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Resource guide in The Cycle: Frontier - how to find Nickel, Titanium Ore, Weltecite and Focusing Crystal. Interactive resource map


Resource guide in The Cycle: Frontier - how to find Nickel, Titanium Ore, Weltecite and Focusing Crystal. Interactive resource map

Resources in The Cycle: Frontier are needed to upgrade cabins and weapon stats. In addition, you can exchange them for credits in fractional stores. In this guide, we will tell you how to find all the resources in the game, as well as show where they appear on an interactive map.

What resources exist in The Cycle: Frontier. How to find an ore deposit on an interactive map

At the moment, there are four types of resources in the game that are mined from deposits:

  1. Nickel.
  2. Titanium ore.
  3. Weltecite.
  4. Focusing crystal.

All these ores differ from each other in rarity. The rarest of these are titanium ore, weltecite, and a focusing crystal. They can usually be found in different areas of the map.

To search for deposits, you will need to take with you a special device called the Mineral Scanner. With it, you can scan nearby territories and find ore deposits. Such deposits will be highlighted with a white circle on the screen.

It is worth noting that all types of minerals are divided into subspecies. They are ordinary, pure, altered, and unmixed. In one deposit, there can be several subspecies at once.

Use this interactive map to quickly find minerals.

Where to find Nickel

Nickel deposits usually have a light green color, which is clearly visible from afar. You can find a similar deposit even without a mineral scanner. On the interactive map, Nickel Ore is labeled Nickel Vein.

Nickel on Bright Sands
Nickel on the Crescent Falls map

Where to find titanium ore

Titanium Ore is a fairly rare resource that you can find in abundance on the Bright Sands map. In the Crescent Falls location, deposits are also found, but there are very few of them. Therefore, to search for Titanium Ore, we recommend exploring the first map.

The best place to mine ore in the Bright Sands location is the Abandoned Mine. It is located in the northern part of the map. To get inside, you will need to find the access key.

It should be noted that the mine is actively used for looting. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you prepare for a sortie, as you will most likely run into other players here.

Titanium Ore in Bright Sands
Titanium ore on the Crescent Falls map

Where to find Weltecite

Weltecite is used not only to upgrade the cabin but also to craft items. Moreover, unlike other minerals, it is divided into several subspecies at once.

Weltecite on the Bright Sands map

Weltezite deposits are mainly located near waterfalls and various reservoirs. On the Bright Sands map, we recommend that you start your search from the Swamp Camp, then go up the river to the Base Camp point of interest.

Weltecite on the Crescent Falls map

There are many more mineral deposits on this map, so you won't have any problems mining it. You can start exploration at the Spaceport Landing Lot and head upriver to the Nutron Farms Warehouse.

Where to find the Focusing Crystal

The Focus Crystal is the rarest resource in The Cycle: Frontier and can be found in high-risk locations. For example, on the Bright Sands map, crystal deposits are located at the Crashed Ship and Jungle Camp POIs.

The most powerful monsters live in this zone, so it makes no sense to explore them alone. Deposits look inconspicuous, so you may not immediately detect them.

On the Crescent Falls map, Focusing Crystals are scattered in the Cliff Lab, Slums, and between the Nutron Farms Production and Fallen Tree zones.