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Cuphead Boss Walkthrough (Botanic Panic)

 A detailed walkthrough guide for the first boss of the game Cuphead: how to kill-crazy vegetables

Botanic Panic

Botanic Panic is a boss level located in the first game world in the Inkwell Isles. You can start this level by interacting with the plant bed south of Porkrind's Emporium (vendor's shop).

In this battle, you will have to face a group of three overgrown and hostile vegetables (on easy difficulty - only against two). They will attack you one at a time, but each of them has different types of attacks. Since the bosses attack in turn, the fight will be divided into two or three phases depending on the chosen difficulty.

Note. Each fight can be started with easy and normal difficulties. On easy difficulty, the battle consists of two stages, and on normal difficulty, it consists of three (in most cases you fight two or three different bosses).

Phase 1 - Evil Potato

The boss potato will be located on the right side of the screen and will hold that position throughout the entire battle phase. Depending on the difficulty level, the mud puffs will fly at a higher or lower speed and frequency.

Phase 1 - Evil Potato

He has a single attack that causes him to spit out lumps of mud. In one attack sequence, you will see two clods of dirt and one pink thing. As you deal more and more damage to the boss, dirt will fly in your direction with greater frequency. The last spit of dirt is usually pinkish in color and is perfect for a parry (double jump so that the second press of the Z key will attack the pink object).

To defeat the Potato Boss, you must stay on the left side of the screen and hold down the shoot/attack button while jumping over the mud that is flying towards you. If you can (but don't have to), parry the last ball of dirt to boost your energy for a special attack. Just jump and shoot in this position for as long as you can and eventually the potato will be destroyed.

When you're done with it, it will disappear, sinking into the ground. The next boss will rise from the ground already in the center of the location.

Phase 2 - Weeping Bulb

On easy difficulty, this phase is missing.

The bulb will appear from the ground in the center of the location and will remain there until the very end of the battle. In this case, you must keep to the left or right side of the screen to avoid any damage that may be inflicted on you by contact with the enemy. As with the Potato, the bow has only one special attack - it will cry, shooting water drops falling from above on either side of the central area. You should avoid them without trying to parry.

Remember once and for all - in the game, you can only parry objects that are colored pink. Parrying them (pressing the jump button again) gives you charges for powerful attacks (with the V key).

To destroy the Bulb, stand on the left or right and focus fire on the enemy while holding down the attack key. The bulb will not leave its position, so you can shoot at it while looking at what is above you and avoiding falling drops. Sometimes you will see pink drops falling (usually one drop falls on the left or right side of the boss per attack). Parry them to gain charges for a powerful attack.

Hold position, and follow this strategy until the boss is destroyed. After that, a third enemy will appear.

Phase 3 - Crazy Carrot

Carrot is the most difficult of the three bosses. She will appear in the middle of the field and will use two types of attacks against you. These include:

  1. Homing Carrots - The boss will shoot small rockets in the form of carrots that will start chasing you until you destroy them with shots.
  2. Laser circles from the eyes - periodically the boss will shoot laser circles from his eye, aiming at your current location. This will be a series of damaging rings.

The higher the difficulty, the more homing carrots will fly at you. In addition, on easy difficulty, the boss will make two consecutive shots from the third eye, and on normal - three.

To defeat the carrots, you must be much more mobile compared to the previous boss fights. At this stage, you need to focus on the carrots, but at the same time, fire charged attacks at the boss itself, Crazy Carrots. You need to aim up or diagonally. When small carrots fly, switch your attention to destroying them before attacking the boss again.

When you notice that the boss is charging his laser eye for subsequent shooting, then you need to move to the left or right of the current position. If you are too close to the side of the screen, you will probably not be able to hide from the flying laser circles.

Keep dodging the lasers and shoot at all the carrots flying in your direction and after that attack the boss himself. Attack him with as many special attacks as possible to reduce his HP as much as possible. Eventually, you will defeat him.