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All codes for safes and doors in Stray: where to find and how to apply passwords


All codes for safes and doors in Stray: where to find and how to apply passwords

In Stray, you will come across several terminals and safes that can be opened using four-digit codes. You can most often find these combinations near the location of a locked door or vault. In this guide, we will detail the location of all passwords in Stray and clarify the places where they need to be used.

All codes in Stray. Where to find and how to apply passwords

All available four-digit keys are not automatically generated - the player just needs to remember the available codes and use them in a suitable place. Hints for doors and safes are usually found nearby, so the player will have to be smart to get the right combination.

Below are all the available passwords in the game:

  1. The door code ( chapter 2, exit from the apartment ) is 3748.
  2. The code for the safe ( chapter 4, slums, not far from the musician ) is 1283.
  3. The door code ( chapter 6, revisiting the slums, secret door ) is 2511.
  4. The code for the safe ( chapter 10, shop in Midtown ) is 8542.

Also in episode 4, there is a safe in the library, which must be opened according to the plot using the keys. To use the above codes, you need to approach the object, press the action button and enter the password. If the combination is correct, the door or safe will open immediately. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about their location.

Chapter 2

The password specified in the section is required to leave the apartment with the B-12 drone. This happens almost immediately after using four batteries and meeting a technologically advanced flying friend. First of all, we use the terminal in the apartment and get out into the corridor. We turn into the nearest room to the right and activate the flashlight.

We climb onto the shelves on the left. We push the paint can to make it easier for the player to see the code "3748", which is written on the board. We leave back into the corridor, approach the terminal and enter the found combination to get out of the apartment.

Chapter 4

The location of the safe is easy to find immediately after meeting the Guardian. We become facing the robot and immediately go down the small stairs to the left. We pass by the musician and turn into a dead end with garbage. There is a metal safe on the hill with bags.

We examine the storage and get a hint with a binary code. Robot Elliot will help decrypt the entry and find out the correct password. To do this, we return to the Guardian, turn our backs on him, and go down the large stairs.

We move along the left lane to Babushka. Sitting next to her are two robots in robes. To the right of them, we scratch the door - the robot will slightly open the passage to the locked apartments. We rise to the second floor of the apartment and give the found message to Elliot. The programmer will solve the cipher and point to the inscription "DUFER BAR".

We return to the big stairs. There is a bar on the corner. Inside the room, you need to climb onto the bar and find the bright inscription "DUFER BAR". We scratch the picture above this neon sign and find the correct code - "1283".

We return to the safe and open it. Hidden inside the vault is a collectible item - " 8/8 Notes ".

Chapter 4

In this episode, another vault is hidden, to access it you will need to find the keys. We follow the roofs past the sofa and climb into the library. We pass into the farthest room, move through the piles of books into the room with purple light, and find the keys on the bed.

On the way back we climb into the next passage. We climb onto the books and jump down to open the way to the safe. We use the keys and open the vault. Inside we find Doc's notebook.

Chapter 6

After returning to the slums again, you will meet Momo, who will take the cat from the bar to the apartment of Doc and Seamus. The son of the inventor has long lost hope of finding his father, but the main character will be able to help the robot in the future. To do this, you have to get into Doc's secret laboratory. The terminal that opens the secret room is behind the left painting on the shelf.

The password hint is located behind the right-most frame on the adjacent wall - "Time will tell." This is a reference to the clock that hangs above the sofa.

The player will have to look at the clock hands and find out the correct combination - "2511". We enter the code on the terminal and go to the secret room.

Chapter 10

As soon as the cat passes the black robot, climbs the stairs, and moves deeper into the city, he will enter Midtown. A notification about the beginning of the chapter of the same name will appear on the screen. The hero needs to go a little further and find a robot in a white jacket. Here we climb onto the counter of the shop and climb inside.

On the wall behind the seller on the reverse side, we examine the inscription on which the password is written in the opposite direction - “2458: edoC”. Here we climb to the topmost shelf and approach the safe.

We enter the correct code "8542" and get the cat icon.