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Cuphead boss walkthrough (High Seas Hi-jinx)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill a mermaid (jellyfish)

Do you love plane fights? Another one is waiting for you! Cala Maria is a giant mermaid located in the third part of Inkwell Island. You can find her if you pass by the pirate ship and follow the docks. When you get to the shipwreck, you will meet Kalu Maria.

Phase 1

From the very beginning of the fight, attack Cala Maria. Although at the first stage it is not particularly strong, the boss has a lot of different attacks:

Cuphead boss walkthrough (High Seas Hi-jinx)

  • Yellow fish. When Cala Maria dives down, she can grab a yellow fish. A small electrified dolphin will start shooting at you, trying to finish off the GG. Dodge attacks.
  • Redfish. Plunging down, Cala Maria can grab a red fish that fires like a shotgun. Use your small plane and fly between the projectiles.
  • Ghost Pirates. Sometimes Cala Maria will open its mouth, from which ghostly pirates will fly out and attack you. Turn into a small plane to dodge opponents.
  • Turtle. Cala Maria summons sea creatures to help her. One of them will be a turtle that will attack you with bombs from the ocean. Either dodge her attacks or shoot at the turtle until it hides.
  • Sea Horse. Cala Maria summons a seahorse that spits water at you and tosses you into the sky. You have to dodge the water or just shoot the seahorse.
  • Fish. Sometimes Kala will summon fish that you must move past to stay safe.

After you defeat her, electric eels will jump out of the water, turning the mermaid into a scary jellyfish.

Phase 2

Now, instead of hair, she will have electric snakes. At this stage, Kala uses one real attack - turns you into stone. Move up and down very quickly to avoid the attack.

The only thing you still have to dodge is the bullets fired by the eels. This will be a problem if Kala has turned you to stone, so press the shoot key as quickly as possible to break out of the stone and hope for the best. If you want to simplify the task, then shoot not at Kala, but at the eels. Eventually, the head will separate from the torso and the final stage will begin.

Phase 3

The head of Cala Maria will retreat into the cave and you will follow her. The Cave is the only new difficulty introduced in combat, as touching the walls will result in taking damage.

Maneuver between them, avoiding the skulls that slowly fly towards you, and dodge the beams from the eyes that turn you to stone again. Keep shooting at the head until it is destroyed.