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V Rising map - guide to all regions of Vardoran

 A detailed description of all regions of the game, map of resources, portals, and so on

V Rising's game world, Vardoran, is currently divided into five main regions: Farbane Woods, Danli Farmland, Cursed Forest, Silverlight Hills, and Sacred Mountains. Farbane Woods is the largest of all regions and probably the busiest area in terms of active gamers. Still, this is the starting location for newcomers to V Rising. As you level up and level up your character, you will travel further north to other regions to find better materials and kill more powerful enemies.

V Rising map - guide to all regions of Vardoran

Each region has several interesting places that you simply must explore. Among them are caves, bandit camps, and ruined buildings. Numerous resources are stored here. Just hover over a particular location marked on the map to find out what resources you can get. And do not forget that opponents are waiting for you almost everywhere. Every fight in V Rising is dangerous in its own way, no matter where you are in Vardoran.

If there is an area that you regularly visit to collect the right resource, consider building a castle (base) nearby. Then you will not have to travel such long distances in case of death. At the same time, pay attention to the bases of other players, which are represented by small icons of "castles" on the map.

Below we detail all five regions of V Rising, adding information about what makes them unique and what resources you can find.

interactive map

Using this link, you can use the interactive maps of V Rising, determining the location of resources, caves, teleports, bosses, and so on.

Farbein forests

  • You can find animal skin, bone, paper, coarse thread, copper ore, and whetstone.

As mentioned above, Farbane Woods is the starting region of V Rising. It is much easier for beginners to survive here since there are practically no dangers. However, you will still meet representatives of the wild nature, including the distraught moose and similar creatures thirsting for blood. There are also many bandit camps scattered around the area, the inhabitants of which will gladly attack you.

The uniqueness of the Farbane forests is due to a large amount of shade provided by the tall trees. They will protect the vampires from the harmful rays of sunlight. You haven't forgotten that you're in control of a vampire that naturally takes sun damage, so having these types of hideouts throughout the forest makes it a safe place for young ghouls to thrive. You still have to pay attention to the sun during the daytime, but it will not be difficult to find shade somewhere nearby and take a break.

There are a lot of resources in the Farbane Forests that are necessary for the first crafting and even building. The abundance of trees and stones will provide an endless amount of wood and stone, and copper deposits are not uncommon here. With the help of copper, you can quickly improve the level of equipment. You can also collect animal skins, bones, and other basic materials that can be processed at various crafting stations. Thanks to this, you will get a lot of planks, stone bricks, leather and other key items that you will need to build a castle.

Danlí Farmland

  • You can find iron ore, fabric, sunflowers, quartz, and woolen thread.

A little swearing, you will smell the blood and want new challenges. This is where the people from the Danlí farmlands come in. Their endless labor has turned the northern fields into habitable land with cities, villages, and monasteries scattered throughout the region. Farmers are guarded by a militia - a detachment of soldiers ready to defend their homes.

While all of these houses look like easy targets, any vampire visiting the Danlí farmlands should be interested in a large iron mine. It is a fortified fortress guarded by countless militias. However, those who manage to get into the mine will be able to get a lot of iron, which can be used to further improve equipment.

Every farm has livestock, so you will also find a few horses in this region. You can steal any of them and use them to quickly move around Vardoran, but remember that a horse needs water to survive.

Cursed forest

Can be found: Ghost Mushroom, Ghost Crystal, Ghost Yarn, and Ghost Dust.

The cursed forest lies far to the north, beyond the Danlí farmlands, but it is much less hospitable. Between the twisted roots and gloomy shadows, witches and the walking dead are hiding, which will make your survival more difficult. And you thought vampires were easy? Those who dare to fight the inhabitants of the Cursed Forest will find many magical resources that are simply impossible to obtain anywhere else.

In addition, one of the parts of the Cursed Forest is not available. In their blog, Stunlock Studios mentions that they currently have ideas for future V Rising content, and I emphasize that this may also apply to new locations. Perhaps the Cursed Forest itself will be expanded.

Hills of Silver Light

  • Found: Silver Ore, Gem Dust, Mountain Lotus, Imperial Thread.

The Silver Light Hills are the most picturesque and colorful place, although there are still many dangers. This autumn landscape is full of life and vibrant colors, and it is here that the game's largest city, Brighthaven (Shining Skies), is located. It sounds nice, but like the rest of V Rising regions, Brighthaven is full of danger.

After leaving the city and exploring the Silver Light Hills, you can find many resources, including veins with silver ore (there are many such riches here). Silver can be used to make incredibly powerful weapons, but don't forget that silver is "poison" for vampires. So stock up on healing potions.

Another key location in the Silver Hills is the Fortress of Light, the bastion of the Church of Light. There you can fight against the powerful final boss of Solarus, but you will need a silver weapon!

sacred mountains

The Sacred Mountains is a kind of end-game territory located northwest of Farbane Woods. Going there, you will reach a snow-capped mountain peak, which is much smaller than other regions. However, there are some dangerous bosses that you can fight here. They are incredibly difficult, so before you challenge them, take the time to prepare.

As in the case of the Cursed Forest, in their blog, the developers hinted at the expansion of the region. They also stated that "when visiting the small region northeast of the Farbane Woods, one can get the first hints of what will happen next." So far, these are all the regions available in the game.