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Cuphead Boss Walkthrough (Floral Fury)

 Detailed walkthrough guide for the first boss of the game Cuphead: how to kill the crazy flower

Floral Fury

Cagney Carnation is the final boss in the first Cuphead game world in the Inkwell Isles. To find him, cross the bridge after the fight with Hilda Berg and move past the caretaker. You will find yourself near a small lawn with flowers. Interact with them to start the Floral Fury battle.

Phase 1 - Furious Flower

Cagney has several different attacks, but not as dangerous as those of Hilda Berg, as well as Ribby and Croax. When you find out what this boss is capable of, this furious flower will begin to fade before your eyes. Although the enemy is not too dangerous, he has a fairly diverse set of attacks, which should be considered below.

Phase 1 - Furious Flower

  • Face punch. Cagney sucks the petals into himself and then shoots, throwing his head forward. If it is high, then this attack will be full screen. If the boss is crouched, then he only attacks the bottom of the screen. Keep an eye on where he is going to attack, and depending on this, position yourself on the platforms or under them.
  • Cagney's face turns into a machine gun and he starts shooting seeds into the air like a mortar. Then they will fall and land on the ground. Please note that some of them will be pink, so you can parry such projectiles to stock up on energy. These seeds will grow into evil, toothy plants. Shoot them and destroy them before they can bite you. The easiest way to get rid of them is to keep track of where the first seed falls and be ready to attack the monsters.
  • Seed rockets and boomerangs. Cagney will compress his petals into a ball and shoot the seeds in the form of rockets. Just dodge them using jumps and dashes. Cagney can also launch a large boomerang. It will fly from above or below and return from the opposite side. Just track both of these attacks, dodge, and attack the boss.

Phase 2 - Roots

Eventually, after dealing enough damage, Cagney will become insane, as a result of which he will sit down as a fifth point in the dirt and put all his strength into finishing off your hero. Thorny roots will grow out of the ground, which means that throughout the second phase you will have to stand on three platforms.

Cagney has one main attack as well as one secondary attack:

  1. Platform attack. Cagney will launch roots towards two of the three platforms, signaling that he is now attacking them. You must quickly move to the platform that remains safe and wait until the others are clear. This is Cagney's main attack at this stage of the battle. I would recommend standing on the central platform, from where you will be within walking distance to one of the three safe ones.
  2. Shots of pollen. Cagney will spit his pollen at you. Dodge or parry if the pollen is pink.
Once you dodge all those seeds and pollen, and deal enough damage to the boss, he'll be done with. Thus, you will be able to go to the second game world.