press the red button to open the door just below. You can get outside.

Climb up the escalator after killing all the enemies, install and lower the pink lever. Kill all opponents that will appear as a result of these actions. Go to the huge hall. Turn right after the stairs and go along the walls in the opposite direction. Kill enemies. Get down below. You will pass by a cubicle with a pyramid. Go further along the long corridor until you find yourself in the restroom. Kill all the enemies and go up the wash basins. Look for a urinal there. Fill it up and go downstairs to lower the purple lever. Having done this, go to the formed passage. After jumping down, turn around and follow through the pipe. This path leads to a ladder that will take you to a cubicle with a pyramid. Take the item and go outside.

Fluffy Friends Festival O'Fun

Go back to the hall and clear it. Pick up the rocket launcher at the far end. There will be a terminal nearby, but it will only open if you have an Illuminati costume. The first part, the pyramid, you have already found. Look around and use the diving board located in the Postal No Regrets exhibition room. Climbing up, collect resources. At one end there will be a room that requires a blue key. On the other side, there is a tunnel that you can climb up the platforms into. Having done this, follow through the tunnel (there is a place where you can jump down) until you get into a closed room with several exhibits. Break glass windows and collect items, including the blue key. After killing everyone, get out and return to the top with the same springboard. This time open the door with the blue key. Inside the room, press the red button.

Crouch down and shoot through the gap at the red barrels on the lift. Get on the lift, but don't go down. Instead, jump down to the left, into a new room. Search the store and take the outerwear. I also found boots somewhere, but I already forgot where exactly. When you collect all three items, activate the device. To leave the store where the outerwear was, find a room with an electrical panel. There is a hole at the top. Pee through this hole on the panel, and after the explosion, get out. Apply the suit and go upstairs to complete the level.

Sniffing in the VIP Area

At the very beginning of the level, pick up a shotgun. Clear the huge hall. There will be a lot of enemies. There is a corridor ahead that leads to the right door, but it is locked. On the right there is a passage to a large corridor. Go through it until you climb the yellow stairs to the very top. At the far end, look for a corridor with a dead end and a panel. Water it to make an explosion, then jump into the room with the cops. After killing them, press the red button. Also lower the pink lever and go through the same door from the center of the hall.

The door on the right is closed, you need a blue key. Go forward and clear another room. Here you will see Leon Dusk, the main villain of the game. Go down and on the wall to the right, look for a poster behind the cabinet. Then go back out of the room and look to the right. There will be a descent to the balcony. Follow this path and you will see a platform with a blue key. Look down. Pee on the panel to cause the platform to drop down as a result of the explosion. Take the blue key and open the blue door.

Pick up a machine gun and go upstairs. Go forward, killing the enemies. There will be a terminal on the right that requires Bozo's DNA. Ride down at the end of the corridor and kill the opponents. Walk down the corridors, enter the office and open the toilet. There will be a hole in the floor. Jump down, and look for three gates. Rotate everything to fill the tank. Swim-up and up the stairs. This will take you to a room where you can turn off the electric barrier. Get out of it and follow to the right. Pick up the crossbow. In the room where the barrier was turned off, there is a poster hanging on the wall.

Sniffing in the VIP Area

Go forward and at the end of the corridor behind the counter, press the red button. Go to the vault, follow to the right and look for the valve, climbing up with the chain from the shotgun. After taking the valve, open the vault door with it and go down into the pit. This is a swimming pool. Hold C to fill it up and swim inside the shark's head. So you can find Bozo's key. Go back the same way you jumped down here. If necessary, continue to fill the pool. Lower the three levers and press the left and right buttons (they should be green). Go past the barrier by pressing another button.

Go back and use Bozo's key to open a door near another that requires his DNA. Behind the door is a room with a rocket. Climb up and urinate on the panel so that the rocket falls down. Jump after and press the red button to knock out the door. Collect Bozo's DNA and then exit the restroom. Kill all the enemies and go through the door ahead. On the way, take the red key, and on the wall on the right, in front of the ventilation, look for a poster. After jumping down, destroy three living cells and open the red door. After getting outside, apply Bozo's DNA and go forward.

Bozos Race into Space

Kill the enemy and pick up a shock weapon in front. Clear the room on the left and destroy the fasteners on the grate. Follow through the ventilation, climb the yellow stairs and find the flask that needs to be destroyed. Having done this, go back and jump into the new hole. Clear a large room, then look for a button on the column to the left. Click to descend the elevator. Climb up and hit two targets. Go through the elevator to the next corridor. Get down and kill all enemies. Finally, pull down the two pink levers to return to the main hall. There is no barrier and you can go through the airlock door.

Bozos Race into Space

Fly up and go past the barriers. Climb higher, picking up a gun, and shoot at the target. Get out through the adjacent corridor and destroy the first flask. There is another target at the end of this route. Shoot it and destroy the second flask. Each time new enemies will appear. Use the glowing dots to find the rest of the targets and destroy two more flasks. The door will open in the same place. Fly further. Turn right from the hole in the wall and climb up, in the opposite direction, to bypass the barrier. You will return inside the ship.

Kill all the enemies and turn into the room on the left. Blow up the red barrels and jump down. Jump over the green liquid with the shotgun chain. Destroy the flask and kill the enemies that appear. Call the elevator, but don't step under it! At the top, clear the room and go through the door to the right. There will be a red door on the right. Open the door ahead, clear the kitchen and press the red button in the corner. Go to the opened passage and pick up the red key. Go back and open the red door. Clear the large room of all enemies and go downstairs. Go past the blue door and press the button. A ring will appear, for which you can pull yourself up. Do so and go downstairs to find the blue key. Return with the key upstairs and open the blue door. You can also use another ring in the hall to fly into the niche with the poster.

Next will be a difficult segment. You need to take turns shooting at the red targets. They are either in niches or on the ceiling. Then go outside and pull the lever. Return to the building and start looking for red buttons, similar to the targets. Sooner or later you will be able to get into the cockpit. Drive forward until you stop. Get out of the cab and turn right. Kill the enemies and find the lever at the back to disable the first barrier. After that, go to the far left passage, fly up on the springboard and pull the lever. Shoot at the target on the other side. Climb up there and at the end of the corridor you will see a grate. Write through it to blow up the panel. A hole in the wall will appear in the common room, and you can disable the second barrier. Before lowering the last two levers, turn around and go down below to find a poster.


Defeat the first opponents, turn around and eliminate the second group. A passage will appear in the right corner, to which the ascent leads. Follow there, clear the corridor and press the red button. Cross the bridge to the other side, kill all opponents and turn left from the room with flying saucers. When you enter the big pipe, first shoot the red target under the platforms. Then climb up using the chain. Follow the left, clear the corridors and find two panels on which you must urinate. They are in the same room, just the top one is visible only from above. A poster hangs near the top. Having done your job, go downstairs and go through the large gate on the left, where the lizards are standing. Behind them, on the left, look for another poster. Move up the ramp, press the green button, and fly up using the ring. Turn around and destroy the three flasks on the other side. A door will open below.

Get outside where there is no gravity. If you fly to the right, you will find another gate, but there is no lever. Fly forward and look for a lever floating in the air. With it, return to the gate, open it and activate the two red buttons. Now both elevators are working. Call the nearest elevator and get out. After killing the enemies, first, go up. If you don't want to get out of the way, drive down as this path leads straight to the end of the level.

Walk past the platforms for the cartridges. Walk forward to the fork. There will be cartridges in the rooms ahead, to the right, and to the left. Collect all three (enemies appear each time) and set in the panels to ride below.

Cruel Dude Thesis

You have to fight two bosses. The first one is your doppelgänger, Dude. I recommend picking up a machine gun and immediately shoot at it as soon as it appears. You can take a good half of the health, which is important since the boss moves too fast. Ammo vending machines are scattered around the arena. After defeating the Dude, you will fight with a huge robot. It has four rings. Pull them with the shotgun chain to remove the armor plates and destroy the four electrical circuits. After that, when the boss's HP is gone, pull yourself up to the ring in the head area and interact with the Other Dude.