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Where to Find the Best Weapons in The Cycle: Frontier - Rare Gun Spawn Locations


Where to Find the Best Weapons in The Cycle: Frontier - Rare Gun Spawn Locations

In The Cycle: Frontier, players can not only purchase weapons from faction stores but also find weapons during raids. In this guide, we will tell you where to spawn and how to find the best weapons in matches.

After exiting closed beta testing, The Cycle: Frontier added new weapon spawn locations on the Bright Sands map. In some of them, you can find unusual and rare guns that can be used for sale or in further battles.

You can find a cannon at almost every point of interest. Usually, you will come across pistols or submachine guns of normal rarity. However, high rarity assault and sniper rifles only spawn in certain locations.

Where to find the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier on the Bright Sands map. Vaccine Laboratory

The first weapon spawn point can be found when looking around the Vaccine Lab POI, which is located just below the Eastern Caverns.

On the territory of the laboratory, you can find two cannon spawn locations:

  1. Look around the lower floor of the laboratory and take a look at the only bed here. Usually, the weapon spawns right on top of her.
  2. Climb to the second floor of the building and exit to the balcony. Examine the white weapon case to find a cannon.

The road between the Excavations and the Power Plant

If you follow the road that runs along the river from the Power Plant to the Excavations, you will definitely stumble upon a white case. High rarity assault rifles spawn here.

communication tower

A little above the Communications Tower there is a campsite. Explore this area to find weapons. It usually spawns in a white weapon case, but can also be found on crates or on the ground. In this zone, you will run into monsters and, most likely, other players. Therefore, be extremely careful.

crashed ship

The next weapon spawn is located right in the crashed ship. Look inside and examine the weapon box hidden under the foliage.

jungle camp

The last best weapon spawn location on the Bright Sands map is the Jungle Camp. It is worth warning that this is a dangerous place inhabited by the most powerful and aggressive monsters.

You should find and climb the tallest building, on top of which is one of the already familiar weapon cases.