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What to do at level 100 in Allods Online?

 At level 100, the game is just beginning: we will tell you where to run and what to do after leveling up your character

So you reached level 100: maybe you read our guide to fast leveling and went from zero to maximum in a few days. What's next? In fact, once you reach level 100, your journey is just beginning. In " Allods Online " just a bunch of all sorts of activities, and everyone can find something for themselves. However, before you start going through top content, you need to prepare for it, otherwise, you will not be of much use in the group. In this guide, we will explain what is the best thing to do for a freshly pumped character in order to pump up the necessary “muscles”.

Since Allods Online has existed for more than 10 years, the developers have come up with a way that allows beginners to quickly catch up with veterans and start playing with them on equal terms. To begin with, we go to the Astral Academy and find an NPC named Naya Vihreva. You can ask her for a set of starter equipment, with which you can start taking part in high-level content.


Everyone who reaches level 100 should earn Prestige as quickly as possible. This is a special status, upon receipt of which the character unlocks an additional skill point and gains access to the second facet of talents. The latter is especially useful, as it allows you to save two builds at once and switch between them at no additional cost. For example, if you're playing as a Priest, you can create one build for a healer and another for a damage dealer, and then switch from one to another when you feel like it.

To be called the Great, you will need to bring 360 Amalgams to the head of your faction. Once upon a time, Amalgam was one of the most valuable resources, but now it is quite easy to accumulate it by completing quests, and you can safely spend it on getting Prestige. If you don’t have enough Amalgam, then go to Suslanger and complete quests there that you haven’t completed yet. After that, you should have more than enough Amalgam to gain Majesty.

Entering Astral

It's time to farm. We go to the Astral Islands through the Adventure search menu, indicating the desired layer. Choose your role, and in a few minutes, you should be thrown onto the island, although damage dealers will have to wait a little longer than tanks and healers.

Entering Astral

Astral Islands is a PvE boss zone designed to be played in groups of random players. At the moment, most of the players have already managed to farm some good gear, so you, even being dressed in the initial equipment, should not become a hindrance. In the Astral, purple objects fall, which can immediately replace the starting blue.

Equipment does not drop by itself but in special boxes. To open the box, you need to spend the Astral Key, which you should have to the maximum by level 100. In just a few hours of farming the islands, you can spend all the keys and dress up a little. In the future, you will be given 14 keys daily, and now you can do something else and just save the keys until the next trip to the Astral.

Pumping continues

If you think that your character has nowhere to pump further, then this is not so. Upon reaching the maximum level of 100, the ability to accumulate the level of the Spark opens. For each new level, it becomes possible to choose a new talent of the Spark, making your character stronger and stronger, so it is necessary to pump the level of the Spark.

Pumping continues

Spark experience can be earned by completing weekly and daily quests. When pumping the Spark grid, it is better to take milestones for additional experience in the first place. In the end, this investment will pay off.

Quest for every day

Daily and weekly quests are one of the main farming methods at level 100.

It would be useful to drop by on Irene and complete the local daily tasks. There are a couple of quests for killing mobs on Al-Riath, so it's better to start daily farming with Ayrin.

Now go to the Ruins of Al-Riat and take all the quests you can find. Quests to eliminate a large number of mobs are weekly, so they can be completed in parallel with daily ones for several days.

We are also interested in the location of the Kingdom of the Elements. To get into it, you will first need to complete the task "The Path to the Realm of the Elements", which can be taken in the capital. Here we are also interested in all the same daily quests. Farming in this location will help you not only level up the Spark faster but also buy the necessary items from local merchants for Relics of the Elemental Realm.

Elemental Altars are scattered around the location. One or other of the factions can capture these points, and then all members of this faction will receive a buff for increased rewards for completed quests. Therefore, quests should not be turned in immediately - it is better to wait until at least a few Altars pass under the control of your faction. Of course, you can go to take the Altars with your own hands, but there is a high probability of colliding head-on with another similar player from the opposite faction.

Be sure to complete the daily quest "Not a day without a feat", for which all sorts of useful items are issued.

Also, a great option for those who have just reached level 100 is to participate in the Storms that periodically occur on Suslanger. Before the Storm begins, a message will appear on the screen warning players and giving them time to prepare. During the Storm, you need to kill certain mobs, collect keys from them and use them to open chests scattered across the Suslanger desert. Each Storm has its own modifier that changes the conditions for the passage of the event, which forces players to adapt and change tactics.

Rebirth Ritual

Upon reaching level 100, the quest for Rebirth will come to the mail. Simply put, Rebirth allows you to create a new character while maintaining full access to all the resources of the old one. The "reborn" character has many uses, but the most interesting feature is that one of the abilities of the new character's class can be transferred to the old one, expanding your arsenal.

We go to the Citadel of the Lord on the Island of Revelations and find there the beloved Veronica of Hypatia. You need to take the quest "Tempering the Spark" from her, which consists of three parts. Quests will take at least 10 days to complete, so complete them while doing something else.

To complete the first part, you will need to go to the Tka-Rika cave, located on Revelation Island. There are ten different tasks to complete inside. It will take some sweat, but in the end, you have to manage.

During the second part, you will need to travel to the Kingdom of the Elements, drink poison and have time to kill the required number of mobs in the allotted time.

In the third part, you will only need to buy 3000 drops of myrrh from Veronica of Gipatskaya and hand them over to her.

After the successful completion of the quest, we go to the head of the faction, and then to Mare di Ducer, if you play for the League, or to Sarang Bisan, if for the Empire. Then we will be sent to Kirah, where we will meet again with Veronica of Gipatskaya. Then we will have a shadow fight and a long-awaited opportunity to be reborn.

Achievements through battles

One of the most valuable currencies is Achievement Marks, which can be earned by participating in PvP Battles.

The first step is to join the Order. There are three Orders in total, and players from different servers can join them. Functionally, they are no different from each other, so choose any you like. The Order opens access to the Gifts of the Source. These are special effects that give all sorts of bonuses that are constantly changing. Some Gifts increase the amount of Achievement Marks earned in Battles, and it is this bonus that we are interested in. If you see that the Gift for additional marks is activated, then it is better to use it as efficiently as possible.

Well, then just take it and participate in the Battles. If you've only reached level 100 and put on your starting gear, it will hurt, as the vast majority of your opponents will be dressed much better, so be prepared.