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Walkthrough The Quarry - how to save all the heroes and unlock the best ending

 This guide will help save all the heroes and unlock the best ending.

The Quarry is a horror adventure game developed by Supermassive Games. Events will take the player to a summer camp, in which several heroes will be in mortal danger. The user will take control of various characters and try to survive. In our guide, we will go into detail about the passage of The Quarry and point out the actions that you need to perform to get the best ending. Beware spoilers!

Walkthrough The Quarry - how to save all the heroes and unlock the best ending

Please note that in order to open the ideal ending, the player needs to save all the heroes. This will necessarily require the successful completion of all QTEs. We recommend communicating with everyone good-naturedly. Our guide also lists the location of all clues and evidence. These items are divided into several groups. We will mark each piece of evidence by number and abbreviated name:

  1. Fire in a traveling circus - P.
  2. History of the Hacketts - H.
  3. The history of the camp

There are a total of 72 collectibles in the game - 40 clues, 10 evidence, and 22 tarot cards.


After watching the introductory video, control will pass to Laura. During the conversation, we are preparing to use the direction buttons to successfully complete the QTE. In the prologue, all actions have little effect on the plot.

We press the key and catch the phone. We take the card to the back seat. After stopping the car, we climb into the trunk, where we find the document.

We take away the box with tools and help Max. In the dialog, select the "Concession" option.

We examine the forest and go down. We go around a small rock on the left

and pick up tarot card number 1 "Fool".

We go along the road and examine the poster "Harum Scarum" (evidence No. 1, P) on a tree. We continue the path and at the first fork, we follow to the left.

At the dead-end, we find the illusionist's chest (evidence No. 2, P).

We return back and move to the right side. At the nearest fork, turn right.

We examine the broken cage (evidence No. 3, P). We continue on our way and successfully execute QTE twice.

By this point, Max will have fixed the car.

The heroes will get into the car and meet with the policeman. We choose “Honesty” twice and talk about the events that have occurred.

The officer will help you get the car out and advise you to go to a motel. You can agree with him or ask about the camp, but this will not affect anything. After the policeman leaves, select the "Relief" option.

The heroes will reach the camp, but all the doors will be closed. We examine the sign at the stairs below. We can approach the car, but we won't be able to leave.

We examine the yellow door to the basement. Laura will call Max for help. Choose any tool. We opted for the hammer.

After descending into the basement, we examine the collar with the name (evidence No. 1, L). An unknown creature will attack Max and Laura will have to decide whether to leave the guy or help him. We chose the "Help Max" option. After watching the video, the episode will end.

While chatting with the fortune-teller, you can select the "See more" option to get a little hint about further events. This opportunity opens at the end of each episode.

Chapter 1

Control will pass to Jacob. In a conversation with a friend, we show goodwill, so we choose "Thoughtfulness". Jake has to bring the bags. We can try to chat with the guy in the headphones, but nothing will happen.

Between the cars at the fence, we examine the note about the hunt (evidence No. 2, L). We go up the stairs and try to go inside. Jack's friends won't let him in, so another way must be found. To the left of the door, we study the plate (evidence No. 3, L).

We move to the left, inspect the view and climb through the window around the corner. On the shelf, we find a comic and we pass into a large room.

We turn right and go to the kitchen, which is located next to the front door. Upon entering this room, we find tarot card number 2 "Restraint". We pick up bags at the stairs.

Jacob will go down to the car. In a conversation with a friend, we select the options "Playfulness" and "Mischief". Use "Confession" to tell the truth, or "Courage". With the second option, Jacob will try to close the topic of conversation, but Caitlin will not believe the words of the hero.

In the process of inspecting the hood, the player must make an important choice that will affect further events (the hint was kept in a vision before the start of the chapter):

  1. Break the fuel line. In the future, the car will light up when you try to start it.
  2. Pick up the distributor slider. Jacob pulls out the switch and puts it in his pocket.

Both choices do not significantly affect the plot. Fixing the fuel line will be a little easier, however, if the distributor slider is turned off, the player will later be able to find evidence #3 in the third chapter. Otherwise, you won't be able to find it. Also, when activating the second option, the player will have to constantly monitor the slider and try not to lose it. These events will not change the ending much.

Jacob will break the car. After that, we immediately pick up the phone. In a conversation, select the "Friendly" option to play a joke on your friends in return.

The story will move on to Abigail. High five to Emma and don't open the door. If we choose the “Open” option to break the door, then in the future one of the characters will lose a hand.

Despite the locked door, the heroes will still be able to crack it and hide in the house. You can inspect items later, however, access to one of the additional story paths will be closed.

Inside the house to the left of the entrance is a toy. She can later be left in the camp's big house to open up an alternate storyline, but we didn't use the plush bunny and still managed to save everyone. Between the beds we find a piece of a newspaper headline (evidence No. 4, P ). We go outside.

Near the third house, we find an audio recorder (evidence No. 4, L).

We examine the pointer (evidence No. 5, L) and the central part of the tree - Ebi will find an empty vial (evidence No. 1). There is nothing else useful in this zone. We examine the radio room and return to Emma.

While driving, we dodge the pit in time and choose any of the proposed paths for a walk.

We have activated the Scenic Path. In the dialogue, select "Support" and return back to the camp.

Control will pass to Dylan. Don't push Abi. In a conversation, we use "Friendliness", "Support" and "Understanding". We expect Chris in the corridor for Ryan and use "Listen to a podcast". In a conversation with the head of the camp, we use "Alarm", "Apology" and "Curiosity".

Chris won't be able to start the car. We catch the keys and give him a promise - the “Concession” option. Trying to convince our friends that we shouldn't have a party. We answer "Perseverance", "Fear" and "Protection". Let's move on to the predictor. If desired, we watch the vision and begin the next episode.

Chapter 2

Control passes to Emma. We do not knock the door off our feet and use "Playfulness" in a conversation with Jacob.

Behind the first shelf, we find damaged paraphernalia (evidence No. 6, L).

We pass forward and, if desired, we can try to scare Jacob with a mask, but this will not work.

In the far right corner of the store, we find cottage repair plans (evidence No. 6, L). We are trying to open the locked door and use the "Call Jacob" option.

We won't find anything in the box. We take the shotgun from the floor and find out the password from the safe. In the corner of the warehouse, we examine the torn bags (evidence No. 2). We leave the room. If desired, we can go through the lattice corridor and open the door, but this will not affect anything.

We pick up cartridges in the safe and make a choice about fireworks. We took them with us and used them only once in the future, so it doesn’t make much sense to get the item out of storage. This choice will not significantly affect the plot. We use "Tenderness" and leave the store.

Accept the role of Dylan. Use "Friendliness" in conversation and look around Chris's office. We are trying to pick up the weapon and select "Severity" in the dialogue, but Ryan will not allow it. We study the family photo on the table (evidence No. 1, X).

We open the hatch, it is not necessary to go down, but Dylan must sit down at the table, play with the handset and find the leader's journal (evidence No. 7, L). If this does not happen, then go down to the basement.

In Chris's office, we try to open the locked door and catch the keys to Ryan.

We examine the closet and find a secret room. We use "Interest", and examine the letters and the board. We pick up the phones and leave Chris' office - control will pass to Nick.

At the fork, we go along the rocky road. We move along the left path and find tarot card number 3 "The Hanged Man".

When choosing a rocky road, the player will miss two items in a shady clearing. You can collect the remaining evidence during the second passage, starting from the second chapter. You will have to replay the game and collect all the remaining evidence. Otherwise, this will not work, since when loading a chapter, all items found in subsequent episodes are erased.

On a shady clearing, there is a forester's box (evidence No. 2, X) in the center of the clearing and a camera trap (evidence No. 3, X). The second item can also be found in the third chapter for Ebi.

Along the path, we reach the end of the location and select "Sincerity". When a boar appears, it is not necessary to save the girl. Hold your breath and release the button in time when the red spots completely disappear from the screen. In conversation, we use "Cheerfulness".

Fast forward to Caitlin. We photograph the house on the island and use "Honesty" and "Seriousness" in the conversation. Jacob and Emma will join the company. We select "Hardness" and go to the shooting range.

For Nick, we activate the “Hope” option and learn how to shoot. We shoot at bottles and watermelons.

Jacob will not hit the target - we show "Friendliness" in the dialogue. Ultimately, Caitlin will win over the guys.

Let's go to the fire. Do not interrupt Dylan for Abigail, choose "Truth" and "Honesty" for Ryan. We ask Caitlin a question and use "Interest".

Emma will kiss Nick, so Abi and Jacob will leave the company. Again we find ourselves at the predictor. If necessary, we look at the vision and move on to the next chapter.

Chapter 3 Trouble in Paradise

We follow Abi along the path. On the way, we study the camera trap, if we have not examined it before.

It is recommended to return to the main path. Slowly follow a straight line and see tarot card number 5 "Tower" on a tree.

I'm calling Nick. In a conversation, choose "Honesty" and "Directness", and then kiss the guy.

After a short cutscene, the heroes will be attacked by an unknown creature. We use "Help Nick", but it will not work to repel the hero. Successfully execute QTE. We continue to run, do not climb a tree, and hide near the stairs. We hold our breath and run out of hiding in time.

The story will move on to Jacob. Emma will join him. After a short conversation, we go in search of a towel. At the end of the video, we immediately turn the camera and find the tarot card number 4 "Star".

Between the two berths, we examine the sign on the lake (evidence No. 4, X). Opposite we find the newspaper "North Kill Gazette" (evidence No. 6, P).

We move to the left to the end of the building and examine the old photograph of the camp on a wooden beam (evidence No. 5, X) . On the second floor, we can use binoculars to see the island. We also study the shelves, but there will be no towels. We return to Emma. We use in the dialogue "Enthusiasm". We splash with a friend in the water and select "Flirt".

As mentioned earlier, if you pick up the toggle switch in the first chapter, Jacob will drop it into the water. In this case, you need to jump after him, and not immediately run to help Abi. We dive into the water and grab the switch. Successfully execute QTE. Here the hero will stumble upon a bloated corpse (evidence No. 3). If the pipeline breaks, this scene will not occur.

Management will pass it to Ryan. A frightened Abigail will return to the fire. We show “Concern” and “Perseverance”.

We cut the path twice to get to a friend faster. You will have to successfully complete all QTEs. We shout at the hunter and, if desired, shoot at him. We did not use a gun in this situation.

Let's move on to Jacob. We do not call anyone and we fall into a trap. We use QTE and activate the "Pray" option. We don't throw mud at the hunter. Again we meet with the predictor. After viewing the vision, we move on to the next episode.

Chapter 4

Ryan will successfully drag Nick to the fire. We press on the wound and after QTE use "Disregard". After the appearance of noise in the bushes, press "Call" and do not shoot both times.

Jacob will come out to the fire. We show "Interest", let go of the weapon and dodge the hero's blow.

Management will pass to Emma.

We immediately go down to the pier and reach the end to find tarot card No. 7 "Wizard". We go along the path and do not go up at the fork.

We continue along the ground, select "Thoughtfulness" and to the left of the vertical stairs, we find a box of matches (evidence No. 7, X).

We do not use this climb by the fire and return back to the fork. We climb up, show "Sympathy" and reach the hut.

We examine the window on the left and find the keys of the police car (evidence No. 6, X). We go inside the house. Let's get into the bag right away. The heroine will change clothes and find a stun gun. Otherwise, the heroine will die. Emma will open the hatch.

We use a stun gun on the monster and take a picture - we get a photo of the attack (evidence No. 4) . Successfully complete all QTEs in the entire scene, use the spray, barricade the door and climb through the hatch.

We return to the rest of the group. Upon entering the house, we immediately pick up tarot card No. 6 "Strength", which appears for a short period of time. For Dylan, we consistently select "Optimism", "Hope", "Determination", "Suspicion", "Calm" and "Protection". We give the gun to Caitlin.

We return to Emma. Slowly turn the lever and do not accelerate. The girl on the cable will escape from the island and remain intact. We are transferred to the fortune teller and watch the vision.

Chapter 5

We intercept control of Nick. We select "Gratitude" and we are silent when noise appears. We use "Assurance".

Caitlin will leave the heroes and go to check on the source of the noise. In order for a new piece of evidence to appear in Chapter 10, the player needs to complete an unusual series of QTEs when meeting with a hunter:

  1. We press the button in time - Caitlin will hide behind the beam.
  2. We don’t press anything - the girl will touch the handrail, and the hunter will find her and throw a jar at Caitlin.
  3. We shoot at the hunter as soon as he raises the table.

Otherwise, if you successfully perform a QTE and hold your breath, the man will take the shotgun from Caitlin. It won't affect the ending in any way. Fast forward to Nick and Abi. We hide from the hunter and hold our breath. If the man notices the heroes, then Nick will grab him and push him aside.

Control will pass to Dylan. We go straight along the road. After arriving at the camp, we follow the house opposite and to the left of it, and we neutralize the bear trap (evidence No. 8, X).

Between the second and third houses on the right, we find a note to the camp nurse (evidence No. 8, L).

We pass between the swings and tables - we find tarot card number 8 "Devil".

We approach the radio room. We examine the wall above the air conditioner and notice the traces of the claws (proof No. 5).

We go around the corner of the building and find tarot card number 9 "The Hermit". Only after that do we climb into the radio room.

Management will pass to Ryan. We use in the dialogue "Interest", "Alarm" and "Apology". We don't shoot at the roof. Ryan will notice his friends and warn them over the speakerphone. We also use "Aggression", "Confidence" and "Calm" in a conversation with a friend.

The further fate of Dylan depends on the decision made in the first chapter:

  1. Abigail and Emma broke down the door. Friends will quickly climb into the open house, and the creature will not be distracted by them. When Dylan reaches for the wire, the monster will attack the hero and bite him. In this case, you will have to make one more choice, indicated below.
  2. Abigail and Emma didn't break the door. Friends will have to spend some time opening the house. The creature will be distracted by them, but will not have time to cause harm. Dylan will get to the wire and remain intact.

If the player breaks open the door in chapter 1, then Dylan will be bitten by a monster. We choose "Despair", and after Ryan will have to cut off a friend's hand or shoot it with a shotgun. In this case, it is recommended to use a chainsaw.

We go outside. We use "Uncertainty" in a conversation with Caitlin and at the end of the cut-scene, we are again transported to the fortuneteller. If you wish, watch one vision and move on to the next episode.

Chapter 6

Let's move on to Jacob. We follow forward. We climb the wooden stairs to the top and always follow the right path. At the far end of the bridge, we find a memory card (proof #6). We go down and immediately turn left - the camera angle will change slightly, and the player will be able to pick up tarot card number 10 "Judge".

We go further and meet with Emma. We select the options "Relief" and "Apology".

The heroes will be attacked by a monster. Successfully execute QTE and hide from the creature.

Jacob will run out into the clearing and get his foot into the trap. We are trying to open the trap and are captured by the hunters.

Let's move on to Caitlin. In the dialogue, we use "Sympathy" and intervene in what is happening. Nick will fall into the water. We help him get out of the pool.

Control will pass to Abigail. There is a hidden timer in this zone that will trigger a cutscene, so it is not recommended to walk around the house for a long time - it is better to go straight to the search for clues. We examine the photograph of the vacationers (evidence No. 11, L) on the board in the corner of the room. We follow the left into the locker room. We study a creepy drawing (evidence No. 10, L ) in a metal box. We pass into the third shower cabin from the entrance and rest against the wall to find tarot card number 11 "Moon".

We move the heater to Nick. We show "Calmness" and "Sympathy". Nick will still get mad and try to attack Abi. We shoot at the guy - he will turn into a monster.

Management will pass to Emma. The girl will go to the fire. If fireworks were taken from the safe earlier in the store, then the heroine will be able to find the item at her feet.

In the yellow tent on the right, we take the children's letter home (evidence No. 9, L). We go down the path into the forest.

Emma will notice the hunters and hide behind a tree. We don't move. Men will still catch the girl. Emma will run away from them without any problems. When fireworks are available, you can successfully perform a QTE to throw an item in the face of one of them. The heroine will get to the house, but will not meet anyone there, so she will get into the car and hide inside it.

The narrative will return to Ryan at the pool house. After knocking on the door, we use "Suspicion" and "Interest" - we will see Laura on the threshold of the building. After talking with the fortune teller and viewing the vision, the episode will end.

Chapter 7

Laura will tell the rest of the counselors about what happened, so the story will be transferred to the past. We don't call the cop.

At the interrogation, we choose two times “Concession” and “Intrigue”. We don't attack the man. We use the options "Alarm" and "Disappointment" in a conversation with Max. After the arrival of the policeman, we activate "Concession" and "Concern".

Now Laura has time to inspect the camera. We immediately move back to the bed and return to the grate to change the view of the camera and pick up tarot card No. 13 "World".

On the right wall, we study the scrawled list (evidence No. 9, X). We examine the bulging stone on the left wall and then use the spoon located on the window to pick out the brick. In a conversation with a policeman, select "Fright".

In the next scene with Max, activate Seriousness, Thoughtfulness, Encouragement, and Empathy. Let's go back to the pool house for a moment. In a conversation, we use the "Calm" option.

Once again in the chamber, we apply "Curiosity" and "Optimism". The policeman will bring food. Activate Skepsis.

A little later, the officer will attach Laura to the battery near Max's cell. We don't call for help. We show "Sympathy" to Max. In the subsequent cut-scene, the player will see the transformation of the hero into a monster.

This is where the girl loses her eye. Laura will put on a bandage. After that, an opportunity will open to explore the police station.

We go out into the lobby and go between the tables to pick up tarot card No. 12 "Chariot".

We go up the small stairs and in the right corner of the location, we find a warning letter (evidence No. 7). We can go through the nearest door to Travis' office and examine the board. We will get access to the computer later. We go back and go up to the top floor.

In the second room, we find the burnt sheriff's badge (evidence No. 7, P ) on the box.

In the first office, we examine the greeting card on the board and go into the third room.

We pick up the syringe in the locker and study the calendar on the wall.

We return to Travis' office.

We use the computer and listen to the podcast "Strange Present" (evidence No. 10, X). We return to the chamber and hide the syringe behind the brick in the left wall. We lay down to rest on the bed.

Travis will wake up Laura after a while. We use Honesty. In the next scene, activate "Confidence". The policeman will let the heroine read a rhyme that will reveal some information about werewolves.

We do not try to take the weapon from the sheriff and choose "Puzzle" and "Approval". In a conversation with Max, we use "Doom" and "Empathy".

After the arrival of Chris, we successfully catch the mug, eavesdrop on the conversation of two brothers and come up with a rescue plan. Laura will pretend that she is ill. Successfully perform a QTE to insert a syringe into Travis' neck. The man falls asleep.

Laura and Max will get out. In one of the rooms, the heroes will find silver bullets. We use Excitement. After the departure of Laura and Max from the police station, the events will be transferred to the present.

Select "Reassurance" and watch a short cut-scene. We do not hide the truth and show the counselors a bite - Ryan will snatch the weapon from the girl and point it at her.

The story will move on to Jacob. One of the hunters will drag him into a cage. We use the "Prayer", but it will not lead to anything. Again we talk with the fortuneteller and watch a new vision.

Chapter 8

We return to the pool house. Ryan will be interviewing Laura. Alternately activate "Uncertainty", "Curiosity" and "Suspicion". The girl will make a silver bullet for Abigail. We use "Caution", "Sympathy" and "Friendliness". The team decides to split up.

Ryan will go to the Hacketts' house with Laura. We continue the conversation - we consistently use "Curiosity", "Thoughtfulness" and "Sympathy". The heroes will break the wooden ceiling and fall to the ground. Laura is slowly starting to transform, so her eye has already completely healed.

We go around the water on the right side and inspect the miner's lunch (evidence No. 12, X) in a metal box behind a block. We return to the stairs.

To the left of it we will find tools from the quarry (evidence No. 11, X). We go up. At some point, the path will begin to collapse.

We slowly continue our way and turn into a small nook with a railing. We rest against them - the camera will change position, and the player will be able to pick up tarot card No. 15 "Lovers". Please note that before collecting the item, you should not climb higher up the stairs, as a cut-scene will start and the item will become inaccessible. Successfully complete QTE and continue climbing up.

Before the next metal path, we find wounded flesh (evidence #8) on the ground. On the bridge, in a conversation with Ryan, use "Patience". We go a little forward, perform a QTE and slowly walk in a straight line through the tunnel.

The camera will move and the player will be able to pick up tarot card #16 "Wheel of Fortune". In the cave, we inspect the bottles and follow through the door.

Fast forward to Caitlin. In a conversation with friends, we show “Honesty”. Dylan, Abi, and Caitlin make their way outside and find Emma in the car.

We use Approval. Abigail and Emma will hide in Chris' office, while Caitlin and Dylan will go to the junkyard to look for parts.

Management passes to Ryan. We turn into a side room.

We pick up tarot card No. 14 " The Empress ", As soon as the camera changes position.

Here we examine the rum distiller (evidence No. 13, X). We do not go further and return to the previous corridor.

We follow forward until the camera changes again. We pick up tarot card number 17 "Emperor". We move into a room with a red light. We successfully complete the QTE and find Jacob. We do not open the cage and stop Laura. Be sure to help Jacob.

Ryan needs to use the correct handles in the shield to free his friend:

  1. Switch 1.
  2. Switch 2.
  3. Select "Continue".
  4. Switch 2.
  5. Switch 3.
After a short conversation with Jacob, Laura will start up the stairs. The old woman will hear her and pull the girl out of the hatch. We watch the vision of the fortune teller and complete the episode.

Chapter 9

Fast forward to Caitlin and Dylan. Show curiosity. After a short cut-scene, the heroes will reach the junkyard.

Let's switch to Ebi. The girls hid in the basement of the house. We select "Curiosity" twice in a row in a dialogue with Emmy.

We are transported to the Hacketts' house. Successfully complete the QTE, kill the old woman and dodge the shot. Let's switch to Ryan. We do not pull out the knife, otherwise, the hero will die.

We examine the cabinet in the corner of the room next to the mirror and find Kaylee's letter (evidence #9).

We follow to the bed and after changing the camera we pick up tarot card No. 18 "Death".

We study another closet. We are trying to open the door next to the bed. Select "Hide" and "In the closet". We hold our breath and, as soon as the red spots disappear, we run away to another room. We successfully complete the QTE and transfer to Laura.

The girl tries to escape from the head of the family. We hide in the bathroom and hold our breath. As soon as we run away from the man, we will find ourselves in a safe zone for a short period of time.

We immediately examine the wall of hunting trophies (evidence No. 15, X) in front of us. We do not use the piano and go up to the second floor.

In the office, we study the pedigree of the Hacketts (evidence No. 16, X).

In the next room, we approach the window to find tarot card No. 19 "The Sun". We open the door.

Correctly perform QTE and attack the man - Laura will kill the head of the family.

Let's move on to Ryan. We hold our breath in a small passage behind the wall. The hunter will catch up with Ryan, so we take out the knife from our body and stick it into the villain.

Laura will catch up with the guy. We choose "Sympathy" in the conversation and agree to the girl's offer. Laura will bite Ryan and save him from death. We do not remove our hands in the process.

The story will move on to Dylan. Before the crane is activated, nothing threatens the heroes, so we freely move around the dump and find key items. We follow a straight line to the garage.

We press the button to open the gate and go up to the second floor.

At the dead-end, we will find a note from the landfill (evidence No. 14, X). We go through the gate in a straight line until we get to the stairs.

Let's go to the containers. We continue forward - at some point, the camera will change, and the player will be able to pick up tarot card No. 20 "The Last Judgment". We go down the second ladder and go to another rise. We do not climb to the crane, otherwise, the cut-scene will begin.

We go around the stairs on the right side and inspect the discarded signs (evidence No. 8, P).

We return to the crane. After starting the video, in a conversation with the girl, select "Encouragement". From now on, Dylan needs to successfully complete all QTEs.

We warn Caitlin and signal to divert her attention. We press the correct keys - Dylan will drop the car on the monster.

We are transferred to the cottage to Amy and Abi. We immediately approach the stairs and pick up tarot card No. 21 "Hierophant". We examine the shield - Abigail will find silver cartridges on the ground. We climb up the stairs to Chris' office.

We are transported to the Hacketts' house. We move forward and face a werewolf. Laura will turn into a monster, and Ryan will have time to grab a shotgun.

We shoot the werewolf and kill Chris - Laura will immediately return to human form. In a conversation with Travis, use "Suspicion" and leave in search of Silas.

Again we communicate with the predictor. If the player has previously found the Hierophant tarot card, then an additional scene will open in which you can take control of Elisa.

In the vision, let's fast forward six years. We examine the burnt body of a person. We move forward and dodge the falling object in time. After that, the woman will be smeared with blood and go into the forest.

Chapter 10

We take control of Max. The man was cured of his illness. We examine the matches, if we have not done this before, and move along the path to the pier. On the way we pick up a cap.

We remain on the island and do not swim to the other side. Otherwise, Max will die. Fast forward to Dylan and Caitlin. We go up the stairs and turn into a bedroom with bunk beds.

On the floor, we pick up a letter from the camp (evidence No. 12, L). Here we go up another staircase.

We pass a little to the left along the railing until we find tarot card number 22 "The High Priestess".

We go down. We get to the family porter along a long passage (evidence No. 19, X). We examine it and continue the search, otherwise, the cut-scene will begin. And let's move forward. If Caitlin previously shot at the hunter, who was hiding behind the table, then on the left, next to the portrait, you can find the ticket stub (evidence No. 9, P).

On the same floor, we get to the classroom. We examine the drawing on the board (evidence No. 17, X).

We leave the room and immediately go up the stairs to the left. Near the yellow sofa, we find an engraved decoration (evidence No. 18, X).

Here we examine the bag next to the blue boxes. Inside we find a recording from a camera trap (proof No. 10). There are no more collectibles in the game.

We go down to the portrait and prepare for the attack. The werewolf will break through the painting. We run from the monster and use the beam.

We successfully complete QTE and continue to run away from the monster.

We use the "Check" option, take the cartridge from Abi and Emma and kill the werewolf.

Let's move on to Laura. The girl, along with Ryan and Travis, went into the forest to destroy the last monster. Use Curiosity, successfully cover your head with your hand and grab the weapon. Laura will not be able to get a shotgun, so we take cover and pull the handbrake.

We use "Determination" in the dialogue and "Clarification". The heroes will reach the werewolf's cage.

If the player does not immediately raise their weapon, then a skirmish will begin between Laura and Travis. If the QTE is not completed, the girl will shoot the officer. After that, you need to kill the werewolf to complete the game. In this case, all the Hacketts will die, but the leaders will remain alive.

You can also immediately shoot the monster, so as not to bring the plot to the murder of a policeman.

In the epilogue, the player will be told about the fate of each character at the time of the finale.

A podcast will also begin in the background of the credits, in which the two hosts will discuss the events in the camp and jointly study the evidence found by the player.