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Can a Gaming Laptop Overheat If You Use It Too Much?

Can a Gaming Laptop Overheat If You Use It Too Much?

 Video games are a popular pastime these days. Most gamers prefer to stick to custom-built desktop computers and gaming consoles. On the other hand, there are some who like gaming laptops.

One of the advantages of a gaming laptop is the fact that it is much easier to carry around with you when compared to a large desktop computer. At the same time, it can be a bit tricky to rely on a gaming laptop if it does not have decent hardware.

You can get a better custom-built PC than a laptop hardware-wise, but a higher price is usually justified by the fact that laptops are more compact.

Having said that, when you are playing video games on a laptop, you might notice that the device is making loud noises. The likely reason behind it is the struggle of the internal fans trying to keep the hardware cool.

Some people might have doubts when they think about how common gaming laptop overheat problems are. The reality is that they are more common than one might expect.

What Should You Do to Solve the Overheating Issue

One of the biggest problems with overheating in this case is the fact that we are talking about a gaming laptop.

If you take a laptop that is not used for gaming, solving the overheating issue is much easier. Why? Because a big part of the problem is video games. In other words, if you do not play video games on a laptop, you are less likely to notice overheating.

According to this guide, quitting redundant background processes and cleaning the dust inside are one of the key methods to overcome overheating issues on a laptop. But can you expect noticeable results if you were to do that on a gaming laptop?

Of course, you want to maintain the device in a good condition, but just like previously mentioned, if the demands of video games are a primary reason behind overheating, you have very few options.

One of the first things that come to mind is trying to play video games that are not as demanding. Unfortunately, the best video games often fall in the AAA category, which means that they are quite demanding. 

Add the fact that players often want to experience the best that a video game has to offer in terms of visuals, and they up the graphics to ultra quality, which puts an extra toll on the performance.

Can you realistically find enough low-end video games to entertain yourself? Probably, but it is unlikely that you will not get bored sooner rather than later, which will make you return to AAA games again and start from square one.

An Argument for a Cooling Pad

Besides maintaining your gaming laptop in good condition to prevent overheating, you can also try to fight the problem by getting a cooling pad.

Computer accessories exist to make life easier for users. Since the overheating problem is so common, it is not surprising to see something like a cooling pad exist.

This accessory costs around 50 dollars, but the investment is worthwhile considering how effective a cooling pad can be. The internal fans of an overheating laptop will not be as burdened as much if there is an extra source of cool air coming from a third-party pad.

Sure, a cooling pad does not solve an actual problem of the internal laptop hardware overheating, but the accessory still helps with maintaining the temperature.

Considerations to Play Video Games on Other Devices

If you are stuck with an overheating laptop and start to feel anxious every time you hear a loud noise or notice the device's temperature rising, there is no need to force yourself to stay in the same situation.

You have the option to switch to another device for gaming. In fact, you can even consider upgrading your gaming laptop, but it is likely that history will repeat itself and you will be stuck with the same problem.

Selling your current gaming laptop, even if it is second-hand, should still help cover the expenses for getting a gaming console or a custom-built gaming PC.

Keep note, though, that these devices also have certain maintenance requirements. They are less likely to overheat than a gaming laptop because of better hardware, but do not expect that the same issue does not manifest. If you are negligent and fail to clean the dust inside a gaming console or PC, for instance, it will not take too long before the overheating starts.


Do gaming laptops overheat? Certainly, and it is tricky overcoming the problem. You have few options to solve the overheating issue, but they are worth a shot regardless. And if the situation does not improve and you want to continue gaming, you will likely need to switch to a different gaming machine.