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PvE in The Cycle: Frontier - tips for passing

 We talk about all the subtleties and tricks of the battle with the local fauna in a free multiplayer looter shooter

PvE in The Cycle is an important and dangerous component. If you do not respect creatures, then most likely you will soon die from their paws, fangs, and so on. Remember these few simple tips.

Each creature attack deals a lot of damage. If you allow enemies to attack you, then literally every creature in the game will be able to deal significant damage. That's why it's so important not to attract the unnecessary attention of creatures when fighting other players (or other monsters).

Be sure to scan the environment before attacking. In The Cycle, many creatures appear in groups. If you see a Rattler and start shooting at him without looking back, you run the risk of colliding with two other Rattlers and a connecting rod that are nearby. It is extremely difficult to cope with so many enemies alone, so it is better to scan the area beforehand to understand exactly how many creatures are nearby, and then attack them.

PvE in The Cycle: Frontier - tips for passing

Use a knife against connecting rods and pincers. A single powerful knife attack will instantly kill a Rod, Explosive Mite, or Acid Mite, so it is best to use a knife against such creatures whenever possible, because melee attacks are much quieter than gunshots, and it is very important to remain stealthy.

You can sneak up close to sleeping creatures. Both connecting rods and rattlers sleep from time to time. The connecting rod curls up on the ground, and the rattlesnake will go further into its shell than usual. While they are sleeping, you can crouch and sneak past them without causing any noise. Just don't get up until you're sure you're out of earshot.

Height is your friend. None of the creatures in The Cycle can climb ledges, so if you find an elevated platform nearby that you can jump onto, then do so. And then, the only way for creatures to harm you is to use ranged attacks or find another way to your location. Highlands are the safest way to deal with powerful creatures like marauders.

You can always run past the creatures. Creatures in The Cycle are quite fast - about the same speed as yours. But if you need to run past one, do it. Just keep an eye on your stamina and try to find high ground as soon as possible. If you go out of range of the enemy, he will retreat to his original position.

Don't mix PvE and PvP. In The Cycle, the monsters are quite dangerous, especially when you have to switch between multiple enemies. Many PvP battles depend on who gets in the way of Fortune 3's fauna the most. Try to keep an eye on nearby creatures and avoid them in PvP.

Other tips and tricks

Our guide is almost complete. I want to share another big list of tips that will come in handy for The Cycle: Frontier beginners.

Use binoculars. I have already said that The Cycle: Frontier is a game that rewards patience and information gathering (you need to act after). If you hold down the tool key, you will open the circular menu. As with the pickaxe, you will have binoculars by default in every match. Use binoculars to keep an eye on players and other threats from long distances, or to look very closely at a nearby bush that you suspect an enemy prospector might be hiding in.

6x and 8x scopes have glare. Once you get to the point where you can accumulate a lot of optical glass, you will be able to create several sights that are much better than the usual red dot and 2x sold in the store. Obviously, there are certain advantages to equipping a sniper rifle with long-range scopes, but keep in mind that 6x and 8x scopes emit sniper flares that can give away your position to an enemy when you aim at them. Thus, if you can get away with using a 4x scope or lower, I would settle for them instead.

During a storm, some aspects may change. The connecting rods become charged, and charged spinal bases fall from them during a storm. Bright Cap Mushrooms become Glowing Mushrooms. And perhaps most useful of all, the trails that lead you to very well-hidden eggs become glowing trails, making it much easier to find valuable eggs. So it can be useful to go outside during a storm if you stay away from large groups of creatures and use your stamina effectively so that you always have enough to dodge lightning strikes.

Walls, rocks, and other obstacles partially reduce the noise level. If you are within 50 meters of another shooting player, then the shots will sound quieter or louder depending on whether there is a rock or other large obstacle between you. Similarly, noises inside caves usually do not propagate far outside the cave. Therefore, you should not rely heavily on loud noise: for example, you might think that these quiet sounds of gunshots belong to a player who is far away from you, but in fact it turns out that he is very close, and the noise is reduced due to various obstacles on terrain.

Approach the evacuation ships at the last moment. Landings and takeoffs of ships are accompanied by loud noise and usually attract the attention of other players. It is not uncommon for gamers who are preparing to evacuate to die before the ship leaves. To minimize the risks, hide near the ship and run towards it only at the last moment before takeoff. Pay attention to the indicator at the top of the screen, and try to time your run towards the rising ship.

Check the map before the start of the match. Each match begins with a cut-scene in which you land in a drop pod at a location. Usually at this moment you can not look at the map. However, it is enough to press ESC to bring up the game menu, and then close it again. You can now open the map even though you are still in the escape pod. Allows you to plan your route as early as possible.

Try to use green stimulants. The Unusual Stimpack restores 25 health, while the regular Stimpack restores only 15. Green Stimpacks are not as cheap as white ones, but hardly so expensive that you save money and risk your life.

Put the old currency in storage. There isn't much of that space, and you'll have to figure out what you want to put in there to make sure you leave the session with at least some reward. However, the old currency doesn't weigh that much, so it's wise to hide it in a safe place, ensuring that even if you die, you'll walk away with extra money.

When extracting resources, aim at the colored parts of the deposits. Mining is a loud thing, and if you hit the pickaxe anywhere, the process will be as slow as possible. However, you can work much more efficiently. To extract resources efficiently, first aim at the colored parts of the rock that look like gems, because that's where you can find the ore you need.

Stand next to the blue flowers in the jungle and you can heal. The glowing blue flowers act as health regeneration stations: stand next to one of them and you will slowly heal. If you continue, the flower will become empty and will no longer restore HP.

Key cards are used to unlock doors. As you explore Fortune 3, you will start to find keycards that can be used to open certain locked doors scattered across both locations. Open these locked doors whenever possible, because these rooms often contain rarer and more valuable loot than you might find at regular points of interest. Keep in mind that each card key has a certain number of uses before it is lost forever.

Don't fill your stash. Your stash at the station has a limited number of slots. It can be improved, but there are other ways to save money. We previously wrote about selling extra materials, but you can also leave only the lightest things inside, such as key cards. If you have spare attachments taking up stash space, install them on your weapon instead and leave them inside. They won't take up space.

Move along the wires to find batteries. Some attractions, such as the water complex in southern Bright Sands, contain many locked rooms that open when nearby batteries are activated. Like keycard rooms, these rooms often contain more valuable loot, so take the time to find and interact with the correct battery to get inside. If you're having trouble finding batteries, look for wires leading from where you want to enter. These wires often lead you straight to the batteries.

Stop and listen. In such games, it is incredibly important to hear the world around you. With good headphones and hearing, you can pinpoint the exact location of several nearby players at the same time, as well as areas that you should avoid because they contain rattlers, cranks, and other threats. Each weapon has its own distinctive sounds when fired, so you can study the equipment of the opponents you hear and see if you can counter them and how to do it at all. Take your time and don't run aimlessly back and forth - not only is it very loud, but it also interferes with your listening. Slow down. Be patient. Watch and listen and then act.

Silencers are a useful thing, especially in solo. We wrote above that the ability to listen is one of your most powerful tools, and noise is one of your biggest problems. With a silencer, you will not only make it easier to move and shoot by preventing enemies from detecting your location, but also make it more difficult to determine your equipment.

Do not despair and be prepared for the fact that at least at first you will often die. Just because getting some incredibly powerful gear costs you a lot of time and effort doesn't mean you'll be using it all the time. Purple shields and weapons can be lost just as easily as "white" equipment. If this happens, do not worry: take a breath and remember that everything that you have lost can be returned with little effort. It's even in the name of the game, The Cycle. You gain equipment, you lose equipment. Cycle. Even the best players die and other gamers get their stuff. Don't take it to heart. In the end, you will get much more pleasure from the game.