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Best Binding of Isaac Mods to Play in 2022


Best Binding of Isaac Mods to Play in 2022

The world of many games is expanding thanks to the hard work of a dedicated community. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is no exception. Roguelike with pixel graphics received mostly positive reviews from critics and players, and the mod workshop introduced by the developers only fueled the interest of users and extended the life of the project. Our selection contains the best and latest mods for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

How to install mods

How to install mods

Please note that after the release of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in 2014, the developers released three major DLCs that expanded the story and added unique artifacts, fresh locations, and new enemies:

  1. Afterbirth - in 2015.
  2. Afterbirth+ - in 2017.
  3. Repentance - in 2021.
Keep in mind that some modifications may only be compatible with certain versions of the game, so be sure to compare the numbering of the downloaded update.

There are two ways to install mods. Each of them is listed below:

  1. goog_125002285Unpack the modification files along the path "Drive: / Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / The Binding of Isaac Rebirth / resources".
  2. Move the entire mod folder to "Libraries/Documents/My Games/Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods".
The second method is most likely suitable for all users who have a version of the game installed, starting with Afterbirth + and higher. Please note that some enhancements may conflict with each other. In the description of each modification, this information is most often indicated. Similar errors occur when installing several improvements on items.

Steam users must install mods in the Workshop section. To do this, do the following:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Click on "Community" and go to "Workshop".
  3. In the search bar, enter "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" and go to the game card.
  4. After loading the page with all the modifications in the search bar, enter the name of the improvement.
  5. Open the modification card and click "Subscribe".
  6. Log into the game after downloading the upgrade.

How to download a mod from Steam

There is another unofficial way to manually download existing mods from Steam. To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Find the required modification in the workshop.
  2. Open the page with the enhancement and copy the URL link. For example, " " without quotes.
  3. Follow the link .
  4. Enter the link you copied earlier into the search bar and click the "Download" button.
  5. If the correct modification is displayed on the screen, click "Download from online Steam Client" to download the game files.
  6. After downloading the archive, place the improvement in the desired folder.

16-Bit Renewed

A re-release of the popular mod that reworks the standard pixel art to match the style of 16-bit SNES and GBA games. The improvement starts on Repentance but is unstable with other mods.

Additionally, you can install POG for Good Items - a small improvement that is compatible with 16-Bit Renewed. The hero will get angry when he sees an artifact of the third quality level and higher.


SkyMod changes the classic gameplay of the original project, adding a little variety to the gameplay. The main differences include the strengthening of weak characters and mediocre items, the loss of more artifacts, and the complication of opponents in special and dark rooms. None of the main locations have been redone, allowing the balance of the original game to be maintained.

External item descriptions

Despite minor improvements, External item descriptions is the most popular mod in the Steam Workshop. The mod displays on the screen detailed information about all available artifacts in the game: trinkets, runes, cards, pills and collectibles. The player can customize the font style, indicators, and other visual options to their liking. The modification supports the Russian language, works with almost all custom improvements, and is also compatible with Afterbirth + and Repentance.

Alphabirth Pack

A global modification that includes several separate packs: Mom's Closet, All That Is Unholy, and The End Times. They add new items, enemies, characters, runes, and challenges to the game. All three upgrades can work together and separately on the Afterbirth+ version.

Specialist Dance for Good Items

A small mod that makes the hero dance to the music when finding an item of the fourth quality level. Works on the Repentance version with all characters uncorrupted.

Planetarium Chance

One of the most popular improvements on the Repentance version, which displays on the screen the probability of a planetarium being present on the current floor. When calculating percentages, all artifacts, collectibles, and modifiers are taken into account. For the appearance of the planetarium, the player must meet all the requirements. In addition, items that affect the likelihood of this event will not be displayed until you move to the next floor. This is necessary to change the current layout and update the statistics.

Enhanced Boss Bars

The modification changes the classic health bar for bosses. Unique "bars" can be customized for the player. The improvement has added a variety of icons for each strong opponent and more than 30 specific stripe designs.

Enhanced Boss Bars runs on Repentance and is compatible with almost any mod. Exclusion of custom work that affects the design of boss health panels in any way.

In addition to this modification, we recommend installing the Boss Rush Wave Counter, which displays a wave counter of strong enemies on the screen.


The upgrade will allow the player to be in a new area. This location will feature new enemies, items, rock combinations, interactions with bombs, explosives, and a very difficult hidden boss. Quarry is stable on Afterbirth+ and runs on Repentance, but there may be bugs on the current version.


The modification consists of two chapters, each of which adds a lot of unique content to the game: location, bosses, enemies, items, and characters. The hero will have to take control of Sarah or Charon to cope with numerous deadly traps in the catacombs and on the glacier.

The upgrade only works on the Afterbirth+ version. You need to additionally install StageAPI and Mod Compatibility Hack .

The Garden

Mod adds location "Garden" and some related content. The player will be able to find new items and take advantage of the transformation, as well as face a unique boss, challenge, and curse. The game will have new effects and musical accompaniment. The upgrade starts on Afterbirth+.

Genesis+ Revived

An updated version of the Afterbirth+ global mod that adds over 90 artifacts, 2 new characters, and 30 unique enemies to the game. The improvement is still in development, but no longer buggy. And the author also has such things in the collection:

  1. HD Contrast Shader Pack is a pack of shaders that increase brightness and contrast and update the color gamut.
  2. Genesis+ Music Pack - a set of unique musical compositions.

good trip

A small popular modification that allows you to use fast travel between previously cleared rooms. A mini-map appears in the right corner of the screen, which displays all the items found. For convenience, it can be fixed in another place. If necessary, just click on the desired room, and the character will automatically be in the selected zone. The upgrade runs without error on Afterbirth+ and Repentance.

true co-op

The upgrade adds local co-op to the game in Afterbirth+. Users will be able to go on a joint adventure with up to four players. After choosing characters, you can collect your own items, trinkets, cards and tablets, it is not necessary to share the found artifacts with the host. There are also several additional settings for each hero. Please note that the developers have already added multiplayer to Repentance, so it is highly recommended not to install a modification for this version.

Old Wardrobe

Adds a wardrobe to the game, with which you can customize the appearance of the character. On each floor, a wardrobe with clothes appears in the very first room. When using the wardrobe, the game timer stops. The modification works in multiplayer, and the developer guarantees performance on Afterbirth + and Repentance.

Custom Mr Dollys

With the help of the upgrade, each character will receive a small doppelgänger pet, completely copying the current appearance of the hero. The ally will not provide the player with any help in combat. For lovers of practical modifications, we recommend installing Mei. He adds a new hero with telekinetic powers to the game.