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Top 10 clones: games similar to Skyrim


Top 10 clones: games similar to Skyrim

It is impossible to find a game that can completely replace Skyrim - Bethesda's creation is painfully unique and inimitable. However, there are still enough projects with similar mechanics and atmosphere. In this compilation, we have collected ten of the best games in the spirit of Skyrim!

Fallout 4 (2015). Like Skyrim, but in the Wasteland

In terms of gameplay and world design, Fallout 4 is as similar to Skyrim as possible. The game has a huge world, countless quests, motley factions, and many activities that can easily stretch the passage for hundreds of hours. Fallout 4 is fundamentally so reminiscent of Skyrim that if you close your eyes to the post-apocalyptic setting and futuristic guns, you immediately feel like Dragonborn.

The game can be criticized for the crumpled main plot, base management, and clumsy shooting, which is no good without the VATS aiming system, but there are many more advantages.

Fallout 4 is full of amazing quests - the personal stories of Kate and Paladin Dance will not let you lie. Digging into the relationships of synths, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute, and other factions is fascinating. Getting into power armor and mowing down crowds of raiders is a fun process. As a result, there is nothing easier than leaving the Vault in search of your son and wandering around the Wasteland for a hundred hours, forgetting about the main quest.

The main difference from Skyrim is in the setting, pumping and the absence of dragons - the rest of the games are similar. If you've played enough of The Elder Scrolls 5 and are looking for something similar, pay attention to Fallout 4. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (2018). medieval adventure

Kingdom Come: Deliverance resembles Skyrim with a huge open world, an impressive number of quests, and pumping - the more often Henry swings his blade, the more skilled a fighter he becomes. The main difference is in the emphasis on realism: on the way, the hero will not meet fantasy creatures, and in order to survive, he will have to sleep, eat and heal wounds.

Combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is tricky. In the heat of battle, Henry needs to choose the direction of attack, combine blows, skillfully block and control stamina. At the same time, even one skilled warrior is able to challenge, and you should not climb into the crowd of enemies even at the end of the game.

Also, many other little things work for immersion. For example, if you put a knight's helmet on your head, the hero does not have to worry about protection - however, the visor will limit visibility. You have to choose what is more important: strong armor or full eye contact.

Of course, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has its flaws. Not all tasks are exciting, and hunting for hares makes you suffer at all. Plus, the ending of the story is crumpled, and there is no trace of the initial hardcore at the end. However, the strengths of the creation of Warhorse Studios are much greater.

ELEX (2017). Clumsy but soulful game

The studio Piranha Bytes, famous for the Gothic series, was responsible for the development of ELEX. Surprisingly, the team has not changed their approach so far: even a futuristic setting with laser guns and jetpacks is not enough for the differences between the games to be fundamental. However, fans of the Nameless are unlikely to be upset - and Skyrim connoisseurs also benefit. The main thing is not to hope that the adventure will be as polished as Bethesda's.

The main feature of ELEX is the setting. The plot tells about a distant planet that looked like Earth in everything but survived the fall of a meteorite. Civilization was destroyed, and the area was filled with the mysterious mineral Elex. Some use it to obtain magical powers, the second - for the sake of scientific progress, the third - just get stoned by it. The hero will have to choose a side, and at the same time challenge the universal evil.

The hardest part is getting through the intro and getting used to the gameplay. At first, ELEX seems to be the most unresponsive and unfriendly game, where clumsy controls and high difficulty do not allow even a rat to be killed normally. However, it is worth getting used to, as the creation of Piranha Bytes will enchant with sincerity and study the world.

If you can turn a blind eye to the budget, clumsy animations, and other roughness, ELEX will be a great replacement for Skyrim. 

Final Fantasy 15 (2016). beautiful fantasy

Final Fantasy 15 is often criticized for the crumpled plot, grind, and final chapters, where the heroes are sent into cramped and unprepossessing corridors. The developers even tore out significant episodes from the story to insert them into paid DLC. However, all this does not negate the fact that we are talking about a great game with an outstanding atmosphere.

In terms of epic Final Fantasy 15 even surpasses Skyrim. The heroes have to fight with such dangerous enemies that Alduin never dreamed of - the number of gods and monsters the size of a screen cannot be counted. At the same time, powerful entities are even available for summoning: the gods can look into the arena and hit opponents with a hat.

Also, the game should be praised for the atmosphere. Gradually, the scriptwriters reveal the identity of the antagonist and show the scale of the threat looming over the world - as a result, closer to the finale, the nerve stretches to the limit, and the denouement makes you shed a tear.

Plus, Final Fantasy 15 is full of activities that Dovahkiin can only dream of. Heroes can race Chocobos, take pictures in scenic spots, and cook. If you delve into all the mechanics, the adventure will stretch for a hundred hours. 

The Witcher 3 (2015). Legend

Discussing The Witcher 3 (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) is not easy - all praises have long been sung. However, it is impossible not to include the game in the collection. Perhaps the main hit of CD Projekt RED is in many ways different from Skyrim, but gamers who love interesting combat, fancy quests, and well-developed open worlds will not find a better option.

The Witcher 3 came out seven years ago, but it's not a bit outdated - the game is still being held up as an example for other action RPGs. Nothing will make the community forget about the choice between Triss and Yennefer, the drama around Ciri, the tragedy of the Bloody Baron, and the epic battle with Eredin.

And craftsmen have also released no less mods for The Witcher 3 than for Skyrim - we have long collected the best of them in an impressive selection. 

Horizon Forbidden West (2022). Aloy is better than Dovakin

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most beautiful games of recent years. The developers managed to draw a bewitching open world: Aloy will look into dense forests, climb snow-capped mountains and even explore the underwater world - each biome is nice to look at. But the visual is not the only advantage of Forbidden West.

Also, the game should be praised for the heaped combat. Aloy will have to fight with robots of various sizes: each of them has its own vulnerabilities, so you should not fly into battle only when you see a threat. It is better to study the enemy, set traps around the arena, think about tactics, and only then get involved in a fight.

After all, the story in Horizon: Forbidden West is good too. There is nothing unusual in the script, but due to the scope, decent animations, and an abundance of wow episodes, the story is captivating.

If the idea of ​​running around a post-apocalyptic world and shooting robots with a bow is intriguing, but you don't have a PlayStation, check out the first part. Horizon Zero Dawn doesn't look that cool, and the NPCs there are oaky, but the rest of the game is good.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017). Outstanding Hit

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great example of how to make open-world games. Despite the limitations of the Nintendo Switch, the developers have created a beautiful open world with many impressive views. And the gameplay does not lag behind - fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and saving Zelda is fun.

Breath of the Wild is full of amazing features - what is only worth realistic physics. The path is blocked by a stormy river, and the crossings are not visible nearby? Just fill-up the tree - it will replace the bridge. Need to power the door with electricity, but the energy ball is too far away? Place metal objects on the way, because iron is an excellent conductor. It is due to this depth of gameplay that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild became a hit.

Dragon's Dogma (2012). Fight with dragons

Dragon's Dogma has a lot of parallels with the fifth The Elder Scrolls - even the local hero is closely associated with dragons. According to the plot, a huge fire-breathing creature attacked the city and took the heart of the character. By some miracle, the chosen one survived: now he is preparing to take revenge on the evil and return his essence.

Like Dovakin, the local hero finds himself in a vast world, quests pour in on him like from a cornucopia, and there are a lot of enemies on the way - among them are both ordinary bandits and artsy monsters. You can fight the villains not only with a blade and magic but also in more curious ways. The hero is so agile and strong that he knows how to grab villains and break their necks, as well as climb over huge creatures to stick a sword in a vulnerable place.

Dragon's Dogma is a more hardcore game than Skyrim: it doesn't lead by the hand and regularly throws up tough challenges. However, it is for this that the fans fell in love with the title. 

Elden Ring (2022). Souls-like Skyrim

Elden Ring has become the largest and most ambitious project from FromSoftware, which will not be easily surpassed. The open world turned out to be painfully huge, rich, and diverse - the number of bosses, curious enemies, and unique locations simply cannot be counted.

At first glance, Elden Ring retains a souls-like foundation. The enemies are evil, you have to die often, and there is only one chance to get to the place of death and return the "souls" - all of this is new to Skyrim fans but familiar to connoisseurs of the genre.

However, the innovations successfully refresh the concept and make the game a little more like The Elder Scrolls. You can move around the world on a horse Potok. On the way, there are outposts that can be cleared by stealth. The open-world, hiding a lot of optional bosses and locations, adds interest - no one could have thought that an open world would be so appropriate for souls-like.

Elden Ring came out as such a monumental game that it's easy to get lost in it for hundreds of hours. It is not surprising that at its peak, 950 thousand gamers were cut into it, and 90% of the reviews are positive. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 (2017). Outstanding isometry

It would seem that Divinity: Original Sin 2 has little in common with the adventures of Dovahkiin. The camera is isometric, the world is not open, but divided into many large locations, and the combat is turn-based. However, if you value Skyrim for its interesting quests, epic story, and detailed companions, Larian's creation is worth paying attention to.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 isn't just a good game, it's one of the best RPGs ever made. The writers came up with a stunning plot, where both main and side quests are good. The world is diverse and beautiful. Combat impresses with an abundance of perks and an emphasis on physics - if the enemy is standing in a puddle, it is best to hit him with lightning.

What Skyrim-style games would you recommend? Write in the comments!