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Starship Troopers: Terran Command Tips & Tricks

 The bugs are biting your butt in Starship Troopers: Terran Command? With our tips, you beat the monsters back.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command Tips & Tricks

Lined up Troopers! In Starship Troopers: Terran Command you go to Kwalasha. An ugly planet. A bug planet! And so that you come back alive, you will find out in our tips guide:

  • Which strategies help against the beetles
  • Which units you should use
  • How to properly place your troopers

Starship Troopers: Terran Command basic game mechanics explained

The desert planet of Kwalasha was colonized by the mining industry and is an important source of resources for the military. Unfortunately, the diligent colonists dug too deep and highlighted a number of bug holes. Now it takes the brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry to put a stop to the insect plague.

As in classic real-time strategy games, you maneuver your troops, occupy and expand bases, and call for reinforcements. Starship Troopers: Terran Command focuses on the movements and positional play of the units. Sheer continuous fire and blindly rushing into the hordes of bugs only put a great many names on the killed-in-action list.

Tips & Tricks for Units & Abilities

The bugs are not just simple bugs but have many different units. So does the Mobile Infantry. In order to be successful on the battlefield, it is important to know all the units and how to use them effectively against the insect plague:

  • The common soldier is equipped with an assault rifle, which he can use effectively to keep hordes of bugs at bay. If the enemies get too close to you, switch to shotgun mode and increase the damage. The soldier also has MX90 grenades for a larger collection of bugs.
  • Snipers, on the other hand, rely on extremely long-range weapons and should therefore never be in the front line. They're perfect for taking down Spitters - bugs that can spit corrosive acid - early.
  • If you want to wipe out hordes of bugs quickly, you should get some rocket troopers. Their high-explosive devices not only destroy entire swarms of arachnids but also dismantle the particularly large beetles in a very short time.
Each unit also has special abilities. If your squads survive long enough, they'll rise in rank and receive more upgrades. The radio officer can then, for example, call in a dropship for fire support, while the giant M-11 Marauder can call in an artillery bombardment.

This is how you position your units correctly

To keep your squad alive, units should be positioned correctly. Hold down the mouse button to move to see the formation the soldiers will take at their final position. Warning: Your troopers must have a clear field of view to shoot. If half of the Mobile Infantry moves to the rear through a narrow alley, you'll lose valuable muzzle flash.

Support standard frontline units with Tactical Officers and Snipers, and deploy them behind walls, burned-out vehicles, and high ground. This will slow down the incoming bugs and give the Mobile Infantry more time to eradicate the bug plague.

If narrow corridors cannot be avoided and a swarm is coming your way, send the combat engineers to the front row. Their flamethrowers really heat up the arachnids and they can set up turrets at certain points. Make sure the towers are built in the right direction.

Larger targets like the Plasmabugs are best switched with MK. II Troopers and Marauders out. The latter is even able to fire while running. Perfect for allowing the other soldiers to make a tactical retreat and move into new positions. If you don't have a Marauder available, always let the least experienced unit die a hero's death. If you withdraw all units, the bugs will quickly catch up with you and you will lose all Mobile Infantry.

Occupies old outposts and provides supplies

Starship Troopers: Terran Command gameplay is not designed for base building. However, there are buildings that you can place at fixed points. They grant you new units.

These slots are located at old outposts. Clear the locations of all four- and eight-legged friends, occupy the broadcasting center, and order new troops to your position. You can also replenish battered squads at the dropship zones.

There are two types of resources :

  • Supplies determine how many soldiers are under your command.
  • Dropships indicate how fast and how many units you can summon at the same time.
It's best to capture all the outposts on a map. This increases your army and allows you to quickly transport units between radio buildings. In this way, these locations can be used for strategic maneuvers and raids.

But since the Bugs don't sit idly by as the Mobile Infantry settles in, they'll attack regularly. You have to balance how many units to deploy for defense and how many troopers to send on the mission. Defense tip: Have the engineers set up some turrets.

Smoke out the bug hives

Important: A never-ending onslaught of arachnids awaits you unless you destroy their dwellings. To do this, troopers must enter the bug holes and destroy them from the inside. You have no influence on how the Hives proceed, but on how much resistance awaits you.

First, make sure that there are no more bugs in the area. Above all, plasma bugs should be tracked down and destroyed. After that, place a squad of three Rifle Troopers in a U shape in front of the entrance and kill each bug until the red bug icon is gone. Only then should you send in your soldiers. There will still be some losses, but they can be calculated.