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TOP 7 commercials for games shot by Hollywood directors: Resident Evil 2, Dead Space, Halo 3 and others


TOP 7 commercials for games shot by Hollywood directors: Resident Evil 2, Dead Space, Halo 3 and others

Many respected Hollywood filmmakers love games so much that they are not afraid to put their creative power into promotion, marketing, and trailers for big game franchises like Halo, Dead Space, Resident Evil, and more. In this article, we will highlight some of the most striking game trailers directed by seven famous directors.

George Romero - Resident Evil 2 trailer

George Romero is the godfather of zombie horror. If he had not directed the iconic Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead, then we would not have seen zombies in popular culture: there would be no Walking Dead series ( The Walking Dead) and the game series Resident Evil.

In the 90s, Romero was entrusted with filming the trailer for Resident Evil 2 - it was more than a logical step for Capcom. Now the video may not strike with ingenuity, but it excited its time. In it, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield find a shotgun and prepare to fight a horde of zombies. The video looks better in places than the film adaptation of RE starring Milla Jovovich.

Interesting fact: Capcom enjoyed working with Romero so much that they even offered him to write a script and make a feature film based on the game. But in the end, the Hollywood adaptation of RE was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. And in July, another Resident Evil series awaits us, this time from Netflix.

David Lynch - PlayStation 2 commercial

In the 1990s, David Lynch revolutionized TV shows with his Twin Peaks, and his paintings Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and Eraserhead (Eraserhead) and others have forever changed the "game" in the field of commercial and art-house filmmakers. He even admired the great Stanley Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick), and George Lucas (George Lucas) invited Lynch to direct the sixth episode of Star Wars (Star Wars).

In the early 2000s, Lynch was approached by Sony to make several PlayStation 2-themed shorts that would purportedly convey the visual experience of playing on the console.

It's not certain that Lynch ever played on the PS2, but when the master was developing his featurettes to promote the platform, he claimed that "the experience of playing on the new Sony console will allow gamers to go beyond human limits." According to him, the PlayStation 2 is a new layer of sensations and an open world of dreams.

Michael Bay - Need for Speed: The Run trailer

If seasoned action director Michael Bay were to take on the challenge of making a video game, he would definitely come up with something bright and memorable. It is strange that the author of the film adaptation of "Transformers" (Transformers) and the sensational action films "The Rock" (The Rock) and "Bad Boys" (Bad Boys) shot only one video game trailer, and never even took part in creating the next plot for the next Call of duty.

His trailer for Need for Speed: The Run is like another blockbuster trailer in the spirit of the Fast and the Furious series - it consists of adrenaline-filled chases from an avalanche and a combat helicopter, as well as crazy car stunts, fights, signature camera angles, camera passages, and installation.

Joseph Kosinski - trailers for Halo 3, Gears of War, Doom, and Destiny

Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski directed several video game trailers. His portfolio includes ads for shooter Halo 3, Gears of War, Destiny, and DOOM.

Particularly noteworthy is his work on the video for Gears of War - in which the protagonist Marcus Fenix ​​runs through the ruined streets, fighting locusts to the much-familiar song Mad World performed by Gary Jules, originally written by the synth-pop duo Tears for Fears.

Kosinski's trailer for Halo 3 was no less dramatic, showing a bit of the Master Chief's childhood and the moment when he puts on his helmet again to rush into battle with enemies.

The Doom cinematic trailer from Kosinski can hardly be called dramatic, but the author accurately conveyed the spirit of the cult shooter series. The video proves that the adaptation of Doom should be entrusted to Joseph.

With the Destiny live-action trailer, Joseph showed how much he understands the spirit of the Bungie gaming universe. In his video, the guards fight with enemies to the famous peppy song Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

By the way, Kosinski directed the sequel "Top Gun" (Top Gun: Maverick), where Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) again plays the main role. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, with Hideo Kojima thanking Cruise for this blockbuster. The famous game designer has already seen the picture three times. He also recently rated Batman with Robert Pattinson. He liked the picture.

James Wan - Dead Space trailer

Dead Space is one of the most important action-horror games in history, set in space. The games in this series cleverly combine the gameplay of Resident Evil 4 with well-designed locations and terrifying monsters.

Unsurprisingly, the trailer for the first Dead Space for E3 2008 was entrusted to horror master James Wan, best known for his films in the Saw and The Conjuring series. By the way, a few years ago, Wang directed the superhero "Aquaman" (Aquaman), and now he is working on its sequel.

Dead Space's "Beloved" trailer by Wang is all about atmosphere, shock, and awe. The video unobtrusively introduces the viewer to what awaits Isaac Clarke on the Ishimura spacecraft.

By the way, a full-fledged remake of Dead Space has announced a year ago, which all fans of the series are waiting for. The authors promise to release it on January 27th.