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PvP in The Cycle: Frontier - a guide on how to defeat other players

 We talk about all the subtleties and nuances of the battle with other players in a free multiplayer looter shooter

Perhaps this is the most important part of the entire guide for beginners. PvP is a huge part of The Cycle, and for new players, the component can be very intimidating and unforgiving. Below we have compiled some important tips and tricks that will allow you to survive the confrontation with other gamers.

Communication with enemies is a powerful tool. The Cycle has VOIP enabled by default based on proximity to another player. This means that if you are close enough to another player, you can talk to him whether he is at your party or not. Convincing nearby enemies that you're not a threat is a very useful tool, whether or not you're telling the truth. Just be prepared for the fact that other players will also try to outsmart you.

There are no revivals in The Cycle. Even if you are playing in a squad with your friends: there is no way to revive a fallen teammate. If you are dead, then you are dead. This means that the gap in power between a single-player and a squad is smaller than in many other games because if a single player kills someone from a squad, he no longer has to worry about being revived by a teammate.

PvP in The Cycle: Frontier - a guide on how to defeat other players

Change position after each action. One of the most important pieces of advice I can give to any new PvP player is to always change position after every minimal interaction. And by interaction, I mean every time you do something that lets the enemy player know where you are. It's pretty easy to kill in The Cycle, so if you know where the enemy is and they don't, you have a huge advantage. Keep moving and it will be harder for enemies to know where you are.

Use the weather and foliage to increase stealth. Hiding in The Cycle is easy. There are many places, including lush greenery and misty hills. If you don't stand against the sky, it will be quite difficult for the enemy to detect you due to weather effects and foliage, especially if you are not moving. Some players may not like this fact and will argue that it is conducive to camping. I understand their outrage. But, as mentioned above, The Cycle is a game that rewards patience and care. And this naturally attracts players who like to hide and wait. However, there is a big difference between someone who sits in one place for half an hour, trying to kill someone, and a player who enters the battle changes positions, and patiently waits for his opponent to make his next move.

Pay special attention to the hit markers. When you hit an enemy, the hit marker around the crosshair can tell you a lot. A white marker indicates a hit; a yellow-orange marker indicates a headshot, and a red marker represents a kill. So if you see red, the enemy is dead. Also, whenever you deal damage to an enemy, an icon appears above the scope that indicates the color of the shield used by the hit enemy (if you hit the head, you will see the color of the helmet). And there is even a characteristic (but rare) sound that can be heard when a shield or helmet is destroyed (when the durability drops to 0), which, of course, indicates a strong vulnerability of the enemy.

No need to run headlong. Be careful how much noise you make, especially if you think there are enemies nearby. Sprinting is a great way to become the center of attention of others. It also makes it hard to hear others. Walk normally. Squatting is even better. Run only when you really need to run.

Grenades are also strong. They deal tons of damage. Moreover, there is no indicator on the screen, as in some other games, indicating that you are in the range of a grenade about to detonate. The explosion radius is pretty decent, so if you hear the telltale sound of a grenade falling nearby, run as fast as you can.

Don't be intimidated by well-equipped players. The difference decreases as you progress through the tiers of The Cycle gear. From white to green, from blue to purple and pink, the armor/penetration values ​​are 10, 17, 23, 26, and 28. The difference at earlier levels is huge, but at later levels, it is not so big. This means two things. First, don't think you're invincible if you have purple equipment and the enemy has white. He can still kill you quite easily. The other side of this coin: don't think you have no chance against an enemy with high-level gear. All it takes is good positioning, the right tactics, and patience. And then there is a high probability that you will be able to evacuate with this excellent equipment.