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Walkthrough Starship Troopers: Terran Command - game guide

 A detailed guide to completing all story missions and additional objectives

Starship Troopers: Terran Command has 20 separate scenarios that are story missions. In our walkthrough, we talk about all the missions.

Battle for Klendata

You control one detachment of submachine gunners. Select them with LMB and move them a little lower, to the flag labeled as Drop Zone. To move a squad after its selection, you need to right-click on the desired location. And do not forget that WASD is used to activate different commands and skills, and to rotate the camera you need to use the usual directional arrow keys. Help other squads to destroy arachnid warriors.

Battle for Klendata

When the objective is complete, move to the right towards the flag, killing the warriors so that the rocket launchers can get close to the plasma bugs and destroy them. Get to the next troop redeployment point. This is just above and to the right of the current position. By the way, you can use CTRL + RMB to make your units move towards the marked target and attack all the enemies they meet along the way. Fight off enemies until you are informed of a strategic evacuation. At this point, select your squad and head towards the indicated landing craft on the left side. This will complete the mission.


At the beginning of the mission, you control two squads of submachine gunners. Move through the gorge to the left. Get to the vanguard and stand on the left flank to fire at the warriors. When prompted to head towards the hive, do so and watch the cutscene. Chase down the escaped arachnids, clear out the settlement and team up with military engineers using flamethrowers. Also in the settlement you should have picked up two weapon crates (just right-click on them). A little higher up the road, after the flamethrowers, there will be a third weapon crate and a radio bunker. Capture a radio bunker similar to weapon crates. Look down at the squad that was helped on their way here. One of them is incomplete. Bring him to the captured radio bunker. Having selected a squad, press F or find the corresponding icon for calling reinforcements in the lower right corner of the screen.

Put the engineers in the narrow passage on the right. You can place submachine gunners a little lower. Fight off the bugs and move north between the city to find a base with two weapon crates. Pick them up to complete the side objective.

Fight off the bugs near Delta-4 Outpost. They will go left and right. After that, go to the territory of the base. Repeat the steps, this time taking the left wall into the outpost area. Machine gunners will come.

burrow patrol

Move to the right side, killing the arachnids. When you get to the radio station, click on it with LMB and click on the button to call an additional squad. After that, take a position on a hill nearby and destroy the bug reinforcements. After that, move to the nearest hive, marked with a red marker with the number "1". Get close to the hive, destroying enemies. When there are no bugs left, you will be ordered to enter the hive and clean it out. Send foot soldiers there (they will suffer some losses depending on the difficulty level).

Head up the road to find a radio station to capture. So do it, but do not rush to call support. Instead, interact with the landing pad, activate it. You can now request two squads of military engineers, which is needed for a secondary task. Whether you do it or not, there are two more hives to clear next. Go first to the left, to the nearest hive. If you suddenly called in ordinary submachine gunners, select a new squad and find the button in the lower right corner that allows you to disband units. After pressing it, you need to select one of the two seats near the radio station. Choose units "without dots" above your head - they are not pumped.

As soon as you call the engineers, you will receive a new additional task. Each of them can install one turret near the radio station. Do it. Install turrets in marked places. Let the turrets and engineers protect the radio station, and you go to the left side to the second hive. After clearing all the bugs outside, go inside. so you incur a minimum of losses. After clearing this hive, you will be able to request the support of another unit (six in total).

Return and continue moving to the right. Before the bridge, you will be offered to dismantle the turrets and put them in this place. Click on the turrets and look for the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the screen. Set up a couple of turrets near the bridge. Leave the engineers there, and move along the bridge to the right. Take your time! Although the hive is located to the right of the bridge, first pay attention to the hole below the bridge. Destroy it, otherwise bugs will continue to appear from there. Cross the bridge, kill the bugs and clear another hole.

To the north of this hive is a radio station. Capture it and set up a command center on the platform on the left. Now use the radio station to order two squads of snipers. If you have suffered losses, you can order the restoration of the detachment at the radio station. To the north is another hole that you must destroy. After doing this, go to the left side. Ignore the tunnel as there is nothing you can do about it. Instead, get to the hive and clear it. Then the tunnel itself will disappear. Capture the last radio station, then prepare for the final assault on the bugs. Complete a set of units. Place submachine gunners and snipers on the hills. If built, disassemble the turrets and install them in the indicated place. Wait. You can put military engineers in the narrow passage ahead, but they will be fired upon by spitters.

peaceful booty

At the beginning of the mission, use the radio station to summon the third squad of submachine gunners. Place all three units on the walls (one is already there) and wait. You will easily beat off the attack on the base. In which case, you can use the radio station to replenish the units. After that, you will see miners who will be killed by bugs. Open the gate by clicking on it and clear the shaft like a beehive. When there are no enemies left, send one of the units inside so that they seal the hive (mine).

Throughout the mission, bugs will periodically raid the base. They all come from the southeast direction. Therefore, I recommend building turrets, after requesting the landing of engineers. Of course, in order for the engineers themselves (as well as the shooters) to appear, you need to build a support center and a command center on the landing platforms. Do not leave all units from the base, this is fraught. To get started, go right-up to the satellite station. Grab it and move up and to the right to clear the second shaft. There will be supplies nearby. You can defend the satellite base with turrets. After that, return to it and move up to the left to clear the hive (not the mine) and find additional supplies. Don't forget to request new units from time to time, build turrets and so on. The main thing is to protect your own base.

After cleaning the third mine, you will be asked to call a signalman. These units allow you to create a landing platform anywhere on the map, and with its help you can request reinforcements (replenishment of squads).

Now move west of the hive. On the way to the mine, pay attention to the lair of beetles. Be sure to destroy it. At this moment, jumpers should appear - flying arachnoids, which should be destroyed first. Go to the left and grab the second satellite dish and another beehive. Next to him will be the fourth supplies. The latter are located to the left of the last mine in the upper left corner of the screen. In the same direction will be the last, optional hive. All supplies must be collected before you clear the last shaft, as the mission will end immediately.

Cleaning the caves

In this mission, you will have access to a squad with a combat officer who has a buff to increase damage against enemy units in a marked area for all your squads. Go right past the locked doors, follow through the cave on the left. When you stop in front of the nest, don't let the military engineers get too close. Destroy all the drones with the help of machine gunners, a sniper and a combat officer. Be sure to activate the attack boost ability on the latter. When you kill everyone (the lower scale will be empty, the enemies will stop bringing down), let the military engineers burn the nesting place. They do it easier and faster than others.

Keep moving. After another fight, a unit should come out to you, providing reinforcements for the wounded unit. That is, you will restore full strength. Keep moving, destroy the second nest, and a little later you will find a wounded tanker. This is a dangerous beetle, but at low difficulty levels you will destroy it without much trouble. At higher levels, use the combat officer skill, as well as submachine grenades. Move on and you will soon be able to capture the control room. And don't forget to choose elite abilities for level 3 units (three yellow stars above their heads)!

After capturing the control room, fight off the attack of arachnids. You can go left and find a weapon box. You should have come across one of these on your way to the control room. Each weapon crate provides 1 military support. Get to the detachment of survivors who will join your army. Go into the room with the drilling point and capture it until the tanker appears. When you destroy it, the mission will end. You can use the sniper's sensor beacon (elite skill) to distract the tanker. And don't forget about infantry grenades.

Escape is out of the question

Get to the crash site behind the rock on the right side. Wait until the task is updated. Move on, destroying the beetles, follow the tracks. Clear the room of fugitives and grab Rhys standing on the roof. Accompany Rhys to the prison nearby and watch the cut-scene. After that, you will be assigned to protect the prison. Place your soldiers on the walls on the left. Previously, you can use the radio station to replenish the strength. If possible, call for additional units. Fight off the first attack, call in the squads, and all together go outside, as a tanker will appear on the way to the supplies. After destroying it and collecting supplies, return to the base. Build what you can, summon the units you want, and occupy the walls. Don't forget to close the gate!

Keep fighting off the bugs. In the end, you will be shown two beehives. Gather 3-4 squads and go on a sortie. Clear both hives. Note that there is a tunnel on the left besides the hive that you cannot interact with. And there might be a tanker. Kill a tanker by throwing grenades. Just above the left hive, to the north is a radio station that you can capture at will.

In addition, you will be prompted to call two squads of rocket launchers. Before you can do this, build two centers for the units you are already familiar with. The combat level will gradually fill up. Scale at the bottom of the screen. When it becomes the second, you will be able to build a missile warehouse, and after that you can hire rocket launchers. With their help, it is much easier to destroy tankers.

Sooner or later there will be a riot in the prison. At this point, you will be given a detachment and asked to clear the prison (the number of units to be killed will be indicated). Move through the prison, killing different enemies. When you are prompted to take over the control room, be careful. There is an enemy behind a turret in the corridor on the left. In any case, you will have to capture this room, since there are other prisoners there. But I suggest going through the main hall, up and down the stairs to attack the turret from the flank. The distance will be minimal, and you can even throw a grenade at the enemy behind the turret. After capturing the control room, go to the main hall. I recommend again moving along the flank, since there will be an enemy behind the turret in the center.

After clearing the prison, you will be asked to fight off the enemy bug attack. This will be the last, prolonged attack, so call for reinforcements from time to time. The mission will end after the execution of Thomas Rhys. 20-30 seconds after the execution.

energy race

Unlike previous missions, here you will be asked to choose a landing site. Let's start in the lower right corner, although the safest place seems to be on the left side of the map. The first thing to do is build a support center and call in a couple of squads of flamethrowers, as well as submachine gunners. Leave a couple of units just above the base, and the rest go to the right to clear the first hive. Having done this, go back and with all your strength move up, past the tunnel to the second hive. Unfortunately, very dangerous tiger beetles will appear. They kill machine gunners and military engineers in no time, so you have to increase your firepower. When you clear the second hive and return to the base, the commander should offer to call Mk II infantrymen. To do this, build a special warehouse on a free cell and call on two such units.

To protect your base, I recommend leaving at least one squad of submachine gunners, one squad of MK II infantrymen here and building a turret as an engineer.

When you're ready, go left to the first turbine. Kill all enemies, capture the station and repair the turbine by using at least one detachment of military engineers on it. Set up this place. If desired, go left and clear the hive. In principle, each hive you clear reduces the number of opponents. The path between one turbine and another is very complicated. On the right is a hive with two tunnels at once, so you need to pump the units as much as possible and use mainly infantrymen Mk II. Capture the energy core (you can do it in advance), and then make your way to the second turbine. To simplify the task, you can install turrets by engineers. When you repair two turbines and capture the energy core, the task will be completed. As usual, if you want to complete side missions, first complete them, and already switch to the last turbine or energy core (depending on which

Deep in trouble

Another task that you will perform with a limited squad. The main thing that you must remember is that you must not lose combat officers. At first you will have one, later - and the second. Move through the mine, killing enemies until you are stopped. Go further in a frontal attack - pure suicide. Instead, you will be shown the second squad. Move it on top, destroying targets, and attack the bugs from the back. You will be on top, so you have nothing to fear and there will be no losses. After clearing the room, grab the drill. With the second detachment, go to the right, clear one more room (you can capture the searchlight) and capture the second drill. Keep moving with both units. The first will run into closed doors. Second get to the control panel and open the doors of the room. Enter the room with the first squad and hack another console. Go through the gate on the right.

You will be shown the formed hive. With the second detachment, stand at the gate and defend yourself. With the first squad, get to the other side of the gate as soon as possible and hack the panel. The countdown will begin, that is, the doors will not open immediately. But when this happens, you can rejoin the first squad and continue moving. And as soon as you find huge clusters of bugs, you will be asked to evacuate. Get to the extraction point as soon as possible (go right and down, along the edge of the screen). The most important thing is that both officers survive. Escort them to the place of evacuation. The task will end.


At the very beginning, call for the maximum number of submachine gunners, and also build any building near Fort Meru. Build the second one when resources become available. Defend the front line. It doesn't have to be long, but hold on as long as you can. Also, a beehive will soon appear nearby. Be sure to clean it up. If possible, hire engineers and install a turret. Better than two! When supplies appear, send any unit to get them (white box on the radar).

The task itself will last exactly as long as you can stand on the first two lines. The point is that you still need to retreat in the story, even if you can perfectly defend the front line. That is, first you must wait for the countdown and protect the front line. Also destroy the hive. After that, you will definitely, sooner or later, have to retreat to the second line of defense. Stay there and kill the enemies. Scorpions should appear, strengthening the hive and infection. After that, another hive will appear on the left, which is much more dangerous than the previous one. Destroy it, wait for the countdown to end, and retreat to Meru's base itself.

Here you need to defend yourself, and in no case try to go out and destroy the two hives on the left and right. It's unrealistic. Stay on the defensive, occupy the walls and destroy opponents. Use Rocketmen and Mk II infantry to manually order them to kill the scorpions. When things get really bad, the evacuation will begin. Keep defending Fort Meru until your buddies evacuate 40 civilians. This is approximately 3-4 minutes. And once again I repeat: scorpions are best destroyed manually. You see a scorpion - direct the fire of all nearby units at it!

flaming sky

At the very beginning of the mission, you will gain access to the E-Pulse infantry, as well as two rocket launchers. The objective of this mission is to have at least one rocket launcher survive. Go down a little and destroy the lair of arachnids. Rejoin the 3rd E-Pulse Infantry Squad. Now move to the left side, to the radio station. You will see a group of survivors, but as they approach, they will be destroyed by a plasma cannon. The most interesting thing is that this weapon will be used throughout the mission. If you see a blue spot on the ground, run away from it. Especially rocket launchers. Capture the radio station and listen to the command. By the way, you will restore all your units.

The evacuation is denied because the Plasma Bugs must be destroyed first. Two markers will appear and you can go to either one. Along the way, destroy ordinary beetles. Plasma bugs can only be destroyed by rocket launchers, but you can shoot from behind the mountain. When the plasma bug explodes, both the bug lair and the arachnids standing next to the plasma bug will be destroyed. Finally, there will be a survivor camp between the two Plasmabug positions. Kill the scorpion there and get supplies and two rocket launchers.

However, from now on, the survival of rocket launchers is not necessary. Capture the bases, destroy the hives and move west. Never lose sight of your squad, otherwise you risk getting caught by plasma fire. You need to destroy three more plasma bugs. In parallel, you can save one squad of survivors - military engineers and snipers. When the last plasma beetle remains, do not be distracted by anything and run towards it. Destroy as soon as possible before the countdown ends. Then a horde will appear, and you will be unhappy. The mission will end as soon as all the Plasma Bugs are destroyed.

Deadly Gorge

Move down and destroy the enemies. Don't blow up the barrels in the narrow gorge! Instead, wait. The commander will order to take a position from above and ambush the beetles. So do it, and at the same time, be sure to select all the units, press D (or find the button in the lower right corner that disables automatic shooting). When the enemies pass you, start shooting at the barrels. And turn off the function of the ban on auto-shooting (press D or the same button again).

Keep moving. The bugs will come from behind, but soon you will meet 2-3 reinforcements. Destroy the bug lair and the nesting area located a little further. Get to the radio station, but it will be destroyed. We'll have to look for a new one, and at that moment the flamethrowers will appear. These are small bugs that shoot plasma projectiles. The points where the shells fall are marked with purple spots.

Grab the radio station and follow up and to the right. Destroy the tanker as soon as possible. Next, turn off automatic shooting at visible enemies, as you need to get past the hive. Destroy only nests! On the way you will meet more small beetles and a detachment of warriors, but there should be no problems. At the end where the "white star" points, an evacuation shuttle is waiting for you.

The dangers of the mind

Move to the right side and kill the enemies. The combat officer's sensory beacon can distract the bugs. It is important that you keep all the units intact. That is, one sniper can die, but not both (they belong to the same unit). A new unit, Fleet Adjutant, will become available to you. He, like the signalman, will allow you to call in reinforcements to restore the number of units. But don't overestimate the Adjutant. This unit has a minimum defense, so it is not worth throwing it into the thick of things. Move further along the marker, use the combat officer's sensor beacons to distract enemies.

You will meet Colonel Yarrow. After meeting with the colonel, you will have to ensure his survival. Fortunately, now you have no limit on death (some units may die). Look for supplies on the left. Turn left and go to the base area. Now you need to accumulate 6 battle points. You will receive 1 point for each weapon crate captured and 2 points for each hive destroyed. That is, you can destroy three hives and accumulate the required amount, or you can destroy two hives and collect two boxes of weapons. But the most important thing is that you need foot soldiers with E-Pulse. And for this you need to accumulate the first 2 battle points. I propose to hire ordinary submachine gunners and go down to the nearest hive. It won't be easy, but you have to manage. Once you've cleared this hive, return to base, build a power plant, and hire your first squad of E-Pulse infantry.

Now clear two more hives, or one hive and collect two weapon crates. Decide for yourself. When you have accumulated the required number of points, run back to the base and be ready for defense. You will be attacked by plasma throwers, so instead of E-Pulse infantry, I suggest hiring more snipers. Survive the specified time, and the task will be completed.

razor river

At the beginning of the mission, destroy the nesting and lair of bugs. Climb up the hill ahead to the left to get to Midway Station. Take over this station. Bombardiers will appear - small bugs that curl up into balls and roll in your direction, trying to blow themselves up and damage you.

Next, you will be asked to destroy two three-level hives near the bridge, on the right side. In addition to them, there are 3-4 smaller hives, due to which you can level up, build all the buildings and hire the best units. When you're ready, go to those hives. Each is surrounded by 2-3 nests, which are desirable to destroy from afar. Also, do not enter the hive until you have cleared all the tunnels and the hive itself. Only in this way can you lower the strength of the hive to a minimum, and close it with one unit.

Steel guards

At the beginning of the mission, just wait, do nothing. Your soldiers will do everything for you. In a minute you will be controlling the huge M-11 "Marauder" (Flamethrower) robots. Move to the red star marker and destroy the two bug lairs. Move now along the road to the right and down, killing the monsters, and reunite with the flamethrowers. Continue on the road. The Engineer can repair Marauders. Do so right now. Get to the gate. Along the way, you will also meet rocket launchers.

Next, you need to accompany the adjutant. You will be given the third Marauder. The task is not so easy, because you have to go past the hive with scorpions. The adjutant has the ability to request a bombardment, don't forget that. Keep the Fleet Adjutant and Engineers away from the fighting. The first one must survive, and the second ones are needed to repair the Marauders. After the hive, it remains to get to the evacuation point along the highway on the left. Nothing complicated!

And now the really difficult part of the mission begins. You need to clear two hives of the fourth level, which are surrounded by three tunnels each. Only engineers can clear the hives themselves. Rocket launchers are needed to quickly destroy the scorpions. And the "Marauders" are suitable for eliminating the rest of the beetles. And all this must somehow be combined, combined. In general, it will be difficult. But you can capture the radio room near the hives so as not to make this huge path again.


At the very beginning of the mission, move the camera a little higher, to your base, and request Mk II infantry and rocket launchers. They are urgently needed, because tiger beetles are about to tumble down to the bridgehead, and ordinary submachine gunners are powerless against them. And don't forget to give orders manually so that the rocket launchers and Mk II infantry will attack the tiger bugs first.

After that, you will be given a detachment that will come from the rear. Capture one or two satellite stations at once. You are now asked to destroy four enemy hives. Along the way, you can capture stations to make it easier to create new units. Also hire military engineers and build some turrets on the bridgehead to make it easier to defend and require fewer units. With the rest of the units, start destroying the enemy hives. The last, most difficult hive, is located outside the gate. To gain access to the gate, you need to capture a special terminal to the left of the central hive. Having done this, place troops near the gate, especially rocket launchers. They will get all your opponents from here, and the losses will be minimal. As always, manually set them to kill scorpions first, and then finish off the rest. Royal guards will appear - very dangerous opponents. But in general, I managed even without the Marauders. Don't forget that infantry with E-Pulse have weapon buffs.

Into the belly of the beast

First, move in a straight line, killing drones and warriors. When you are asked to free the survivors, be careful as there is a scorpion beetle just beyond the control panel. Against him, use the E-Pulse infantry buff and the combat officer buff. You can throw grenades of submachine gunners and military engineers. After winning, hack the panel to get a squad of engineers. Move on and enter the caves. Here you will have to destroy 3 nests. In the case of the first two, everything is quite simple. But around the third, there will again be a scorpion. Therefore, do not rush, wait away from the nest until all the drones crawl out of it. Then you can already approach, kill the scorpion and blow up the nest.

After destroying all the nests, collect weapon boxes to get two points of military support. Thanks to this, you will be able to install two machine gun turrets. Do so in the area that is marked with a marker, and wait. Fight off the first waves of bugs. When the target is updated, dismantle the machine gun turrets and run to the exit marked with a "white star". Set up turrets there. On your way to the exit, you can hack the sensor antennas to see the entire tunnel.


First, move to the right and capture the nearest hive. After that, keep going to the right and grab the turbine. Later, you will be asked to capture all four turbines, which will make the task easier, since the cannons will guard the perimeter. When the Plasmabugs appear, destroy them as soon as possible and keep an eye on your squad, otherwise they may fall under the distribution. In the process of activating the turbines, clear another hive. Keep clearing hives and capturing power plants. Use turrets to protect them. When all the hives are cleared and the turbines are captured, you will have to protect the perimeter. Place troops along the perimeter, evenly, next to each cannon. Alternate between E-Pulse infantry and rocket launchers. There should be enough of them, but just in case, you can take a signalman to replenish the number of units. In general, the task is not difficult,

Born to crawl

Finally, exoskeleton infantry will become available to you. Move along the perimeter to the left, killing enemies. It is a pleasure to fight with this infantry! Go to the territory of the mission control tower and destroy the three bug lairs. You can throw grenades at them. After that, capture the tower itself. Now you need to capture three points. The lightest one is on the left, it is responsible for the spotlights. When you capture all three points (everywhere you need to destroy the hive), preparations will begin before the final wave. Every time you destroy a hive and capture an object, you will receive military support, which means you can increase the number of exoskeleton infantry. The last fight will be the hardest. I must say right away that it is advisable to prepare for it in advance: do not let your foot soldiers die. Level up to the elite, and you can unlock, for example, rocket launchers, of which the exoskeleton infantry will fire on their own! And don't split the squads at the end. Enemies will shove from one side. There will be chaos towards the end, but by this point you should have 7 units of elite exoskeleton infantry and there will be no problems. Just stay close to the central base so that you can restore the size of the detachment in case of emergency.

Anthill guardian

It will be a long battle. I recommend as soon as possible to start rebuilding the turrets around the perimeter. Any, from machine guns to missiles. And do not forget that Mk II infantry is stronger against tiger beetles, but warriors are easier to kill with the same submachine gunners. There will be several waves. In the middle of the battle, they will even offer to destroy the hive on the left. Do this, because he is not so dangerous, and there will be fewer enemies.

Operation Guillotine

Wait a little to get started. Hire units and upgrade their level. When you're ready, advance in the direction of the first three hives. It is advisable to pump the combat level in order to build a power plant and use the E-Pulse infantry. By the way, first go across the bridge to the left to clear the tunnel of the nearest hive, otherwise it will be very difficult. Then capture the forward base and move up. Capture the station, strengthen the squad and destroy the hives on the left and right. The rest of the tasks are optional, otherwise you need to get to the hive at the top of the map, clear the tunnels and the hive itself, and then send a squad inside. He will capture the brainbug and the mission will end. However, like all the passage of the game.