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Starship Troopers: Terran Command Walkthrough Tips

 Useful Tips, Tricks, and Tricks for Managing Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers Strategy

Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a chaotic, tense real-time strategy game in which you have to do everything you can to fight back against the hordes of arachnids and drive them back to the hiding places from which they crawled. This is a fairly complex game with many scenarios that will keep you on your toes. And almost always remains a mystery what new threats you will face. If you don't want to go blind, check out some helpful tips for organizing your Mobile Infantry.

Use unit abilities

If at the beginning of the game most of the forward units of the Mobile Infantry fight against weak arachnids on the "automatic" with their automatic ranged weapons, this will not be enough against the more developed and protected beetles. Active abilities such as grenades, support for warships, and incendiary grenades are critical to suppressing and eliminating large numbers of bugs. This way you can deal high explosive damage or stun enemies to deal with other threats. This is especially true on higher difficulties when it is important to use all the active abilities of the units available to you.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command Walkthrough Tips

Goal Priority

During the mission, new types of bugs will appear, which will gladly help their fellows in the fight against the Federation. Friendly units with special weapons, such as rocket launchers and snipers, are best used against the targets they are most effective against. At the beginning of the battle, make sure that the units attack the targets for which they are best suited, and then you will be able to use all the firepower most effectively.


Arachnids use a chaotic formation, but that doesn't mean you should follow suit. Mobile infantry fights most effectively when each of the available units makes the most of their advantages, destroying individual groups of insecticides. Thus, it is important to learn how to use formations to protect weaker units by placing strong and proven warriors in the front line. Keep Signalmen and Combat Officers away, as their survival is critical to success in any engagement.

Beware of liquid tankers

It's not uncommon for bugs to attack clusters of your foot soldiers, and the tanker is the best at this, a monster with superior destructive ability. Although it looks impressive, instead of getting close to you, it will stay at short and medium distances, spraying your soldiers with a powerful stream of plasma.

The problem with the tanker is that unlike normal flames from flamethrowers or fire grenades, which mostly stun and block but don't deal damage, the liquid it leaves behind stays in the area for a decent amount of time, dealing massive damage to anyone who passes through it. If the tanker is about to spit, change position as soon as possible and avoid the "poison puddles" until they dissipate.

Submachine Ability

Submachine gunners are sure to be your most common frontline units, able to somehow suppress and hold back the onslaught of arachnids. When they reach the third level of experience, you can choose another active ability: a shotgun or a powerful explosive charge with a relatively short cooldown. As a rule, shotguns are much better than a charge, as they allow you to quickly stun the bugs that surround the squad, giving you time to evacuate or receive support from other units.

Move forward methodically

We run the Mobile Infantry, and many of you might think that the "mobility" of this phrase indicates that speed is crucial. In fact, patience and methodical advancement from one protected area to another is a much safer and tactically correct option. The bugs will not go anywhere and will attack you more and more often, so it is preferable to linger and prepare your forces for the offensive.


Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a micro-intense game that will test your ability to give orders quickly and accurately. Thus, be sure to distribute the units into several groups by assigning them to one or another key. Also learn hotkeys for activating abilities, because within a few seconds the situation can change dramatically, and you will have to react to it instantly.

Mobility and strategy

Compared to the source material, Mobile Infantry is not exactly mobile, however, you can increase their strategic mobility by capturing more radio stations. Mobile Infantry units can use landing zones at radio stations to move between them if the situation requires it. This makes Signalmen and Fleet Adjutants very valuable units for any offensive force as they can set up a drop zone and help your troops redeploy to critical combat areas.

Disbandment of the troops

Like the Arachnids, you gain infinite Human Resources that only require a Supply Depot to summon. When a unit dies or you disband it, all spent supplies are returned to you. As the scenario progresses, new bug threats emerge, and new units become available, it is recommended to disband unwanted units, even if they are upgraded to Veteran, to free up supplies for more useful and powerful troops.

Rocket throwers are your first friends

While warrior bugs are the most common and dangerous threat, especially at close range, you can actually counter them. Most beetles, such as tiger beetles, royal guards, scorpions, and tankers, are differently armored, making submachine gunners highly ineffective against them. Rocket Launcher Teams are your most effective tool for dealing with these "hard nuts", hives and nests, so make sure to hire a few units and keep them behind the main assault team.

Watch where you shoot

Since Mobile Infantry also relies on ranged firepower, line of sight and clear lines of fire are critical to maximizing your damage and suppression potential. You can see a red, yellow, or green indicator just below the unit's icon that indicates if their line of fire is blocked or if the target is in line of sight and nothing is blocking bullets from flying.

These stats are more important for direct fire units armed with automatic rifles or machine guns, and you will have the majority of such troops. Try to provide a green indicator when shooting for all units.