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Walkthrough Diablo Immortal - Worthham

 Walkthrough of the first level of the game: how to kill all bosses, where to find treasure chests and rare elites

After launching and creating a new character in Diablo Immortal, you will see the character arrive by boat at the Wortham Docks. A small tutorial will start and you will be told how to control the character using the on-screen joystick. After completing a few tasks, you will learn how to use the skill buttons, one by one.

The villagers of Wortham have been turned into resurrected undead. Kill the Risen and Cursed cultists until the cut-scene starts. The cursed cultist Eskar, watching with interest the corruption of the lands of Wortham, will summon a huge monster. This will start your first boss fight.

Walkthrough Diablo Immortal - Worthham

Some of the villagers and the blacksmith have been taken to a cave where the Cursed Cultists are planning to use their blood in a ritual dedicated to the Cursed Lord Skarn.

The Worthham Guard sends you to help the kidnapped villagers in a cave in the far west. The villagers are alive but crucified. A Disciple of Curse will appear. He will summon three hellions that you must destroy. When it reaches 50% of its maximum health, it will drain the blood of captured villagers and grow in size. At this stage, he will launch three fireballs and form two mirror images. Kill the mirror reflections and then return to the boss. Pick up Health Orbs throughout the fight to keep your HP low.

Walkthrough Diablo Immortal - Worthham

After his death, a shackled hillbilly will appear. Approach him. It turns out that this is the blacksmith Corrin. He will open a portal to Wortham. Click on the portal icon while standing next to it to teleport to the village. Speak with Corrin in Wortham. Soon after, the sick villager will die and a hologram of Skarn, the Lord of Damnation will appear.

Head north from Blacksmith Korrin and enter the chapel to speak with Deckard Cain. This is where the player learns that Skarn is looking for shards of the World Stone. Deckard Cain will instruct you to find all the fragments of the World Stone in order to destroy them before they fall into the hands of Skarn.

The rebellious undead are attacking the western gates of Wortham. The guards ask you to search the Unseen Lair. There you will fight Escara, the leader of the cursed cultists. She possesses one of the shards of the World Stone, which she uses in combination with the blood of the villagers to open a gate for Lord Skarn. When Eskara reaches 1/3840 health, a cutscene will play. The woman will summon Ifris the Destroyer.

Walkthrough Diablo Immortal - Worthham

Ifris has several abilities:

  1. Fire breath in a cone, this is an AoE attack (run behind him).
  2. Five meteorites will fall from the sky three times.
  3. A red line appears on the ground, and then Ifris breathes fiery flames along it.
  4. Summon 5-6 minions.

After the victory, click on the shard of the World Stone. After the cutscene, a portal to Wortham will appear in front of you. Go through it and talk to Deckard Cain.

Deckard Cain is troubled by the fact that he has never heard of Skarn before, and as far as he knows, there is no such thing as a Demon Lord of Curse. The Horadric Ritual allowed Deckard Cain to locate several shards of the Worldstone, leading him to Worthham. The second is in Ashwold Cemetery. His goal is to destroy them before disaster strikes Sanctuary. The power of these shards is not intended for mortals.

While Deckard Cain is speaking, a simulacrum of Zul the Necromancer will enter the chapel in need of help. His apprentice Letes found one of the fragments of the World Stone and with its help raises the dead from the graves in the Ashwold cemetery, thereby breaking the Balance.

Walkthrough Diablo Immortal - Worthham

Deckard Cain asks for your help in finding the Corrupted Worldstone Shards. Examine the table to unlock the world map. He will also give you a portal scroll that can be used to teleport to Westmarch (once you find the second Worldstone shard in Ashwold Graveyard).

Farm in Wortham

Wortham is the first place in Diablo Immortal where gamers will go. And usually players have no reason to return to it. However, there are a few things worth visiting this region for. The Wortham map above shows a spot where Treasure Chests and Shrines can respawn. Wortham is a small location, so it is easy to farm in it.

Treasure chests have a respawn rotation. Let's say you clicked on the treasure chest at the very bottom of Wortham. The next time, this treasure chest will appear in one of the other locations marked on the map below. What is more pleasant: next time the treasure chest will be of a different type.

This rotation occurs randomly between:

  • Treasure chest
  • Pile of bones
  • Magnificent Treasure Chest
  • cursed chest
  • dead cultist
  • Glorious Chest
Farm in Wortham

Obviously, the most desired chest of all is the Cursed Chest. Inside it is Enchanted Dust (x6). This is one of the materials needed to rank up your legendary items (up to 20). Additionally, Treasure Chests and Shrines can trigger a Yellow Rare or Blue Rare Elite respawn.

Killing mobs in Wortham is important for those who are farming for orange rare elites. They have a 50% chance to drop legendary items that can either be upgraded or dismantled into glowing shard material (used to increase the rank of a legendary item to 20).

All mobs (marked with a yellow rare elite icon on the map above) have a chance to respawn as a rare orange elite. This happens randomly:

  • Regular mobs
  • Regular mobs and treasure goblin
  • Regular mobs and two treasure goblins
  • Blue Rare Elite
  • Yellow Rare Elite
  • Orange Rare Elite
The most efficient way to farm in Wortham is to go clockwise or counterclockwise, killing every mob and clicking on every shrine and treasure chest. Repeat until a Cursed Chest or Rare Orange Elite spawns.