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Where to find and how to defeat the Putrid Rat, how to get the rat form in V Rising

 The Right Way to Summon and Defeat the Putrid Rat

The Putrid Rat in V Rising is currently the most unique boss in the game, because, unlike other carriers of V-blood, this enemy is not actually in the game. He will not appear until you call him. Will have to find some resources. Be patient, put in some time and you will be rewarded in the long run. The power of the vampire that you get from the boss will come in handy in the exploration of the game world and in PvE mode. In order to summon the Putrid Rat, you must fulfill a number of special requirements, which will be discussed below.

Where is the Putrid Rat?

In fact, it is not in the game world, but as soon as you fulfill all the necessary conditions, the enemy will appear next to you. The Putrid Rat is one of the few bosses that will attack you on its own without you having to hunt it down through the Altar of Blood. While you still need the Altar of Blood to trigger a clash, the fight won't be as easy.

Where is the Putrid Rat?

First, you need to create a nest of parasites, which will require 360 ​​stones and 120 bones. After that, interact with the nest and choose the option to summon the Putrid Rat. You will need:

  • 4 Fish Bones - Can often be found inside chests in the bandit camp.
  • 8 Grave Dust - Grind the bones in the Castle Crusher to get Dust.
  • 1 dusk snapper is a fish, so you will need a wooden fishing rod. It is impossible to say exactly where and when you will be able to catch fish since they can appear in any body of water. Therefore, you will have to try your luck in different areas.

How to beat the Rot Rat in V Rising

    After you upgrade the vermin nest with the appropriate variant, the Putrid Rat will approach your castle and you can start the fight. Putrid Rat is a level 30 boss, so make sure your character is of the appropriate level before the battle. As soon as you can summon the enemy, it remains to study all the attacks of the Putrid Rat and learn how to counter them.

    The putrid rat, like most any enemy rats in video games, will try to bite you and is capable of poisoning the hero. The rat alternates between two different bite attacks. Before the first bite, the rat will stop briefly and then lunge at you. Such an attack is easy enough to dodge, but you need to dodge at the moment of approach. The second attack consists of several bites; once the Putrid Rat begins to glow red, know that it is preparing for this attack. Then she will try to bite you 4-5 times in a row, and then retreat. Again, thanks to the red glow, you will know that the Putrid Rat is preparing an appropriate attack, so you will be able to dodge it.

    The Rot Rat moves in the style of the Pokémon Dig. Periodically, she burrows into the ground to hide and take you by surprise. She is also able to summon a bunch of small rats that will instantly attack you. Try to kill the small rats as quickly as possible before the Putrid Rat returns. Otherwise, the battle will become much more difficult, as several rats will attack you at once, including the boss.

    Finally, you can dodge a poisonous attack with ease. When the rat is ready to strike, it will glow green. This is a signal that you need to be prepared to dodge.

    All of these attacks are mostly used at close range, so the strategy used against the Alpha Wolf can help you. Luckily, you should be able to dodge most of the Putrid Rat's attacks with ease, and immediately counterattack the enemy.

    How to turn into a rat

    Once you defeat the Putrid Rat, you will unlock the ability to turn into a rat. You will still be vulnerable to sunlight, but in this form, it will be much easier to sneak up on unsuspecting opponents.