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Blood in V Rising - how to change the quality and type of blood


Blood in V Rising - how to change the quality and type of blood

In V Rising, the quality of the blood consumed affects some of the vampire's stats. The properly selected liquid will allow you to defeat many enemies and bosses. Today we will tell you how to increase the level and change the blood type, and also help you create an inexhaustible source of it.

Why is blood needed in V Rising? What affects and how to replenish the blood supply

Blood is the most important resource necessary for the survival of a vampire. Its main function is automatic health recovery. At the bottom of the screen, you can track the amount of liquid available. If the resource runs out, then health regeneration will stop, and the hero will begin to lose vitality.

The easiest way to replenish your blood supply is to feed on living things. This does not apply to undead, golems, and aggressive plants.

For killing enemies, you will receive consumables of various rarities: tainted and excellent hearts. They are used to replenish the blood in the vampire's body. However, this will also affect its quality: after application, the blood type will change to normal, and you will lose all previously available bonuses.

At later stages, players will be able to build a dungeon to create an inexhaustible source in their castle. We talked about this mechanic in more detail in a separate section.

How to change blood group. What blood types are in V Rising

In the game, you will meet six types of enemies with a unique groups and blood quality. Some fluids increase your combat stats, while others allow you to move around the world faster. Having a high level of blood is necessary to fight the vast majority of bosses.

Blood types:

  • Normal.
  • Animal.
  • Worker.
  • Robber.
  • Warrior.
  • Warrior.
  • Scientist.

To change the blood type, it is enough to inflict critical damage on your prey, and when the inscription "Eat" appears, approach it and press the corresponding key. It is worth noting that at this point the vampire will be vulnerable to enemy attacks. Therefore, you should get rid of other opponents before draining the liquid from the victim.

There are two ways to track the quality and type of blood:

  1. Hover over an enemy. Under the health bar, you will see the type and level of blood.
  2. Use the Blood Hunger active skill. You can get this ability after defeating Leandra, who lives in Dunley Farms.

The best blood types in V Rising. How to change and improve blood quality

The level and blood type directly affect the passive bonuses for your character. Depending on these indicators, you can increase the movement speed of the vampire, increase the resistance to the sun, the damage dealt, or the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Blood quality is measured as a percentage, and improvements are categorized by levels. The higher the percentage, the more buffs are available to the vampire:

  1. Up to 30% - the first level.
  2. From 30% to 60% - the second level.
  3. From 60% to 90% - the third level.
  4. From 90% to 99% - the fourth level.
  5. 100% is the fifth level.

It is impossible to improve the quality and replenish the stock of the available resource. You can try to find a victim with a similar type and blood level in order to restore its maximum volume.

Common blood group

This type does not provide any benefits. It is set when respawning, as well as after using some consumables. For example, it is enough to eat "Stained Heart", "Flawless Heart" or a rat to get a normal blood type.


Such blood is useful for long journeys through the open world of the game.

Level Bonuses:

  1. Movement speed increased by 3%-15%.
  2. Sun resistance increased by 10-25 units.
  3. Damage taken was reduced by 10%-20%.
  4. Health regeneration increased by 150%.
  5. All effects of this blood type are increased by 30%.


Workers can be found at Danlí Farms, as well as in some mines and large cities. Spotting a vampire, such enemies will raise a fuss and attract the attention of warriors. Their blood is useful for resource extraction and riding.

Level Bonuses:

  1. Resource extraction is accelerated by 10% -30%.
  2. Damage dealt to resource deposits increased by 15%-25%.
  3. Riding speed increased by 10%-20%.
  4. The chance to instantly destroy resource deposits and trigger Rage Surge increased by 3%.
  5. All effects of this blood type are increased by 30%.


Rogues live in small camps and on roads near cities. They are mainly armed with bows, crossbows and knives. A high level of blood will be needed for dynamic battles with large groups of enemies.

Level Bonuses:

  1. Weapon Critical Chance increased by 10%-20%.
  2. Movement speed increased by 8%-15%.
  3. Movement skill cooldown reduced by 12%-25%. 100% critical strike chance for the next melee attack and after using a movement skill.
  4. The chance to ignore enemy armor during a critical hit increased by 50%. All damage is increased by 15% for 4 seconds.
  5. All effects of this blood type are increased by 30%.


Thinkers meet in large settlements with temples. You can also find some "scientists" in an unusual form - these are mutated people living in the Silver Hills location. Blood will be useful for players who often use spells.

Level Bonuses:

  1. Increases spell power by 10%-20%.
  2. Reduces the cooldown of spells by 8%-15%.
  3. Increases Life Siphon (Vampiric) on a hit by 5%-10%.
  4. Increases the chance to reset spell cooldowns by 15%.
  5. All effects of this blood type are increased by 30%.


Warriors are not warriors yet, but they are no longer robbers. They usually patrol the roads near cities. The resource extracted from these fighters will be needed at low levels to increase the efficiency of health recovery in battles.

Level Bonuses:

  1. Increases Life Siphon (Vampiric) on hit by 7.5%-12.5%.
  2. Increases attack speed by 7.5%-15%. Increases equipment level by 1.
  3. Increases healing efficiency by 20%-35%. Each kill restores 4% of your maximum health.
  4. Grants a 6% chance to increase regeneration efficiency. Increases movement speed by 20% and damage from all attacks by 25%.
  5. All effects of this blood type are increased by 30%.


Such enemies can be found in outposts and cities. The blood of a warrior is suitable for fights with bosses or high-level opponents.

Level Bonuses:

  1. Increases physical strength by 10%-20%.
  2. Increases the cooldown of weapon skills by 8%-15%.
  3. Reduces incoming damage by 7.5%-15%. Increases damage against enemies with maximum health by 25%.
  4. Increases the chance to reflect an attack by 15%. Damage taken when parrying an attack is reduced by 50%, and damage dealt after a successful parry is increased by 25%.
  5. All effects of this blood type are increased by 30%.

Where to find quality blood. How to create an inexhaustible source

Characters with quality blood appear randomly. Explore outposts, camps, and big cities to find them. This is the only way to get such a resource in the early stages of the game.

A little later, when you build a castle and deal with Vincent Frostbearer, you can create prison cells. They are needed to contain prisoners and collect the necessary resource from them. To do this, several conditions must be met:

  1. Upgrade the Heart of the Castle to the second level to get the Kiss of the Vampire ability. How to do this, we told in a separate guide.
  2. Use the above skill to recruit enemies with quality blood, and then imprison them in prison cells.
  3. Craft or find some empty glass bottles.
  4. In the cell menu, select the action "Drain blood".

This way you will create an inexhaustible source, and you will not have to constantly explore the open world to find a high-level resource. But finding five suitable enemies and imprisoning them in cages will not be enough. Each subsequent extraction of blood increases the percentage of the unhappiness of the prisoner. The higher it is, the more damage the prisoner will receive upon extraction.

We advise you to collect blood from one prisoner no more than twice, after which it is imperative to feed him rainbow trout. This fish can be caught in any body of water with a fishing rod. Thus, the percentage of prisoner suffering will decrease, and the next blood extraction will become safe.