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Cuphead boss walkthrough (Fiery Frolic)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the second game world Cuphead: how to kill the giant green dragon

Fiery Frolic is another level with a boss located in the second part of the Inkwell Islands. To start this level, you must interact with a tall white tower with a green tail wrapped around it. Look for her in the northeastern part of the island.

Access here can be obtained after you pass through the tent that opens after the battle on the Carnival Kerfuffle level (or by going along the short path behind the mountains above the birdhouse, but in this case, you will have to take the upper hand on two levels - Sugarland Shimmy and Aviation Action. In this, The boss fight is a flying dragon, whose name is Grim Matchstick. The fight is divided into several stages.

This battle, unlike many others against flying bosses, will require good coordination from you, because you will not be on a plane, but on your own two, moving between the clouds. First you need to attack the boss, then run away from him through the clouds, then get closer again, etc.

Phase 1 - Dragon Chase

In the first stage of the battle, you move from left to right, while you have to move with the map and jump on the available cloud platforms. Dragon Grim will use several different attacks against you, which will force you to demonstrate all the skills of evasion and fast movement on the platforms.

These are the attacks:

  • Smoke Rings - The boss releases a series of three to five smoke rings that will fly in the direction where you are at the time of the shot. Often he will use two or three attacks in a row.
  • Fireballs - The boss will spit out one fireball that will move around the screen, hitting the edges.
  • Double fireball. As with the fireball, Grim can fire two projectiles at the same time. They will bounce off each other.
  • Tail hit. In some places at this stage, you can see how the dragon's green tail is visible from behind the clouds. And it will fly out from the bottom of the screen. First, the tail will track you, and then, after a few seconds, it will try to pierce you with a lightning strike. You must not contact him.
Phase 1 - Dragon Chase

Although this is the initial part of the fight, it seems to be quite difficult due to the fact that during the passage of the level you have to jump on platforms while dodging numerous obstacles that the dragon creates. It is important to hold down the fire key at all times, even when you are dodging enemy attacks.

Perhaps the most important part of this stage is the correct location of the hero. No need to stand in the center of the map. Choose areas to the left so that you have enough room to maneuver - you can run away from the tail if you see it, and in general, there will be more time to figure out where the rest of the dragon's attacks are aimed.

Avoiding the fireballs is easy enough - just keep an eye on them and jump to a safe platform when you understand their trajectory. Dealing with double fireballs is much more difficult, but when they collide in the middle of the screen, you can either jump over them or dash between them.

Since the smoke rings fly in a straight line to where you are standing at the moment of the attack, they are quite easy to dodge - the last ring in the series is usually pink, which allows you to parry it and increase the power supply for a special attack.

When you deal enough damage to the Dragon, it will disappear from the screen, and you will see how it flies in the background, bypassing you. As soon as it appears on the left side of the screen, the second stage will begin.

Phase 2 - Fire Parade

During the second stage, Grim will stand at the left edge of the screen, where he will be motionless with his mouth open. It will roll out its tongue, which will cover the entire floor, and will also start the march of several fiery creatures that will go from left to right. At this point, the boss will have a few attacks to take care of:

  • Fire Jet - Even though Grim remains stationary, his nose can still periodically shoot upward flames, dealing damage if you get close to him.
  • Fire Creature Jumps - Some of the small enemies marching through the dragon's tongue will stop from time to time and then jump diagonally upwards. They do this randomly, causing damage only in case of contact with the GG.
At this stage of the battle, you need to constantly jump on the clouds to the right side (exactly the same as in the first stage, only keep more than the right edge of the screen). Then turn around and attack the boss - you can even do this when you are above the middle, but in this case, you need to duck. You need to jump as far away from the boss as possible before turning around and shooting so you have a few seconds of continuous fire.

While jumping between these clouds and shooting at the enemy, you will also need to keep a close eye on the marching lights at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you notice how one of them has stopped, jump or accelerate to avoid contact. This is perhaps the main annoyance during combat as they don't always behave in a straight line and can also jump in random directions. If possible, then use super-moves on the boss at this particular stage.

Phase 3 - Storm

The final stage of the fight with this boss is quite brutal. The screen will go dark and it will rain heavily, making it harder for you to spot the platforms. In addition to weather changes, Grim will return, with not one, but three heads at once, from which he is able to attack. He will use the following attacks:

  • Fire Bubbles - Two of the three heads can shoot fire bubbles that are aimed at your current location and can harm you if they hit. Shooting at them will cause them to split into several parts, so this cannot be done.
  • Fire Breath - The middle head can shoot a fiery jet that stretches the entire length of the screen. He will only fire this attack in the middle of the screen.

Again, at this stage, you need to constantly jump between the clouds. You'll be dealing with fire bubbles for the most part, so stay as far to the right of the screen as possible. This is because dragon heads will stretch across the screen for long distances before using one of these attacks, and being close to them can make it difficult to avoid them. You have to dodge fire as shooting them can spawn additional projectiles that move up, down, left and right of the bubble itself. They will be hard to avoid!

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the boss's fiery breath will only reach the area in the center of the screen. As soon as you hear a sound resembling a boiling kettle with a whistle. then immediately go down - this is a hint that the boss will use fiery breath. After casting it twice, the boss will take a little time to recover, so you can resume the attack and be in the middle until you hear the noise again.

To eliminate the boss, stay as far to the left as possible and shoot him where possible. The upper level is too high, so for accurate shooting you will need to crouch. Avoid the fire bubbles and stay away from the central platforms when you hear the whistle sound. Eventually, after dealing a lot of damage, the boss will be defeated and the level will end.