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Co-op in Stray: how to play on the same screen with friends and other players


Co-op in Stray: how to play on the same screen with friends and other players

The developers of Stray from BlueTwelve Studio did not foresee the presence of a cooperative mode for several players, but the network has already found a unique way to activate multiplayer. To do this, you will have to install an additional modification from the community. In this guide, we will detail how to download the multiplayer mode and play Stray with your friends on the same screen.

Please note that installing various files from unverified sources can lead to disastrous consequences for the device you are using. Our material uses only direct links to a well-known resource - Nexus Mods.

How the modification works

Using the method described in the following sections, PC users will be able to activate Split Screen on the computer - the split screen mode. It is worth noting that this method will not allow you to play Stray online. To activate the local co-op feature, you will have to download additional files and place them in the correct directories. Unfortunately, owners of PlayStation consoles will not be able to install the modification due to the system's closed architecture to outside user intervention.

How to Install Splitscreen Mod and Activate Multiplayer

This section contains detailed instructions for installing the modification. Follow all the steps below to start a co-op game.

Follow the link to the Splitscreen modification on Nexus Mods. To download the improvement, you must go through authorization or registration on the site, otherwise, access to the download will be closed.

Click on the Files tab and alternately use the Manual Download buttons in the corresponding windows of the specified Splitscreen and Splitscreen required config files.

On the pages that open, use the Slow Download button to install the files. You don't need to buy premium and use fast download. Both files are very small (about 13 kb) and download quickly even at low speeds.

After downloading, you need to unzip the archives and place the downloaded files in the root folder with the game. Steam users can open the program and find Stray in the list of purchased apps. After that, you need to right-click, open "Properties" and in the "Local Files" section, click on the "Browse" button to navigate to the correct folder.

In the Stray game files directory, first go to the path "Stray / Hk_project / Content / Paks" and place the SplitScreenRequiredConfig_P.pak file here.

Here, create a LogicMods folder and open it. Inside the LogicMods folder place the file SplitScreenMod.pak.

Follow the link to automatically download UnrealModLoader and extract the files to any convenient location.

Open the UnrealModLoader folder and run the UnrealEngineModLauncher. Launch Stray.

In the main menu, press the "F9" key on your keyboard. The screen will be divided into two users - the main image will be displayed in the upper part, and the active buttons of the main menu will appear on a completely black background in the lower zone.

By reactivating the "F9" button, the player can add additional users, however, there are some limitations and errors. Detailed information on this is provided in the next section.

Limitations and errors. How to avoid problems with launching the modification

First of all, please note that the developer of the mod did not go through the entire game on a split screen, so at the moment there is no confirmation of the error-free operation of the improvement throughout the entire playthrough. If errors occur, it is worth restarting the game and loading the last save without activating additional users.

Pay attention to the main details of the performance of the Splitscreen modification:

  • Additional users are activated using the "F9" key on the keyboard.
  • In co-op mode, only the creator of the session will be able to see the game interface (HUD), so the rest of the joined users will have to explore the game world without him.
  • In rare cases, there are problems with the transition to other levels - friends who have joined the session may get stuck. Reload your save and reconnect with other users.
  • Stray is not designed for split-screen use, so visual glitches can sometimes occur.
  • Add more than one player at your own risk - the developer does not have confirmation of the stable operation of the project for three or more users.
  • The camera may lose sight of the main player. In this case, try restarting the save. The developer of the modification is aware of this problem and will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • When using the "F9" key outside the main menu, fatal errors may occur that will lead to a complete crash of the game. Close Stray, re-launch the UnrealEngineModLauncher file, and re-open the game.
Be prepared for other bugs - the modification is under development.