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Tips for choosing a character and classes in Diablo Immortal

 Rating of available classes, from worst to best

Even though Diablo Immortal is available for mobile devices and incorporates some of the MMOARPG ideas seen in games like Lost Ark, in many of its most important ways it is still a Diablo game. You start by choosing one of the six playable classes, and the decision you make will ultimately affect the rest of your experience.

As is the case with most RPGs, Diablo Immortal's classes are designed to be as balanced as possible. There is no such powerful class in the game, in comparison with which any other looked disastrously bad. Each class excels at certain aspects of the game, and the Diablo Immortal player's personal skills, preferences, and needs will help determine what they ultimately get from their choice. For example, a dedicated PvP player will probably love the Monk more than someone who is only interested in the game's story content (PvE component).

So what's the point of ranking playable classes? Well, it's really better to treat most playable character class ratings as an in-depth analysis of what a playable class is like and what it can or can't do. First of all, these ratings are intended to help indecisive players make at least some choice.

Tips for choosing a character and classes in Diablo Immortal

6th place. The sorcerer is a fragile ranged fighter, capable of destroying groups of small opponents

Unfortunately, the Wizard is useful in the smallest aspects of the game, which is why he is given the last place in the rating. He is good in terms of dealing pure damage, being able to almost constantly use a series of devastating magic attacks while at a relatively safe distance. Moreover, Wizards have mastered some of the best AOE abilities. Diablo Immortal often challenges you to take out as many enemies as possible in a short amount of time, and sorcerers are second to none in this regard. They have an incredible variety of abilities that allow them to cut through waves of enemies.

Unfortunately, Enchanters are "powerful, glassy, ​​ranged weapons." As strong as they are in terms of pure damage, even high-level mages are not able to absorb much damage and die after a few successful enemy hits. Despite having several powerful evasive abilities and a couple of defensive skills, sorcerer players will have to learn the technique of reading the battlefield and managing the cooldowns of available abilities.

The biggest problem is those sorcerer abilities have some of the longest cooldowns. Not only does this mean that they sometimes lose access to valuable evasion or defense skills at the most inopportune moments, but they also sometimes have to wait out the cooldown of offensive abilities in order to maximize damage again and extend the combo. This point will lead to problems during massive boss fights since sorcerers in terms of damage on single targets are significantly inferior to other classes. They don't have any of the serious group buffs that other classes enjoy. It turns out that at some point the sorcerers become useless.

In general, sorcerers are a class with high-level skills that will have to be thoroughly studied in order to maximize returns.

5th place. Monk is an agile and difficult class with a balance of support and damage

Since our rating is based on how many game disciplines and aspects a particular class can cover, despite all its power, on this principle, the monks are inferior to several others.

Like sorcerers, monks cannot take much damage. In this regard, they are not as bad as sorcerers, but the lack of natural protection is certainly striking. Given that the monk is primarily a melee class, this becomes a significant problem. Luckily, monks are also endowed with a number of evasion and defense abilities that will allow them to avoid excessive damage.

Monks are another difficult class to master. They rely heavily on combo attacks and well-timed abilities, most of which will have to be targeted. Unfortunately, even the best monk players will find it difficult to deal significant damage on a single target. The AOE abilities are deceptively strong, but still not as good as many other classes.

Fortunately, monks make up for many of these shortcomings with their high-level group content abilities and PvP skills.

Simply put, almost every Diablo Immortal group should have a monk in their lineup. This character's various shields are usually strong enough to keep most groups alive even in the heaviest of battles. A good Monk player will be able to take part in battles by protecting his teammates, dealing a decent amount of damage, and occasionally using stun abilities on key targets. All these skills make them one of the best PvP classes in the game.

Anyone looking for the smoothest single-player experience should probably steer clear of sorcerers and monks. However, if you would like to get versatility and high potential in both PvE and PvP, then you should definitely study this difficult class to master.

4th place. Necromancer - hard to master; a summoner class ideal for solo players

It is difficult to somehow rank the class of the necromancer. First, you should know that Necromancers are probably the best solo class in the game. Necromancers fly through the early stages of Diablo Immortal with incredible ease. Their ability to summon all-damage minions allows characters to stay at a safe distance while unleashing a series of devastating area-of-effect and single-target attacks. If you're the type of player who loves summoner classes in other RPGs, then this class is literally made for you.

To be honest, Necromancers are pretty strong in-group content as well. They have a couple of valuable buffs for the whole group, their minions absorb additional damage, and in many battles, they even top the DPS (damage per second) ratings. Add to all this the most powerful ult in the game. The Necromancer is attractive because of how smoothly and meaningfully it transitions from single-player to high-level group content.

So why is the necromancer not in the first position of the rating? Well, there are some things that should keep you from making a hasty decision.

First, necromancers are a frustratingly immobile class. The lack of evasion abilities is often compensated by the presence of minions on the battlefield, in the midst of a battle it is inconvenient to control many skills. For that matter, you won't always be able to summon enough minions to maximize their effectiveness. Their play style is resource-dependent, and this can deter necromancers in PvP scenarios.

Put all the information together and you have a class with incredible DPS that excels in solo play, is valued in group play, and is difficult to master in PvP. The necromancer has endgame potential, but there are other classes in Immortal that can offer a bit more.

3rd place. Demon Hunter - pure DPS; Can deal an incredible amount of damage with ranged combat.

If you were careful, you probably read that demon hunter are the most “strong” class in Diablo Immortal. But we are talking about pure DPS.

Simply put, Demon Hunters are the best-ranged class with incredible single target DPS. And the key here is “ranged combat”. The Demon Hunter's ability to fight effectively from a safe distance means they often have to retreat and cut through enemies. Therefore, they are almost indispensable as damage dealers in group content. Combine a Demon Hunter with a tank class and most of the content will be yours in a matter of seconds.

While the Demon Hunter lacks the AoE abilities that many other classes have, it makes up for it with the ability to deal incredibly high damage to single targets. You will kill so fast that you will probably miss some of the unlocked abilities.

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many. Demon Hunters are relatively fragile, but they are fast enough to avoid most of the incoming damage. They do not have any group buffs, but in boss fights they bring another benefit - they deal huge damage.

PvP is perhaps the Demon Hunter's biggest weakness. The Great Demon Hunter can certainly wreak havoc in PvP combat, but he lacks the control skills, buffs, and defensive abilities that remain at the forefront during competitive play.

2nd place. The Barbarian is a melee berserker, perfect for beginners.

Let's not beat around the bush: Barbarians are a class that will suit those who do not have special preferences in terms of playstyle and want to get the most balanced gameplay possible.

Barbarians have almost everything. Their AoE abilities are some of the best in the game and greatly enhance group play. Stun skills can turn the tide of many battles. And barbarians are amazingly mobile. Have you ever dreamed of taking two axes, jumping into a group of enemies, and shredding them apart? With the barbarian, you will do all of this with relative ease.

It's the ease of playing as a barbarian that makes this class so special. You will learn the basics of playing as a barbarian almost immediately, and in a few minutes, you will be able to effectively apply the same strategy in a solo passage up to (and even inclusive) the endgame, a group game, and even PvP matches. However, you still have to think for the barbarian (a smart player who familiarizes himself with all aspects of this class will significantly outperform any other barbarian). Despite all this, Barbarians are a class in that most players will be able to have some success within almost every aspect.

Then what's the catch? Barbarians are pure melee fighters, which means they will take a lot of damage. They are strong and agile enough to ignore most of the damage, but you will definitely miss-hits time after time. They are not as expressive during single target combat (especially in the end game). And you will encounter longer cooldowns for almost all useful skills.

But ultimately, barbarians are the class you can't go wrong with.

1 place. Crusader is a pure tank that wins thanks to powerful AoE skills and group buffs

If the best way to fairly rank the Diablo Immortal classes is to prioritize the value of each one and the breadth of the range of uses (effectiveness in different situations), then there is certainly a lot of convincing evidence in favor of the crusader, which, in our opinion, is the best in the game.

For the most part, the Crusaders should be presented as tanks. They boast the highest base health in the game, and many of their skills are designed to increase defense and reduce damage taken. They can even jump on a horse and fly past rare stretches where they can't handle due to their specifics (tanks are useful everywhere, but there are still very rare cases that prove otherwise). If you're looking for a single-player class that offers the highest chance of ensuring survival, Crusaders are by far the best.

However, Crusaders are much more than a damage-absorbing sponge. Their AoE abilities are some of the best in Diablo Immortal, and they have the stun and slow needed for PvP combat. Crusaders are virtually unmatched in group play. They are strong enough to lead any squad, and their group buffs often turn otherwise good teams into incredibly powerful ones. Technically a crusader is optional in a group playthrough, but you will understand the difference when you try playing with and without him.

In fairness, it should be noted that the crusaders are not perfect. Let's say they're not that strong in terms of single target damage. You will also occasionally encounter longer skill cooldowns. However, ignoring these minor downsides, I can safely say that the Crusader's other advantages allow you to easily deal with most bosses in solo content. By the time you start playing in groups, no one will expect a crusader to lead the single target damage ratings. Everyone understands perfectly well what the essence of the characters of this class is.

Thus, the Crusaders are strong in many aspects of the game. If you don't like the play style of the other classes and/or don't really want to deal a ton of single target damage, this heavily armored warrior is the way to go in Diablo Immortal.