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The best Necromancer build in Diablo Immortal. Which attributes, skills, equipment and gems to choose for the hero


The best Necromancer build in Diablo Immortal. Which attributes, skills, equipment and gems to choose for the hero

One of the popular classes in Diablo Immortal is the Necromancer. In this guide, we will detail the best build for this class and point out the most useful attributes, skills, and equipment for a hero.

What's in the assembly

The Necromancer is most often used in two variations - a DPS hero for quickly dealing maximum damage or a supporting character. Our build combines both options, and the greatest attack potential is unleashed in combination with the Bone Armor skill to protect against enemies.

The rest of the abilities in the build include a variety of effects that differ from the standard ones when using the specified armor. Legendary gear in Diablo Immortal can make a big difference to your skills, so finding the right gear will help you unlock the full potential of your necromancer hero.

The best attributes for a necromancer

The game has five attributes - strength, intelligence, willpower, survivability and stamina. Below are each of them by key value for the necromancer (from important to least useful):

  1. Intelligence.
  2. Vitality
  3. Willpower.
  4. Fortitude.
  5. Strength.
For any spell-based class, intelligence is a key stat. Necroment is no exception. Strength is only relevant for a melee character, so won't be useful for a magic build. We do not recommend focusing on this setting.

Attribute values ​​increase with equipment, so a necromancer character should, first of all, choose items with increased intelligence.

Vitality is also an important stat in the Necromancer build. It increases the vital indicators of the hero and allows you to survive in battles with opponents even in the most critical situations. The necromancer most often relies on his minions to deal damage and distract enemies, so increasing the survivability value will make the hero less weak and help him withstand more incoming damage.

The best set of abilities for a necromancer

Skills are used spells and special attacks that the player can use in combat. Below are the best abilities for a necromancer:

  1. Soulfire - unlocked at level 1.
  2. Command Skeletons - unlocked at level 1.
  3. Corpse Explosion - unlocked at level 3.
  4. Bone Armor - unlocked at level 41.
  5. Command Golem - Unlocked at level 50.

"Soul Fire" is the main and very first skill for a necromancer. Later, at level 38, Bone Spear will be unlocked, which is an improved version of the initial ability. We believe that such an alternative does not suit the necromancer. Due to the ranged damage, Soulfire will be the best in the hero build. When cast, the skill will activate an explosion upon hitting the target, which will cause great damage to nearby demons and spread the effect of the skill to a group of enemies. In addition, it will come in handy later when using the Corpse Explosion ability.

Skeleton Lord will prove to be a very useful skill. Every eight seconds, one skeleton is summoned to fight on the player's side. At first, only two minions can be used, however, in the future, the player is able to increase the limit of the undead. The minions will attack any enemies they see and allow the necromancer to stand aside. The character will be able to stay away from the demons and calmly use a long-range skills.

"Bone Armor" will open to the player much later than the previously described abilities. This support skill increases the armor of the hero and allies for a short period of time. Together with the Covet Nothing chest piece, which we'll cover in the next section, the necromancer will deal damage to nearby opponents and leave them vulnerable to subsequent attacks.

Golem Master is the last skill in the Necromancer skill tree. When activated, a huge golem will appear on the battlefield. It will easily destroy all enemies, and will also be able to briefly stun. After summoning the stone giant, when the skill is used again, the unit will jump to the opponents and divert their attention from the hero. This will help to free yourself from the crowd of enemies and gain distance in a difficult situation.

The best equipment for a necromancer

At first, the player will collect a variety of equipment, which in most cases will only be useful for a few levels. In the future, at a later stage of the game, more useful equipment will appear that will increase the necessary attributes of the hero and improve his skills. The following are the best equipment for a necromancer:

  1. Head - Visitor's Sign.
  2. Corps - Nothing to desire (Covet Nothing).
  3. Shoulders - Rotten spurs (Rotspurs).
  4. Legs - Graven Bulwark.
  5. Right hand (main) - Wasteland (Desolatoria).
  6. Left hand - Baleful Trinity.
  7. Set - Shepherd's Call to Wolves.
The legendary helmet "Mark of the Visitor" grants the hero a unique bonus that increases the duration of the "Golem Master" skill by 20%. Wasteland is the main weapon for this necromancer build, which also improves the golem's summoning ability. With this blade, the stone giant will be able to rain fire on nearby enemies.

A chest piece from the specified outfit increases the effectiveness of the Bone Armor skill in the PvE build (against AI) - when activated, the ability deals damage to nearby demons and increases the damage they take. The leg armor, Bastion of the Sepulcher, can increase the duration of the Bone Armor skill by 25%. The item also modifies the Corpse Explosion skill, which upon cast will activate a poisonous cloud that will increase in damage over time.

The last artifact in the assembly is the Sinister Trinity. This piece of equipment modifies the Soul Fire ability. Upon hitting the target, the magic ball will travel to the nearest enemy and deal additional damage to them.

In Diablo Immortal, there are special sets that provide additional bonuses when using equipment from a common set. In this case, the best set for the necromancer is Shepherd's Call of the Wolves. This set greatly increases the damage for summoned units and is suitable for any Necromancer build. Below are the bonuses from using multiple items:

  1. 2 items - Summoned minions to deal 15% more damage.
  2. 4 items - Increases critical strike chance by 3% per minion, up to a maximum of 18%.
  3. 6 items - When one of the summoned units deals a critical hit, the frenzy is activated for each of them for 10 seconds. This process increases the minions' damage and attack speed by 100%. The inclusion of rabies occurs once every 40 seconds.

Best Gems for a Necromancer

Each equipment from the set has free slots for gems. These gems allow you to improve the parameters of the weapon and the hero. There are two types of gems:

  1. Ordinary - inserted into Shepherd's Call of the Wolves set.
  2. Legendary - used in legendary outfits.

Below are the best Legendary Gems for this Necromancer build:

  1. Blood-Soaked Jade - Increases damage dealt by 8% and movement speed by 10%. The damage bonus directly depends on the hero's health indicator.
  2. Seeping Bile - Character attacks have a 4% chance to send the enemy. They deal 25% of base damage and 263 every second for 6 seconds. The poison spreads to all nearby opponents if the current victim dies.
  3. Freedom and Devotion - Increases unit summon duration by 8%.
  4. Follower's Burden - Increases all hero damage dealt by 1% for each summoned unit you control, up to a maximum of 6%.
  5. Echoing Shade - Hero attacks have a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone for 8 seconds. This unit copies part of the character's abilities.
  6. Zwenson's Haunting - When an opponent is destroyed, a dark beast is summoned to attack nearby enemies. The unit deals 50% of base damage and 486 damage to all nearby enemies. Activates once every 6 seconds.

Since the Shepherd's Call of the Wolves set contains sockets for ordinary gems, the player will have to collect a certain amount to upgrade the character. They are distributed by color, so we recommend installing them in the following way:

  1. Red slot - rubies to increase health.
  2. Blue slot - sapphires to increase armor penetration.
  3. Yellow slot - topazes to improve damage resistance.